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@808sandRapTakes Saaaame ghost is amazing @contenthoe @Yeezy_Crocs That middle row lookin nice as fuck @NabyK8i Didn't make it on😔 @ryanknjenga Ok... but it was still good @jeoyBADASS Cheetos> @killumi50150718 How u feel about GHOST!? @KhanArham00 WWWWWW @YungVinsmoke Slip like Freudian Your first and last step to playin yourself like accordion
Retweeted by Blackthony Mantano @cartierP3 Oh fuck you @cartierP3 Lays? @rapvibe_ Just switch Doritos and Cheetos and we good @jpegsarebad Fritos are @KobiType3 Holy W @GapToothT_ D'fuck Fritos first? @w1llb4 @745godstar Absolute shite @MSFTSREPJOE WRt if ur an MF Doom fan @TOMNOOKRAP Switch Doritos and Cheetos, then we good @JaBoi_JJ Nacho Cheese doritos r pretty overrated but theres no way they're worse than fritos @745godstar Fritos are fucking bootyFuck it, rank these chips @rapvibe_ If this aint you... @w1llb4 @rapvibe_ Woooooah aint no body say that @TheRapAgenda Hell yeah @ANTONIOKNOWSRAP @ryanbenjamiin @white_Ferrari_ @rapvillainy_ @TalkBoutRap @earlshitshirt @nluciano115's 2020 and niggas still don't know that music is completely subjective smh @NoMorePartiesI2 Thas understandable @NoMorePartiesI2 Yeah I don't really think cudi fell off either, I just know a lot of people thought that @gingabih This song is so beautiful @ThaGodSOD And you gon keep listening to it till u like it nigga @ThaGodSOD I will force you to listen to Acid Rap against ur will @YuhScio That sounds like a plan, I'd love to @NikGotHoes Fuck u care for me is beautiful @HendrixFlair Bro I was just watching some of his highlights yesterday, I still can't believe he's gone😔 @goon_bear This hurts @MinistreHieu Fr, niggas actually thought that when he drop sb2h @goon_bear Mr. Bennet
@SomeRapTakes Graduation, LR, and TLOP @maadfantasy @thrudawyre @Flower_Boy_T @Kingeos5 @ERLDOESMUSIC @TheMusicCEO @yungcherrybomb Aye congrats man👌🏿💜 @Troytheonlyone That ones mad close for me @stevshottakes I actually haven't heard his Earl mixtape yet @KaminskyWRLD Bad religion always gets u there bruh @TheSuperViIIain Oh that one always hits @TomK3ys Aye man I try if you want a hug rnReply with a song that always makes you wan't to cry I'll start, this shit always makes me tear up out of pure nos… @ThaGodSOD Aye u an S too🙏🏿🐐 @ThaGodSOD Ayo @zakTDE @ComplexMusic W, Beyonce goated @take_sucks ÑoJust listened to Doris again and I still think it's Earl's best album @lukeup12 @SomeRapTakes @yeezusweezy @lovestruckdesi @pontamixes @RapperCritic @shig_shig_shig @deenguapcic @lukeup12 @SomeRapTakes @yeezusweezy @lovestruckdesi @pontamixes @RapperCritic @shig_shig_shig @deenguapcic @jahbevibin ^^^ @Theycallmegoatt @RandomRapTakes @rapisfunn @kaycudii @SomeRapTakes @rap_maestroo @landon_haggard @TalkBoutRap @Theycallmegoatt @RandomRapTakes @rapisfunn @kaycudii @SomeRapTakes @rap_maestroo @landon_haggard @TalkBoutRap @RandomRapTakes @rapisfunn @kaycudii @SomeRapTakes @rap_maestroo @landon_haggard @TalkBoutRap @veteranposting @RandomRapTakes @kaycudii @SomeRapTakes @rap_maestroo @landon_haggard @TalkBoutRap @veteranposting @babyexonet @ThaGodSOD @berleezy Don't disrespect the EEZY Mafia like that @ThaGodSOD Blame it on @berleezy #EEZYGANG #TOXICGANG @ThaGodSOD Eugh💯🔥👌🏿 @SomeRapTakes @benji20v1 @FKATesfaye @FilipNeuf @FittsBryce @ParadoxZeppeli Stop cappin Cudi is amazing😤Kid Cudi's discography ranked. Likes and retweets are greatly appreciated :)
Retweeted by Blackthony Mantano @CyXato No he a bitch ass nigga @goon_bear I FEEL KINDA FREEEEEEEEEEEE WE'RE STILL THE KIDS WE USED TO BEEEEEEEEEEYou can't talk about the most annoying tv show character without mentioning this fucker @rapvibe_ u really gon change ur name to some basic shit like Callum🤢 @ThaGodSOD Cilvia> imo @SamuelFeathers It's honestly not good, but Cudi really came back from that shit wit PPADS @VlachosDB Eh @AnonymousKod Bet I'd be down @joshhsobel Ik, thats the one he came back from wit PPADS @inRaixbows What a bitch @ComplexMusic 5, 7, and 8 @killumi50150718 LMFAO fax😂 @nofumesnoah So I'm really not the only one huh @cuckerk 2 of my absolute favorites on the album are 5 Year Plan and We Go High @Eilonmusk1 @GreatPizzaYT @xTeRiize @benji20v1 Y'all are cappin there are 0 skips on KSG @cuckerk I got TBD at like a 5-6, it has a few good songs here and there but a lot of it is ass @GOATofHIPHOP @rapvibe_ I said SB2H was booty not PPADS @rapvibe_ Oh I get u @benji20v1 Damn I thought it was great @rapvibe_ That don't matter they both still booty @ThaGodSOD Big cap don't sleep on ppdsFor anyone that still thinks Chance "Fell Off," just remember that Cudi is living proof that anyone can come back f… @streamtlop Did power dirty smh @hiphopfanem @DwayneLaFontant True, but till I get some kids its gonna stay cringy 🤷🏿‍♂️ @YuhScio Thanks bru🙏🏿💜, I'd say it's a top 10 chance song @YEEGOR1 I'm prolly gonna do the same bruh, shit sucks😫 @yeezykagekira Bro MOSHPIT goes so fucking hard @ACSpida Massssive L @chasemepleaze Good bruh I'm just tryna make sure I'm not the only one @ThaGodSOD Aye bruh I know it hurts sometimes but you'll get over it😔 You'll find another life to live😫💔 @DaFunkIsWithUs I just did bruh and that shit wrecked meDo y'all ever just randomly remember cringy shit u did in the past? @mike_byrne22 Yeah I think I might tone it down a bit @ThaGodSOD Download link?