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It ain’t worth getting if you don’t get it right out of the dirt.
@LogoCentrifuge Pigskin sack @BITCOINdashFUND Depends on what you eat with the fat. Fat essentially turns off insulin which tells the body to u… only is it satisfying while eating, it’s satisfying after you’re done. Unlike sweets that are fun to eat but m… is nothing more satisfying than salty, fatty, high quality meat. If you disagree you’re lying to yourselfBiden completely disrespected this guy to his face and then the dude asks at the end “can I get a picture?”. WHAT… @Knorr Imagine eating thisI used to know this gay dude, he was a SWAT team cop and a really really good all around guy. He always used to sa…’t let them tell u sunning your nipplehs instead of filling out TPS reports is wrongI honestly think I’d rather be in poverty than work in a cubicle @avocadogreta ever sit outside on a Tuesday AM drinking mineral water with the sun blasting your tits and say damn humans we… @BarracudaDMil 😂😂😂Brunch is Really fucking gay.
Retweeted by Yung N Leveraged @ChipotleTweets Imagine how shallow the scoops will be when you can’t even look them in the eye when it’s being made Pass @cynthiamckinney @PDChina Haha true that! @PDChina @cynthiamckinney May cause rheumatoid arthritis, balding, gangrene, Scarlett fever, fetal alcohol syndrome…
Let’s fuckin get this relaxation @SheriffAlert @nxpir Has the boulder been asked which size it would like to identify as? @The_Real_Fly We’re doing great as a speciesBae is always by my side @Kim_Aardsma A tech company in North Carolina. @SlowProfits CompletelyThe state of modern man: In this lobby there is a sign instructing the people who work there to walk like a pengui… evolved to be high trophic level carnivores. If that makes you uncomfortable you are punani @CryptoIi Gang @pt0kes Wow this just hit me right in the titsAncestral cry many ppl stay hydrogenatedWould love to tell u about beef tallow but u may be too gone off corn oil to listen :(e-Bros in their late 40s on TRT giving fitness advice are very cringe
@CryptoRanger1 Lmao sounds like it. Respect tho @hold_mybags Right! Very proudOn Sundays he’s allowed to play video games only after his swings the heirloom pork going in the skillets with a healthy slathering of beef tallow. Keeping it unimaginably natu…
@cachiestboi Synapse boomin @AntonMcLaughli5 @ClemensZsofia Interesting, so you just keep a certain ratio of carbs in the diet? What kind? @R0ssGA @Michael_INTJ @ClemensZsofia Strange right? @Michael_INTJ @ClemensZsofia Doesn’t seem to be an issue with me, I drink a ton of high quality mineral water (Gerolsteiner) @ClemensZsofia Question: have any of your patients noticed heart palpitations that weren’t there before when switc… @ClemensZsofia Absolutely incredibleNutrition gang stand up
Omw to buy some beef liver hbu?Fire food takes coming soon to the TL
@zerohedge Ahem... Wat?I have legitimate nightmares about waking up and finding my google calendar data has been deleted. Guess I wear th… @TezFlipEth @WhaleBearMan Means the breakout could’ve very likely originated from that labIf you shall be afraid not because you must some time cease to live, but if you shall fear never to have begun to l…
Retweeted by Yung N LeveragedToday I’m doing dips, KB swings and upright rows for longevity @Hypopononamus Want to so bad but the wife is putting up a fight :(When u had a bad day and need a lil pick me up @EverythingGoats If a goat were president there would be no war @TitaniaMcGrath I’m so emotional rn. Literally crying tears of bravery @ICEgov @SaRaAshcraft Not long enough
@1984b0t Yeah dude. Shits realI have a person legitimately out to destroy my life because he doesn’t like my YT channel. Think about what that m… bigger my online following grows the more I want to shut down my YT and move to Montana with a couple dogs and… @CryptoRick_ Free soy in addition to your monthly stipendGlad to see not everyone has sold all their BTC. Shoutout @dman @basedcentraman Not sure if you saw but just sent you a DMOr PayPalIn a little bit of a bind rn lads. Need $300 in BTC but don’t have access to my stash. Can I Venmo someone to send me some corn? @Porttampa3636 This is a good one for sure
Name something the pedos in government are more afraid of than black & white people coming together in support of 2A. I’ll wait @jerryteixeira Lmfaooo so true @CryptoGainz1 Sad reallyQuality content here @udiWertheimer trying to send you a DM bruv (non troll related) @chatwithcharles @CryptoRanger1 Jesus is merciful my guyThe man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win. -Roger Bannister #quote
Retweeted by Yung N LeveragedInhaling this tweet deeply into my lungs @JoshManMode I support this message
Wish I wasn’t the only one carrying CT food takes on the TL. Share your plates y’all let’s spread some positivity… @danedowneyjr Is it any good?Shout out to @jerryteixeira for the perfect fitting T 🔥Cool pic why’s my neck lookin like a camel tho? 🐪 @TXanderG 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣If you don’t get daily spam mail from the NRA chances are we wouldn’t be friends @Bl4ack0ut Motivation overloadWhen you’re working out y’all ever pretend people are behind observation glass just looking at you lift like wow what a specimenDoing about 60g of carbs this morning before the gym let’s see how this plays out gents @decentraman ✊🏻 bought an iPhone but live in your mommas home :( @birdsofpreywb I’d honestly rather look out my window and see a tornado than see this movie @CryptoGainz1 13 is really gayAnyone have experience using BackBlaze? Need a good cloud storage for my wedding photos Incase my photo archive urinates on itself
So many people bitching. All I hear is people bitching online all day long. You’re a joke, you have no idea how bad it can getI think everyone should realize how delicate life really is. You act like you’ll live forever, but you won’t. You… don’t know how I’m going to do this job tbh. I don’t like seeing innocent people being punished and 6 year old k… family is up from Tampa in Boston trying a special treatment as a last resort and it doesn’t look like it will work.Last night we were hired to photograph a 6 year old boy in the terminal stages of cancer so his parents would have… @NotNancyPelosi Agree and ordered sir @mongoose0614 Love this comment @DTheLyricisT Oooohhh the underdog I love itWhat should I get lads?
@decentraman Bruh go get you some 🔥🔥 @decentraman Local grocery homie. They also have that wild boar meat I always eatGm from breakfast dream land. Herloom pork, wild Alaskan fish eggs