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pretty but i’m loco

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i expect everyone to be nice to me alwaysthank u all for all the birthday love i don’t even think jesus feel like this on xmasme and this bottle of tequila giving eachother dirty looks while the xylophone from Only x Nicki Minaj plays in the backgroundtbh , like really really honest........i don’t wanna move from my bed for any reason whatsoever . thank u for understandinghannibal's mom picking out baby names
Retweeted by Beau Degáswtf where can i watch chewing gum .... idc if it’s watchmoviesme and krys abt to talk to god y’all want anything ?I'm $244 away from getting my chair. This is surreal af. I'm gonna leave July in a goddamn powerchair.
Retweeted by Beau Degás @OKAYYYWOWWW @mamahatherly I found the gofundme!
Retweeted by Beau DegásHi guys, I'm currently in need of help with moving expenses. If youre unable to donate I totally get it things are…
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yk how many times i’ve caught myself almost jamming food into my mask @cipota LOVE U FOREVE Rso much love 🥺 @bacardibimbo happy birthday to u!!! @KeiraKinner thank u mi amor!!! @Realfrogeyes thank u baby 💖If Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF
Retweeted by Beau Degás @ACABPERIODDDD ILY BABY @play__cousin thank you mi gente 😎 @yunghermoso Happy birthday George Michael
Retweeted by Beau Degás @hall3ch3rry ty baby 💖💖happy birthday to one of the most talented & sweetest people i’ve met online @yunghermoso luv you king!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 💚💚…
Retweeted by Beau Degás♥️♥️ @evilrashida lmao i love you!!!! i looked a drunk mess so it was a favor to us both!!! 💖💖💖💖Happy birthday Mikey if I dated small sensitive spainish men you would have been my wife years ago 💖💕 we only have…
Retweeted by Beau Degás @mistervacation i can’t even count how many ways you carried here....i love you too eposito ♥️♥️♥️happy BIRTHDAY OLD MAID @yunghermoso I LOVE YOU OR WHATEVA....
Retweeted by Beau Degás @1luv95 TQMMM PSSSSS♥️♥️ @mistervacation 🤨 @BriMalandro thank you miss tastemaker 💖💖 @arabthot 🥰🥰🥰 thank u angel @GRNTUB lmaoooo absolutely, thank u bb ☺️ @LI4BILlTY thank u bb 🥰 @ebenB_ miss you 🥰 @frankenfemme_ thank you beautiful!! @shez_a_virgo 😭💖 ily baby thank ualready cried once today @makeupbyshaniah thank you babygirl ily ♥️♥️ @PallahAbdul thank you dominiking ♥️♥️♥️ @holychrissy 🥺💖 @PRAY4DEME ILY MAMA, we drinking and linking soon uakhappy birthday!!! one of my favorite cancers period @yunghermoso 🌕🥀🍹🥳♋️💜
Retweeted by Beau Degás😭💖 @cipota por siempre mi corazon 🥺♥️😭Feliz cumple amor de mi vida🌹♥️
Retweeted by Beau Degás never thought I would be doing this but my little brother is MISSING His name is Marley Montaque. He’s 6’1 155 pd…
Retweeted by Beau Degásaries & virgo 🥴 brain still hurts from this episode
Retweeted by Beau Degási jus made popcorn and there were only 2 unpopped kernels when i poured it out @PRAY4DEME @shez_a_virgo LMAOOOO i miss y’all 🥺🌝if you are rationing #insulin PLEASE reach out to the #insulin4all community and we will find some to send to you!!…
Retweeted by Beau Degássince goya supports trump here’s a thread of product replacements/recipes (from my grandmother 👵🏾)
Retweeted by Beau DegásIf you're going to boycott Goya products, please DONATE whatever Goya products you have left don't throw them away,…
Retweeted by Beau DegásIs it elitist for me to not respond to people who don’t make sense? Perhaps. But I’ll be that
Retweeted by Beau Degás @mistervacation LMAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Beau Degásthe pattern is trying me
A dog groomer had lost her dog a few months ago so one of her coworkers decided to to surprise her with a new pup.…
Retweeted by Beau Degásif you are violent first you are accepting violence as a rebuttal. watch your mouth.
Retweeted by Beau Degási would be so sad if tweets defending me were also getting tagged w # istandwithjkrowling , so sadi jus think it’s funnyTHIS is happening in EL PASO fucking Texas.
Retweeted by Beau DegásDue to Covid-19 I will not shake hands or hug anymore, You may either Kneel or Bow to me
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Retweeted by Beau DegásDo you believe in love after rocking the boat?
Retweeted by Beau Degásik we against prison but whoever invented the word cum gutters...don’t wanna see thisboth my parents tested positive so it only leaves me now to take care of them + my 2 younger siblings. i usually ne…
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Retweeted by Beau Degás @garbii93 🔮guess ima have to give myself bday neck this year
@ColtonPappas 🤨Because Cancers grow up in an environment where they had to give so much of themselves to respond to everyone's emo…
Retweeted by Beau Degásneed someone to do the grindin beat on my templesAnger for Cancer is a self preserving mechanism, they often repress it until they cannot anymore. Anger can feel li…
Retweeted by Beau DegásCancers carry their wounds for the longest time. It's often this fear of being flooded by emotion and feeling helpl…
Retweeted by Beau DegásPLEASE HELP A BLACK WOMEN WHO LOST EVERYTHING IN FIRE. Unfortunately, Amber’s apartment completely burned down and…
Retweeted by Beau Degáswe going going back back to tumblr tumblr in sheher’s old living room when us and aj got back from thotlandia¡ayurdarme! is it rabbit or rabid
Retweeted by Beau Degás @holychrissy tbh up until this year i did too....i did toodidn’t i tell you? didn’t i tell you? abt talking to me like you’re out of your rabid ass mind? @yunghermoso Notice I only said half
Retweeted by Beau DegásIt isn’t just that bad cops are rarely punished. It’s that the good cops who try to hold them accountable often are.
Retweeted by Beau Degáscan’t believe i stayed up to finish this depressing ass pandemic love tragedy netflix had the wéwos to put out in the first placedid a planet jus shift or something @garbii93 @PRAY4DEME actually cannot believe it’s been that longLemme paint y'all a pic. We walk into McDonald's. I order. They IMMEDIATELY close the register and refuse to serve @Yunghermoso
Retweeted by Beau Degás @rossleonardy absolutelyeating hotdogs might be a deal breaker for me ngl @rossleonardy husbands*Please kindly donate whatever you can to help my mom beat stage 4 aggressive breast cancer. My mom has been thru a…
Retweeted by Beau DegásSEND IN THE CLOWNS
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