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@lulianAndrei aww thank u! :> @DLPReport i'm honestly so happy for this, bc peter pan has one of the most miserable qs especially during summer
📨#aesthetic #fashion #HADESgame #HadesFanArt @SupergiantGames
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)Retweet this if you've ever purchased a game after watching a streamer play it. Trying to see something 🤔
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @merilwenart sophie ya absolute sweetheart! 💕😭💕 @lowpolycurls aw Jasmin thank you!! 😭😭😭💕 @Baj_Singh it's either that or u gotta squat and walk like a little crab to give the cat Max Securitywhat an Unfortunate Cropalso found this gem from few years back @pkael_ vs Artist THIS IS LESS INTERESTING BC MY PIC IS MY FACE BUT LOOK AT THE CAT @Baj_Singh this is such a poweful Vibe @merilwenart you look so dang cute!!! 💞shadow Maya but ♠️
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @AnnaHollinrake SLAPPING THAT NOTIFY ME AT LAUNCH BUTTON for real tho fantastic stuff Anna!! i'm super excited for it 💕💕💕HELLO EVERYONE!! I am INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce my first ever Kickstarter - ◆ TAROT ELEMENTS COLLECTION ◆ 🌙…
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)lrt< DICEY DUNGEONS SLAPS i bought/played it in beta after talking to lovely peeps at egx i'm gonna buy it again fo… Dicey Dungeons is %50 off for the Steam Tabletop Festival! Nab it for cheeeap from now till the 26th!
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)Bzzzzt! Disc Room has arrived...
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @KatAasgaard This is a Gourdgeous work Kat 🎃Just a reminder; don't panic if you miss the talks, they will all be achieved here :D
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @casvalI @YouTube IT JUST RLY GOOD ILU
✨ Bridge 💺 2d/3d animated painting experiment 👏
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @Baj_Singh WOWIE WE GONNA HAVE OUR FIRST FIGHT BAJ the movie is excellent and the tv show is excellent, but clearly… @casvalI thank u sweetie!! i wanted to try my hand at just sculpting by hand instead of going into marvelous, but.... I'm tempted @Baj_Singh thank u Baj! i will sleep for 12 h and watch Hercules (1997) a few times and I'll be brand new 😎 @Paulygonn omg Paul thank you for being so kind and lovely to me everytime! 💕 😭 @KatyHargrove oh damn this makes a lot of sense thank u! i kept on looking at the top down views to looks for blobb… @jhonvii thank u! :D @sabtherobot that's a good shout I'll work on that tmrw, thank you so much! @melissarchaplin i was trying to go for the spread of the fabric like in this concept piece n maybe add to the silo… @higgsy137 omg georgia you're too kind!! 💕💕💕 yess i'm glad to spread the gospel of the cozy glow 🎃💕Me ref!! Couldn't find a lot of specific rl ref for celeste, but these paintings gave me a good idea for what im lo… abt the back! i know the top looks messy, but it's all gonna be covered by hair, so i'm not as Anxious about… some progress on the dress today and would appreciate crit!!! @Baj_Singh (i choose this gif bc kit looks like he bout to cry) @eeth0k BUB!! 💕 STYLIZED HAIR IS SO MUCH FUN @lucyofrivia ur so sweet lucy ilu!! i might have low self-esteem, but hot dang do i have good mugs 🎃💞 @chipzel LOOKIN BOMB!! @meireIav THE OG IS STILL THE BEST @jhonvii thanks! :D glad to be back i'll be trying to stream regulary, but my pc is just Dyin @IoanaOprisan aww Ioana you're such a sweetheart!! Thank you for the good vibes 💕💕💕best thing i did this stream us for some more chaotic d&d! Continuing to explore the new cyber future we have found ourselves in! Come hang…
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)i've been feeling rly ugly n unskilled n just Bad but i will push through it.... Maybe! featuring discount Sally Mu… @AbKi congrats Rachel!! 💞Students, tomorrow and Friday is a free event where we have created talks about our specialisations from concept ar…
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)What's happening in #Nigeria? The #EndSARS protests are continuing across the country and the world. Here's everyth…
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)spent all morning trying to finally get the settlement status, but i couldn't get an appointment and my phone is to… chris pratt being defended for being homophobic and MAGA, while lit every single female and poc mcu peeps go… @MayVedal @Ann_Makes_Art HAPPY BDAY TO BOTH OF YA!! i hope you had an amazing day 💕💕🎂 @twodoe Thank you Alison! Hope you’re doing well 💕
