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pretty but i’m loco

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@theamandalobos he should keep it out his mouthI don’t like the way he says ur name @yunghermoso :/
Retweeted by Beau Degáscashapp still telling everybody to do the truffle shuffle i seewe’re definitely all at an age where we should let people enjoy things like, we’re grown. not everyone needs to lik… @sheherp @Remdelarem What was said? took covid vaccine a week ago....... She is from UK and a very real person.... God!!! ,😱😱🥺🥺
Retweeted by Beau Degáspracticing sanity :)
hell yeah brother
Retweeted by Beau Degása dream literally a dream
Retweeted by Beau Degás @dylanali_ jus back into it... and let (touch) @Remdelarem you feeling conflicted huhlove being manic depressive :-) @kissmeriver @Remdelarem our father hallow be thy name straight men being friends w gay men without giving a fuck what anyone thinks maybe + The Machine is honestly one of the few music acts I can think of that still gives us decadent cinematic tracks
Retweeted by Beau Degáswoke up in a good mood... very suspicious i don’t trust itif he don’t make u cum 5 times before he does, he hates u and wants u to die
Retweeted by Beau Degás @bklynfairy narai are you the one vote for nut be honest @bklynfairy is itThat’s nut right? Someone please answer me. Right away. Pls
Retweeted by Beau Degás @___rosheruuu @uhhm__okay thank you![takes shrooms jus to 🥺 at my art before bed]i’m tweeting this from my friends phone because my touch screen has completely stopped working and it’s $200 to get…
Retweeted by Beau Degásyo marg ate
Retweeted by Beau DegásIt is
Retweeted by Beau Degás @yunghermoso PLEASE SHARE AND RETWEET ANYTHING HELPS!
Retweeted by Beau Degás @meatz_boo_t what a time @meatz_boo_t papier-mâché opossum is def up there as well @meatz_boo_t i should start keeping a scrapbook tbhI can’t stop watching this artwork.
Retweeted by Beau Degás @meatz_boo_t but i also can’t stand you @meatz_boo_t seems like a fairly reasonable time to say that i did miss you and your commentary on the TLPlease help Kelsey if you can!!!! Demarcus will die without his heat lamps!!!!
Retweeted by Beau DegásKilled The Mood
Retweeted by Beau Degás @yunghermoso
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BAILAS!!?? my business @Stardusth2o @meatz_boo_t probably stop punting my phone across the room as a means to keep it from hitting the floor face first when i drop itYes
Retweeted by Beau Degás @TheCourtKim i’m off the molly the xan the lean @yunghermoso oh wow
Retweeted by Beau Degás @coolado_ haaaate 😭 @1luv95 and you gonna have some young lady fighting w you for all the karma you racked up arguing w viejas in the supermarket @kissmeriver well when i get one know what? Bye. LMFAOOOOO
Retweeted by Beau Degás @fagemergency uhhhh idr i copped off amazon it’s a swimsuit !!we love the sky many good sky pics to pick one@ the mariners apt complex?🤨 glass bottle starbucks drinks kinda hit
Retweeted by Beau Degássome paintings from the last year :3 #PortfolioDay
Retweeted by Beau Degás @nagromxx :-) doneFor years, kids across America have had to walk through metal detectors to enter their schools because they’re at r…
Retweeted by Beau DegásShe looked tf good! One of my favorite Christina Milian songs
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or tbh any sites that you can sell prints off of would be greatly appreciated so i don’t slam my head against the wallhow does one go abt getting on artistsourced 🤨DIANA
Retweeted by Beau DegásUPDATE: The NYPD anti-discrimination chief accused of posting racist messages online is retiring. James Kobel was…
Retweeted by Beau DegásIt’s #PortfolioDay  or something, yeah? I draw weird stuff, that’s about it.
Retweeted by Beau DegásI think about this day a lot.
Retweeted by Beau Degása single retweet literally changed my entire life & I’m not kidding. as artists on social media we rely heavily on…
Retweeted by Beau Degás @ethazonipse1 procreate!Dr Auntie ATE.
Retweeted by Beau Degás @nagromxx if i can figure out a good website i will honestly put up 6 prints for sale tonight @MoonFormation thank u baby 🥰Killed The Mood última vez que dormí bien
Retweeted by Beau DegásAaaaa
Retweeted by Beau Degás🌞 buenas, Anger, Frustration, Doubt
Retweeted by Beau Degása job for Katy Perry
Retweeted by Beau Degásthink it’s actually kinda sick and twisted my brain is wired to be most creative when i’m mentally unstable like who programmed this shit @makeupbyshaniah hey gorgeous 💖 @makeupbyshaniah
if ur local chicken spot guy don’t remember ur order are u even valid?gonna confess i had a dream my parents booked us a flight to jamaica and i was like ‘wait damn... in a pandemic ...…‘you kiss your grandmother w that mouth’ the gramma in question: llegando a cualquier lado.
Retweeted by Beau Degás @mahoumoreno @bbychakra hate that she’s actually in the same spot w same energy as luanne @Remdelarem she got bonnie bella recording??Chemtrails Over The Countryclub seen a tik tok w tostones as the taco shell ..............2021 not exactly terrible i guess @shtkmtchll i had a trans boy in the middle school art class i was teaching, kids can be so much more receptive tha… @bbychakra one of my fav moments she’s such an icon
Retweeted by Beau DegásY’all — WAIT FOR IT. TEARS. 😂😭😂 #BussItChallenge
Retweeted by Beau DegásFellas, the Bussit Challenge is NOT for you. Nobody wants to see you turn into Fonzworth Bentley on their timeline.
Retweeted by Beau Degásgetting paid to sit on my ass and do nothing for 12 hrs tmrw what did i do to deserve this 😌humiliating mean yeah delete costar but i guess they right sometimes jus got my vaccine email , this microchip gonna see abt me...guys my dear friend Natalia has been missing and last seen in Bushwick. Please look out for her and keep her and…
Retweeted by Beau DegásUnfortunately, last night at 8:27 my dad passed away due to Covid. He fought hard for over a month but his body cou…
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