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Advanced Practitioner - Social Work Practice and Development at North East Lincolnshire Council

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A few weeks ago I would look at this map on our wall and get excited to plan the next adventure and country we to v…
Focusing on some personal growth and development this afternoon and completing a module on the Social Pedagogy onli… @JoKelly27488727 I didnt know you had a new job Jo! Thats great news, where/what are you doing now ☺️?
@SiobhanMaclean At your training I chose the snowhite and 7 dwarf garden ornaments, I think it's safe to say that t… @hattiesoykan @catfink75the only thing I care about is the mountain goats that have seized llandudno in wales while humans are on lockdown…
Retweeted by yyhsasIt’s ok to feel lost sometimes. Don’t panic, we’re all just making it up as we go along ✨ Image: @nikkimiles_
Retweeted by yyhsas @CXNELC I am currently using the emergency tinned fruit!The home gym is having to become more inventive each day. No weights, no problem. A back pack filled with tins and…
3 great supervision sessions done with my Social Work Apprentice learners. We set an agenda to help keep on track d… morning reminder. We are all doing our best at a time of uncertainty and strained resources, but what I am s…
You don’t always have to do stuff. Or achieve stuff. You don’t have to spend your time wisely and productively. You…
Retweeted by yyhsas @sarahhenry2002 I have emailed thank you Sarah 😊 @MattHGraham
Be more Naboo Yes Yes 👌🏻
This is great, many of which I have already established but the allocated time for doing a set piece of work with 2… @Katyhensby What you are doing everyday is making me so proud 🥰My reflections on this week bring me both great pride and great sadness. The strength, determination and passion of… @JoKelly27488727 @NELCouncil @impey_sarah @KayleighForrin4 @AmyandAwesome @ChealEle @sarahappleby73 Already being a… @JoKelly27488727 @NELCouncil @impey_sarah @KayleighForrin4 Of course Jo! I have just saved it now and will be shari… North East Lincolnshire ran from 2017-2020. 80% of women they supported had experience of domestic abuse. The…
Retweeted by yyhsas @POferries Does this stand for bookings made using tesco clubcard vouchers please :)?
Wow. Just wow. My street isn't a street which much of a community feel, but tonight everyone came together. Seeing… @SelfCarePsy It sure is! Same to you all ☺️ @SelfCarePsy She sure is! Although annoying she does bring a smile to my face 😃My coworker isnt being very helpful today! #homeworking #StayHomeSaveLives @SiobhanMaclean @AileenocSW Thank you Siobhan! Any tips on using Theory Cards via video calls or just general dista…
@AileenocSW Video all the way! Share a tool before hand that you can both work through together during the session… love this term! #caremongering @DickKingSmith @catfink75 @East_Riding Please give them all a wave when you see them go by, it really does mean a lot to them to feel appreciated and recognised😊🙋‍♀️This is a great read with some really creative ways to promote learning @UL_SocialWork amazing @RealMattLucas This has put such a smile on my face this morning! Thank you!! @CXNELC They really are. My other half drives the refuse trucks in a different LA and he is up and out everyday sti…
We are all in this together. One day at a time 💙 @SApprenticeship Completely agree! Everything can be unpicked and explored with a social work hat on and you can reflect and learn from @SApprenticeship It's been a rapid change and quick learning but it's only proved how eager and passionate my learn… @SApprenticeship Continue what they are doing! Adapting everyday! @SApprenticeship Virtual learning! We are learning about ourselves and our ways to adapt to changes, trying to do s… @SApprenticeship Finding ways to still link theory to practice without direct practice. We are looking at ways such… @SApprenticeship As PE for 2 apprenticeship learners, so far we have used group whats app, emails, chats on teams,… @catfink75 Oh Sarah that is amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣If Public Health called tomorrow and said that you tested positive for COVID-19 and asked you to list all the place…
Retweeted by yyhsas @donnachando Thank you Donna. Would you be happy for me to email it around our service :)? @donnachando You are going above and beyond Donna its amazing to see 😊 @JoKelly27488727 F6E! @SiobhanMaclean Thank you so much Siobhan. I have typed down the key questions you asked and I will be using them t… thank you for the illustration @stacie_swift adhere to this guidance. For the safety of me, you, your children, your parents, grandparents, the elderly n…
There have been so many recent amazing offers of support for our community. We want to gather this in one place so…
