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Manspreading to the maximum

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@FINALLEVEL okWatched an amazing documentary last night called IdiocracyImagine not positioning yourself for blowoff tops in 2021Sometimes it’s good to subtly remind your partner that other people would be happy to bang you @cryptoranger_ @TheEWGuy Yea kucoin hackers did a number. Aleph issued new tokens and airdropped them so we’re goo… a great fucking meal tonight just got home and now.. @cachiestboi Love it @listendestro Heated steering wheel @crypt_flip @crypt_flip Incredible selectionWhat kinda chop should I do @crypt_flip Lmfaoo yes
Amazing @C4liCrypto Those are old school pews! Individual families would sit in them on sundaysPews still have the name plates from the families who they belonged to shooting a wedding at the church where Paul revere lit the candles and put them in the window to let ever… talking about this the other day. Check out the 2017 PA on coins like NEO and STRAT etc... big dumps before th… @SwingTradeBTC Rigid if true @C4liCrypto Patiently waiting for the tears for fears videoHigh quality fish oils got me in my feelings rnElon had it right on the Blow Rogan show when he said that people WANT to be hystericalIf they can make people shut down their businesses and stay inside their houses for weeks over a virus with .002% d… @chatwithcharles LMFAOWaking up to oysters and lamb shanks @jerryteixeira I think the woods is the play @jerryteixeira Prob why they’re pushing population reduction, doubtful that the technology exists or will exist bef… @jerryteixeira As much as I hate this anti human message, our man made systems cannot support the amount of people… @chad_alt Feel the same way. Not zero but I wont hesitate to lob a 5%er at you if you're a rude bitchTakes saq to post a chart like this
@TTremendous350 Great tweet @danedowneyjr Thats how I feelLFG @IvanovKLC Facts @danedowneyjr Fuck that waitress @danedowneyjr I just tipped $6 on $90. Worst fucking service everDo you tip for shitty service? @C4liCrypto Chill af @mandalorian3131 Sir 6c was my entry @MonkeyCharts I’m afraid this slogan will catch on @dumbgayretard BBQ sir. Will post pics for you and @petaGoing to a BLM transsexual rights rally aka eating dinner at a restaurant @TTremendous350 @fightmeplebs All ma’ams with fella status are excluded @TheCryptoCactus @XBTDegen exist in two states: Sunning my ballsack and crunching numbers @TTremendous350 Never #apologize ✊🏽Wow cache is in and you’re surprised? Just crunch the numbers look at the stats, crunch the numbers @dubl_inc_zazu @ColdBloodShill Massive brain @dubl_inc_zazu @ColdBloodShill Bro I’ve been up all night digging through these UNI coins. Best 4 charts out there… @ColdBloodShill $BAST $ALEPH $DMG $CHART Are the playsThe dollar has lost 99.3% of its value since women were given the right to operate motor vehicles. Lesson in there @Three1337 Exactly @tradeboicarti16 Selling before a dump always feels better than selling after a pump
@Bongobangr All a reality show until the shit pops off$ALEPH $DMG @ .35 @danedowneyjr Been on a tear today 😂Bought $Bast @ 94 are in big trouble if the man with dementia isn’t running thingsLet me be clear: the penis is a social construct and your lack of political activism while eating your BLT on the r… @BeatAlgorithm Rampant consumerismThis tweet will self destruct @moonhoodlum @zhusu and frightening @TheCarnivoreKid thinking that an organic revolution with the possibility for real positive change would be televised lmao L @TTremendous350 Omg slayClosed my COMP swing from last night. Holding BTC 10.4 spot buys till further noticeMy best tweetLet me be clear: there is nothing more unattractive than a woman with low levels of EPA/DHA talking about RBG while drinking a PSLThis is how we win!I remain bullish on people who smell like hotdog ham water turning your afternoon outdoor luncheon into a fist rais… Americans deserve affordable access to bone marrow @cachiestboi’t be a dong and argue about politics online brother. Pls @longrangecane Crypto is not entering a bear market, this is a typical risk off cycle while the dollar has a relief rally @0xOneor0 @Crypto_Altology Thank you! @ElijahSchaffer Wow. This video is really dystopian @stillgray Where are all the politicians who don’t look like they were just resurrected from the graveLong $COMP @ $130Me rn is not one single unifying voice that is allowed to have influence, all leaders and figureheads do nothing bu… amazing that Americans seem to be accepting this level of violence in the streets. Edward Bernayse really did a number on us @brokeholder Congratulations
@Super_DaveO That guy was a bear @SmartContracter Very trueLil appateeser @jordankafer I’m not a barbarian sir @mBTCPiz Risk off until more fiscal or stay poorMight noodle down to the local department store for a new pair of loafers @smilinglllama Same dude. Lots of desk real estate is so key @CanteringClark @TheCryptoDog Once you get higher up the chain, every job is sales @stillgray ^Seems like a good time for a reminder @AlphaFruit_ @dubl_inc_zazu Hahaha @dubl_inc_zazu Bro please don’t tempt me I’m trying to hold on to these gains 😂