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I got: CHANDLO FUNKBUN #duh #Bugsnax @YoungHorses #nevergriftinalwaysliftin VIDEO: He trusts the Saudi Prince & Russian Dictator over our own intelligence community. He overrides Congress…
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @ChuckWendig That’s just cobbler with a force field.Give a group of boys from anywhere a backyard, a stretch of woods, hell, a vacant lot even--and you can watch it ri…
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @bergopolis Your instinct would be to remove your hand from the glove. If you do so, you die. You will feel... an i…[Sound On] Hey Florida, vote for Biden or you can FUCK OFF. #Vote
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @MikeyDowling Almost like you WON THE MOTHERFU*%CKING LOH-TAH-REE!But, Tara, in your joy to share Whatta with the world, you forgot to give them the link! Here you go, folks, enjoy!… @JBJustBE @taraplatt @porksmith You’re the best!!
Of course he did! If you like Halloween, you owe it to yourself to check this out!
@amandadeibert WE JUST DID THAT. 3 is this weekend.Thanks to the magic of @wlsalyers (#RegularShow #Spiderman #PS4) here's a clip from the Combat Radio #Halloween CD…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalLETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO! @DMcDuffiePage #dwaynemcduffie
@ZLow4sho #hero @O_Rob_IV Yessssssssss. @GogolBordello is on the menu all the time at my house. #SpiritDay
Justice for Jamal Khashoggi. @courtenaytaylor #hero @EricRogersHere NoAn interview I did recently with @TheHubKW'all wanted some swingin' gameplay right?!?!?!
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @DrewMcWeeny Well done. @GrahamSkipper @simonschuster Pre-ordered!!So.... More footage for ya #SpiderManPS5 #MilesMorales
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal#vote! Statuary burdens! Stenciled doors! First jobs! Dead tech! Lowhawk & Fiddlesticks! Young bones! Power Re…
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @StOCircumstance I want this so bad
@tweetsoutloud @RobDenBleyker No you’re notWhen politicians use faith as an excuse to pass and uphold laws that seize control of people’s bodies but not guara…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalWatching #WhattaLark? Great! Then you know it is jam-packed with zingers like this 💩👶🏼❤️ join us for the fun & watc…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalOver 30 of the Freshest horror movies of the year!
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalHot Take: Satoshi Kon is my Miyazaki. Don’t @ me. on billion of me not grasping how expensive it is to be poor. Struggling neighbor gets out of jail after a…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalThis. All the this. @feliciaday @Facebook For the record it took me LESS than 10 minutes to burn my FB account and never look back.
@amandadeibert @susaneisenberg1 ❤️❤️❤️ @wlsalyers @EvanFilarca @_Flashparodox_ ❤️ @wlsalyers Thank you, Bill
@pierce_jeffrey DUDE. STOP. @James_Ham90 This has me so excited. @Christosgage SURPRISE! @brendanAbradley YOU'RE SO MUCH MORE THAN A GIF TO ME
@GreyDeLisle Yuuuuuuuuuuup
Guess what y'all... I'm in Bugsnax! Happy to finally announce that I'm playing Chandlo Funkbun, and that's not even…
Hey, GHOST OF TSUSHIMA fans! A friend started a bilingual (English/Japanese) Discord server to play the upcoming LE… *Listens to Daft Punk* My son: “I think the record is stuck.”
Just posted a photo Florida extends voter registration deadline until 7pm tonight. There were widespread issues with the onli…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalGuys! I keep forgetting that some of you haven’t seen WHATTA LARK! You can check it out on Amazon Video or on YT! A… posted a video
@MedellinPicks Thank god. You clearly wouldn’t enjoy it.Hey @actordougjones I somehow blame you for this. You and @realgdt. Also, we miss you, Dougie! So we also introduce…
This. Trump is a danger to all of us, but particularly to the poor, disenfranchised, and BIPOC.
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @Scorpion242_DE You don’t have to apologize. It’s good to know what you like and what you don’t. My point is that y… @ArauraOfficial season one trailer is LIVE!!!! Appreciate the love! #RetweeetPlease #animation #anime
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @Eskielante Don’t even need to check it! You can do both! @RicckoBITW I know. Exactly. That kind of passion can change the world. @ThedemigodDante Right on. @zaiah_562 Right on. @RoyaleWitCheeez My point is exactly that. You can do both. And because you clearly have the passion, you can change the world. @ShinPunnyD As I understand it, there is voting and white supremacy outside of the US as well. @MundieMan Maybe even more so! @josemer22 You can do both. That’s my point. Your passion is power. @Searos_Shark Thank you for voting and thank you for your passion. @TheRailery YES @tennyomelime @Norsewolf98 That was exactly my hope :)I just hope y’all are as fired up about voting and fighting white supremacy as you are about Peter Parker’s face.
@oldgodspod @vulture Damn right @stirpicus MY SON (Radar, Jr.) WILL LOVE THISImportant to remember: while we are fighting for our democracy in this election, @RepKatiePorter is out here every…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalAre you watching #WhattaLark yet!?! Check out our award-winning #comedy #series about #motherhood on Amazon/YT 📺❤️…
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalGuys. It’s my face’s fault. The stupid stupid bones in my face. Blame my bones. is important
Retweeted by Yuri LowenthalThe only time Trump stopped talking was when he was asked to condemn white supremacy.
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @TruLegndKiller It was my great pleasure! Hope it works!
@TheNerdyGamer93 @NajJeter Totally @‘ing you. @EvNarc LOVE IT @spidermansnyc @taraplatt Thanks! I’ll let you know!Heheh that’s almost 19 years of marriage for you 💕
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @EvanFilarca @TheSpideyBugle @SpideyVigilante @SPIDEYSK8RBOY @Mcarroll84M @FrancoGreco26 @terryleelife
@microrockets Love it
@DCM2019 @wlsalyers I feel for you. It’s hard to listen to your gut if everyone around you is telling you different. @DCM2019 @wlsalyers But you gotta vote for someone, right? Or the decision is made for you. Vote your conscience is all I can say. @sohmer Yuuuuuuuup @jester Well it’s WEIRD. “Goodnight nobody...” will haunt me forever. @taraplatt You’re welcome @kbavoice Excellent news. Can’t wait to watch.Need some light and joy in your life right now? Check this out please! So much love was given and felt when makin…
Retweeted by Yuri Lowenthal @jester No “Goodnight Moon”? @wlsalyers Damn right. Same. @sohmer They have better angels? @Kaizey @SkullServant @KeithArem I spent too many nights in the dark with that painting. It still haunts me.So proud of this show!! Give it a watch on @PrimeVideo or @YouTube!! @SunjeevBery @MayorOfLA @ericgarcetti Always! Thanks for your work!
Thank you @MayorOfLA @ericgarcetti ! @TiffanyShepis My favorite HALLOWEEN film! Don’t @ me. @stephaniesheh @VoiceOfOBrien Impressed that you find the strength every day to put ON pants. @MomSpidey @taraplatt They sell online... Thanks for the tip! @johannesjensen1 @taraplatt Congrats! It looks great!