Retweeted by yyhsasOut and about early this morning , if anyone in the cleethorpes /Grimsby area self isolating and in need of food or…
Retweeted by yyhsas @robbo150912 I think with routine it will come :) @JoRobbo68 That is very logical and very true Jo! I think its feeling a sense of accountability when working from h… @hwheatybfd I need to flip my thinking around it :)Does anyone else feel guilty when working at home for spending time making lunch?! I need to overcome this to allow… work plans with social work apprentice learners this morning to ensure that whilst we may have to do things sl…
I posted my mothers day card with a gift to my mum on Friday so she has a little something to open this morning. Lu…
Retweet to spread the word. #StayHomeSaveLives
Retweeted by yyhsas @thomslyns Trying to keep to normal routine! I saw that the @thebodycoach is doing live 'PE' lessons on facebook starting Monday at 9am! @catfink75 You too! All the love around at the moment 🥰🥰Please share this as many times as possible across NE Lincs please people. Ask your followers, family and friends t…
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Retweeted by yyhsas @McDermottQC Breakcake!In the week that we celebrated World Social Work Day, I don’t think I could ever be more proud to say I’m social worker. What a week 👍🏼👊🏼
Retweeted by yyhsasThe kitchen gym is officially open! 100% agreeable to the gyms closing but personally I need to workout for my mind…
@HelenKnights97 It's a whole new way to keep in contact and support people and I hope it's going to be as positive… @Katyhensby 🥰🥰 @JoRobbo68 @robbo150912 Love that! Works so well doesnt it! And great way to sign off the week 🍻I have just created a group on Teams for all our social workers to connect with a plan to have a support and well b… great to see how everyone is coming together to use creative ways of working to do their jobs but I love how ho… anyone needs some upbeat yet relaxing background music whilst working from home I really reccomend this playlist… you @BurgerKingUK 🥤
Retweeted by yyhsas @JoKelly27488727 @PauseOrg @NELCouncil @impey_sarah Empowering women empowering women 🥰
@JoKelly27488727 @PauseOrg @NELCouncil @impey_sarah But you've given them the foundations to build on to empower th… @JoKelly27488727 @PauseOrg @NELCouncil It's been a privilege for all those women to have had the opportunity to wor… @drhelenscholar @SteveMy83837194 @SalfordUniSW @Donna_Peach @HeskG @lyndashentall @jameel_hadi Thanks Helen, I may… @SteveMy83837194 @SalfordUniSW @Donna_Peach @HeskG @lyndashentall @jameel_hadi @drhelenscholar Of course, we are al… @SteveMy83837194 @SalfordUniSW @Donna_Peach @HeskG @lyndashentall @jameel_hadi @drhelenscholar That is great thanks… @SteveMy83837194 @SalfordUniSW @Donna_Peach @HeskG @lyndashentall @jameel_hadi @drhelenscholar Thanks Steve, we are… @SalfordUniSW @Donna_Peach @HeskG @SteveMy83837194 @lyndashentall @jameel_hadi Is this also for Step Up Students please?Do you live in North East Lincolnshire? Can you step up to help your Community through #COVID19 by helping our most…
Retweeted by yyhsasThis fella is lifting people + putting smiles on so many faces at the mo. He is Mariner. He is our Town Hall cat.
Retweeted by yyhsasCurrently taking part in our first of many Teams meeting with colleagues connected from home, technology really is amazing inst it!Trauma, adversity & culturally-responsive practice is about sustainability, meaningful change, infusing & embedding…
Retweeted by yyhsas @KayleighForrin4 What an easy life!
Day 3/7. No word, no people 🐱Today I nominate @KayleighForrin4 @Katyhensby He is okay, just precautionary 😊As am I 💗 @AmandaOwen8 How lovely! A little happy bouncy ray of sunshine in uncertain times!#teamnel @immikejordan Hi Mike, I can confirm that this is true. We’re offering free drinks to all emergency services person…
Retweeted by yyhsasI wanted to share this sign my 9 year old brother has made this morning whilst doing his home schooling as he canno… guide and steps are excellent. We cant control everything going on right now but we can find ways to process,… @CommunityCare Anything in relation to Children's Services and statutory guidelines?
We have all chosen a card from @SelfCarePsy 50 Acts of Self Care tool which we will all practice daily for the next… 2/7, no words and no people. #worldsocialworkday #WSWD2020 Today I nominate @catfink75 may be World Social Work Day but the learning never stops for our social workers! We have had a really interesti… is World Social Work Day and I am very happy to be spending the day with our current ASYE cohort. We are cele…
@JoKelly27488727 I'm going to embrace it either way! I am expecting my inner cat plant lady may make an appearance!