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all yves do is collect girls and lie about the comeback date

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best mockup thumbnail yet @fruitybIu deserved so much better[BRAND REPUTATION RANKINGS] Let's trend LOONA's articles on Naver? Please, react with "🥰" & upvote in all artic…
Retweeted by nioyves and nayeon on that stage together...TWOONA INTERACTION WHEN getting up to check on my kimchi bottle in the morning like my mom does with her weed plants in the yard
@candyoncebit ahhh thankyou!! it smells so spicy even in its most fresh form i cant wait to taste what the fermentation is gonna do to it @mustardblunt i hope it will be! it need to be be bottled for a few days for now but ill try bring sum next time 😋 @dearlyloona this is actually a good idea i’ll try it thankumy koreaboo behavior peaking @hyejoosatellite im too lazy @nonstophye omg i’ve never used that before do u think it could work @appelkoek_ i didnt even think of that fugdgkjdsgk @littlemilorbit FDkJGS FOR REALperfect idk what to make of this @yerifag cant wait for kpop stans to drag other kpop stans bc their faves also make music and wear clothes
Retweeted by niothe new produce looks so good omg way this is my main email too like 🤮IM SO SICK IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS
Retweeted by niodo y’all sometimes just crave the smell of allesreiniger
Retweeted by nio @hyejoosatellite less work for me 😌😌 @hyejoosatellite BDVSJSHS FR @kongetsushoujo can we start loona the riot @oec_starlight pleaaaaase nederlandse fans zijn al erg genoeg op zichzelf dit moet te doen zijni will personally make sure loonatheworld tour amsterdam about to look like this this the park sooyoung when you smile i am also happy guy
Retweeted by niogirl we’ve been doing it for 5 years
Retweeted by nio, IS NO ONE TALKING ABT THIS ANYMORE @loonasowhat it seems likely since we already got pics of all the girls and the comeback still a month away... wond…
Retweeted by nio @monetsaintcroix stopppp those colors are engraved in my brain at this point 😭😭 @AURORBlT WHAT KIND OF SLIDESHOW TEASER IS THIS DKSJKSKSy’all don’t know gowons color apparently @hyunviseul RIGHT LIKE THE ONLY THING MISSING IS THE BEACH SANDYou and me in the moonlight, ah 별 꽃 축제 열린 밤, ah 파도 소리를 틀고 춤을 추는 이 순간 이 느낌 정말 딱야, ah 바다야 우리와 같이 놀아, ah 바람아 너도 이쪽으로 와… GASP I JUST LET OUT really thought i wasn’t going to buy it but.... it’s so fucking cute @_heejinx A QUEST JDHSJSH it looks so cool tho
@INCORRlGBLE IK. doe meethe photos really don’t do it justice this thing is so bright for no reasonmaybe it’s because i’m a lil drunk right now but has anyone else ever noticed how twice twicecoaster lane 2 album s… SCREAM LAUGHING PLEASSEHSV @yvestooths RELAY 🗣 OF 🗣 THE 🗣 HEART 🗣 @yeolgivelvet i’m at the point where sneaking it in at work now 😭 @yeolgivelvet this is so funny to me but you’re so right @yeolgivelvet DHGDSKSK @eunhaslover any loona member they’re too expensive 😔😔 but it comes with 2 upsides 1. the items u already have of t… @yerifag brave sound drop it @chvrryism it’s so addictive @yerifag !!!!!!!!! but like even strongerliterally cannot stop listening to this it’s laced with something sure hope so doenietmeermeewho else obsessed with this
@nonstophye thankyou 🥺🥺 it means a lot 💛💛💛 @oec_starlight at my internship earlier this year they trusted me to rebrand everything for this local chocolate sh… @possessyves thank you!! i’m so happy with how it turned out @loonajointslay internship was good for something i guess 😌✊🏻 @loonajointslay ITS KINDA WILD TBH @kindestgemini aaaaaaahhhh thankyou!! 🥺💛 @triviaorbit thankyou!! it’s so exciting to see stuff come to life irl 🥺🥺the enterance too!! it’s just so crazy to me MY LOGO ON A BUILDING!!! COOL AS FUCK!!!! @yvesirens oh thank god i really want one but i was scared for a secdo u need to buy a whole extra lightstick to get that keyring or 😭
mina 😭😭😭😭❤️💔💔💔🥺😭😭😭❤️🥺😭 mmmina 😭😭😭🥺💔❤️💔🥺😭💔m i n a <//3 😭🥺🥺💔💔💔minaaa❤️🥺😭😭 m!na 😭😭😭🥺💔💔🥺😭😭😭🥺💔💔💔,m,i,n,a, 😭🥺💔❤️💔 .mina,…
Retweeted by niochuu’s concept photo is about to look like this i’m shaking
Retweeted by niothe engagement numbers on the teasers... this gonna be loonas biggest comeback yettheir WJSN slay @dnhtngart LOONAI AM LOOKING present to u, loonathecastle
Retweeted by nio @STAN_LOONA12 i got it with my xx album! i think you can find it on eBay!hi orbits follow me @yvesirens the vivi pic!!! @mustardblunt ahhhhh i have work in a but but i’d love to tonight!!! @crackedaeongie @loonatheworld so cute 🥺if there was an orbit costume in among us #LOONA #loonafanart
Retweeted by nio
new game hiiii IIHYXQ on NA serverok let’s try this again join us on among us NA server WFADWQ 🥺🤲🏻 @itsdanstarboy omg haven’t heard this in a while @mitosismimosa @mitosismimosa loona lightstick rgb to my rooms rgb lights!!! it looks so cool womanizer
Retweeted by niochildren when they learn how to speak: for democracy but make it Feel Special ✨
Retweeted by nio @remfatale this looks so goodyeah this def ain’t her’s my zero waste baby right there
this still pops up in my mentions a lot i hope everyone that sees this in the future also sees the updated version…