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@DKNotFound Ohhh yeah i still haven’t seen the last ep @0ajaxx Send where’s the fb @DKNotFound Movies @DKNotFound What does she come in again? @LifeWithMauly @SamichGT2 I thought of it on my way back from work thank you @SamichGT2 Sofaygo more like why you sogayfo? 😭😭😭 @narcoinhiding @HeavenlyBaj @iIovedro Own @allquam Me @SamNooted Delete this before they see it @iIovedro @KnifeDaBandit Own @die4zev @blackktar Ratio @seanmaell This got me in tears 😭Rip pop but this is still hilarious
Retweeted by 🧛🏿🩸ىونس @KnifeDaBandit Nah like y’all some ppls inspirations and shi @KnifeDaBandit No we are not we just some regular ass humans mane @KnifeDaBandit Y’all famous 😭 @KnifeDaBandit Bro what? 💀 @blackktar Adding bro is still stealing @blackktar I’m in tears @KnifeDaBandit Famous ppl arguing? i needa see this @HoodieKylerr BEFORE YOU @user174023 Maturing is realising ______ @forkyyyyy Bro had to bring marcus backBro made sure to use a reaction pic from a cartoon, anime and tv showY’all just had to go and do it @froshow17 @Diogo__GDS I’ve been so behind on opm its dropped in my top 10 like crazy 😭 @HeavenlyBaj @HoodieKylerr @narcoinhiding @samisprivate Same or 2 when i barely tweet @AnimefanJ11 Gon and spike W @HeavenlyBaj @narcoinhiding You beat women @Diogo__GDS @froshow17 you checked it out? @yannyincognito His voice annoying sometimes 👨🏽‍🦯 @DirtyDanSamer Peak @RIPC4CTI HbdBBTM on relisten is so good man @lil__ipad Y’all gon be making 2007 the cut off next @fknjayy1 Yea @BMLegacy__ Y’all grew up with the most lame shi @very_NNicee W @wherejayat Lowkey @lil__ipad No 💀 @whitesuitamir @KayTheyhate @blackktar Fr @KayTheyhate @blackktar Look it isn’t bum @blackktar There’s only like 6 ppl on my bus @blackktar Peak @KayTheyhate Idm that either @miathebandit Shut up bitchi think sza is really powerful
Retweeted by 🧛🏿🩸ىونسShould be 1997 - 2004 in all honesty @fwmauqlla Why are you a fate acc now 😭Bro snuck 2005 in @DirtyDanSamer I gotta wait like 4 hrs before i can do it again it’s orgasmicMost satisfying feelingOnly thing good about the morning is that I’m able to crack every bone in my back @Lazyyidk Same @HidingUn1verse Congrats baj @susdryan Ahh man I’m sorry to hear that bro
@HidingUn1verse No way 😭All your questions basic bro, nothing new
Retweeted by 🧛🏿🩸ىونس @ShouyoPhos Own 😭 @chaseabagdw @HoodieKylerr @chaseabagdw @HoodieKylerr This your opps? 😭 @0ajaxx Lol @0ajaxx You got slimed early asf @HidingUn1verse Gc needa chill Cam not confirmed dead yet @narcoinhiding Just wait till you get packed by an invalid @jaxbendy @HidingUn1verse Nice @yeaitstrill @HidingUn1verse You haven’t done shi all game stfu @Boredindacrib They got rid of the ppl with the most experienceWhy they letting the racist winRigged imo @HidingUn1verse @HidingUn1verse JUAN I THOUGHT WE WERE BROTHERS @hoodiearchived I’d do everything she’d say @fbgwayno and even if you are a nice guy thats the bare minimum, there needs to be more you offer than being a decent human
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Retweeted by 🧛🏿🩸ىونس @yeaitstrill @WhySIeep Hating an underrated sport on here @zaddileo 45 btw @zaddileo @nestperkirby No. @nestperkirby Ong this fr me @DirtyDanSamer WWW SAMER @HidingUn1verse Thought clout gods were supposed to stick together 😓💔 @bestmane_ Mb @HidingUn1verse WHY ISN’T CAM HELPING ME @bestmane_ @DirtyDanSamer You made it @blackktar Nice @HidingUn1verse Nah it’s cus I’m a #lonewolf arf arf @Boredindacrib LMAOOO @HidingUn1verse Me and my reply guy 🤗CCB hunger games time
Retweeted by 🧛🏿🩸ىونس @HidingUn1verse @chaseabagdw @HeavenlyBaj @0ajaxx @WeUpToNoGoodRn @narko4pf____ @Boredindacrib @lebronsbankai @InfinityCulture @LifeWithMauly No way @yaIeeee @yannyincognito Ahead of the game @yannyincognito @yannyincognito They all trash anyway 💯 @DKNotFound @Wrongfv @firefistsara No way man @superKONduct