Aphrodite: why isnt he anwsering my nudes 😡😡😡 Achilles trying to spell "homosexual" :
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @meirelav so i can't find the one i'm using, but this is similar! u buy the wax melts in cups and just put cups in,… @JfourArt @IoanaOprisan the cobwebs/dust holy smokes!! looks fantastic 🥰 @mandyrin thank you mandy, you're such a sweetheart! 💕 @eeth0k it's a trip and im glad im tall enough for the rideit's her month
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @sophiejowrites love u loads sophie, hope you're feeling better after veggie burger! i'm always here for ya 💕 @whyangelinawhy angelina how do u keep on providing this god level content everytimeme and @Archer0506 @danicay_ thank u Dani! 💕Witches, get your pumpkins ready
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)Don't be afraid of destiny
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @casvalI @sociohat why did u make me see this with my own 2 eyes @joshez_ thanks josh that means a lot coming from ya! we are in this together 💕 @Bluemist_72 oviya this is so dang good! 🥰anyway that's been weighing very heavily on my heart! i miss those who passed dearly and i'm in shambles over not b… only time i almost cracked was when i was ready to fly out when my grandpa got submitted into a hospital, but e… amount of weddings, gathering, parties and funerals i had to be like ''no i'm not gonna go y'all are being stup… isn't over, please stay withing your households/small social bubbles, it's fuckin scary and it takes people wi… i kept on feeling bad about talking about it, but last week my step parents got Covid and been doing not so well… @KatAasgaard ABSOLUTE BABY!!If your cyberpunk isn't trans friendly, it's not cyberpunk
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I made a dress based off Carrie Fisher’s final role for Wonderwell and I love her so much 🥺
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)IM BOUT TO CRY!! was able to get my favourite Furia skin thanks @PaladinsGame @casvalI also god my pinned work is so subpar i gotta update it @casvalI BABY ur my soulmate 💞i appreciate the the demon lad has respect for cinematic pacingput paranormal activity in the bg while working and oh my god is the dude the absolute worst person @_sekizu BABIESYou know what, person on facebook, I did need to hear this
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @ningiou LIT WHEN I WAS WATCHING BOYZ LAST YEAR I WAS LIKE YEAH KYOU WILL LOV HOMELANDER the titty suck scene cemeted it @ningiou SHE LOOKIN GOODjust trying things
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two characters who don’t know each other but would absolutely be friends
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gentle reminder:
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @lowpolycurls sending ya all my love buba!! hope your day is going awesome 💕 @meirelav you look so damn good val!! also ur hat 💞 @lucyofrivia They’re so cute!! Also ur eyeliner 🥰🥰🥰 @Iuciferic What’s up babe ya want to dm?I used to replay this moment from Corpse Bride over and over as a kid (Still do now!) when she just... pulls the sw…
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)Once again thinking about this raw as hell quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work) @casvalI YEAH WE GAY 💕💕💕 I hope we’ll be able to do it again next Halloween I miss you so much!
holy shit ive never thought of this when a store asks me to donate after they've ringed up my stuff
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)Two sides of the same energy
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)my computer: please upgrade me......... i'm dying me: candle purchasing machine go vroomi got to the stage with sculpting where my pc gets super laggy and i can't rly stream it T-T i'll post updates and…'ve been thinking about Barbie in comparison to Seraphine a lot and this Vice article nails it. Barbie intentional…
Retweeted by 👻Spooky Aleks👻🎃 (looking 4 work)Apparently @seangallowayart worked on this game and made the most badass version of Minnie Mouse in Disney history?!
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