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yvonne 🌸 @yvonnie Los Angeles, CA

potato who plays too much league l @offlinetv house mom l @ywonniee I

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toastmi @MrKMattos LMAO KEONIIIgoing through old clips and deleting nostalgic... if anyone has anything they wanna download or sh…
@portilho Glad you're not a psychopathokay but like i swear my main is actually cursed, i went on my other account and ???????????????? R2 of the Verizon League of Legends: Wild Rift Invitational and you could get an #iPhone12 Pro with 5G! Whi…
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light mode discord users are psychopaths @peterparkTV @BoxBox @Sneaky @starsmitten_ @Verizon I'm sorry i didn't mean it @peterparkTV @BoxBox @Sneaky @starsmitten_ @Verizon Think I accidentally got invited thenHUGE party on stream today. Me, @boxbox, @sneaky, and @starsmitten_ will be watching the League of Legends: Wild Ri… might've heard I'm playing in the @Verizon Wild Rift 5G invitational but let's make things interesting. Pick wh…
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸Get ready for The Verizon Wild Rift Invitational. It will be America’s 1st look at League of Legends: Wild Rift 👀,…
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @portilho I swapped accounts and started winning my main is cursed @Natsumiii my soul is now non existent wendy @winstonleague man @xFSN_Saber this is also how i feel @Link115_ suffering @39daph shithow's your day going also does bot matter
@pokimanelol CONGRATSSSSS!! @fuslie GMORNING PLEBSLIE AND SOCKO!!!!!!! @peterparkTV pog @AriaSaki yes 😭 @peterparkTV LMFAOOO PETER STOP STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP 😭😭😭😭 @starsmitten_ it's accurate day 😞
i'm so bad at league i'm so sad 😞 @LilyPichu man
@peterparkTV did u have any anxiety or regret murdering me @fuslie WOOO GET ITTTTTT
@Valkyrae So pretty rae... @DisguisedToast @Valkyrae LMAOOOO
@portilho @lolesports @DRXGlobal Why you doing this to me @TeamLiquidLoL @Tactical tactical will you sign my forehead @QuarterJade 🤢🤢
@BeccaTILTS Yay!! Happy for you guys 🥳🥳 @implushys Cute!! @LilyPichu @scarra Hm
@sadgirlsloan holy shit @Lineos_Art @LilyPichu @michaelreeves @scarra @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @Sykkuno @Jae_Day6 @brodinplett @39daph… entry for @OfflineTV Fanart Contest 2020! #OTVFanartContest
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @tsukiko_mori thanks molly!! :D @mindysnam mindy Q_Q @xChocoBars 🥺❤️
@fuslie had to add the pleb in there 😡 @Valkyrae rae 😭💙💙💙 @hiitsviper ayyy @Natsumiii Wendyyyy 😭❤ @implushys LMFAOO i will gladly take that role 😤 @starsmitten_ Celine that's literally you ever time you post something @Smoothie Delete this @QuarterJade too cutehad an amazing weekend, thank you guys for the all the birthday wishes 💙
Aging ain't so bad when there's someone to suffer with you, thanks for that and being a good friend and stuff or wh…
@LilyPichu 😭😭😭❤ @TheRealRyanHiga @YouTube League only @fuslie The notepad was such a good idea and SO YOU! I SUPPORT U NO MATTER WHAT those ppl are sus/imp on my… @starsmitten_ WOOO GRATS!!!!! @AriaSaki THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHERRRRR 😭😭😭Best fwends 😽😽
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@IKeepItTaco @DisguisedToast @scarra Thanks taco!!! 😊my @OfflineTV entry for their #OTVFanartContest !! wanted to draw something anime...🤤
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @juliawu Thanks julia!! 🥰❤❤ @macawcaw123 @DisguisedToast @scarra Thanks!! :D @xSojin Thanks Mat!! 😊 @iGumdrop AWWW JAIME THESE PICSSS we the day1s forsure, when covid is over we run it back ILY!! ❤❤HAPPY BDAY @yvonnie !!! Omg this pic is like 5 years old now LOL 😂 from our long distance friendship from calgary t…
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @iiTzTimmy Thanks timmy!!!! :D @enlunalol @DisguisedToast @scarra Thanks annie!! 🥰🥰 @portilho I hate you
never thought I could have enough Starbucks but here I am @lucckyys Thanks lucky!! Lucky to have you ❤❤ @Valkyrae THANKS RAE!!!! 🥰🥰 @risteband @scarra LMfao thank you for this @NeytiriTV GRATS SYD!!!! @xChocoBars 😭😭😭❤ THANK U JANET LOV YOUU @fuslie I will always be there for you too, thanks for making me less bad about being basic cause you exist 🥰 love you!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HAIR QUEEN THAT HAS THE BEST SMELLING BEDROOM IVE EVER STEPPED FOOT IN @yvonnie !!!!!! I'm ob…
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸happy birthday to the biggest pleb on the planet 🥳 I GUESS YOU’RE PRETTY COOL SOMETIMES!!! thanks for being there f…
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @AriaSaki HHAHA candles are OP!!! omgggg yes please I very much miss the avocado smoothies....thank you aria 🥰🥰 @implushys Thanks kimi!!! 🥰🥰 @Xmithie @peterparkTV 😡😡😡😡 JAKE!!! @SpaceLyon Miss you too!! Thanks 🥺🥺 @poorIighting LOVS U PETRA THANK YOUU @kelseyremige Thanks kelsey!! ❤ @ForestWithin how did you know what I wanted...thank you!! 🥰🥰 @zckryyyy Thanks zack 🥺🥺 @Natsumiii Thank you wendy ❤❤❤❤❤ @starsmitten_ THANK YOUUUU me love uHappy birthday to @yvonnie Normally I just do a tag tweet so it doesn’t show up on people’s timeline but you deser…
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @Smix LMAO SUEEE I will always try to smell good just for you, thank youu ☺🥰🥰 @NeytiriTV Thank you syd!!! 🥰🥰 @mindysnam Thank you mindy 🥰🥰 and for beautiful hair everytime 🥺🥺 @floaromaa HYOOOOONNNN thank you!! 😭😭❤happy birthday @yvonnie 🥰💖
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @DisguisedToast thanks for this and always being there when I needed it the most 🥺🥺 also how about clout AND Starbucks...? :D @SparklingMana Mana I will never know what I ever did to deserve you but I loveeee you so much thank you 😭😭❤❤❤ @Frodan @LilyPichu Thank you!! :D @yvonnie HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOOOOVE YOU 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by yvonne 🌸 @indrarararara Thanks Indra!!! 😊😊