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GSW🏀 Petrochemical Engineering. I’m everything they told you about

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Rev Boateng
@munaryam Man City fans please sit this one out😂You’ve done it before and you can do it again. Amen🤲🏽 is AWB better than Trent? I want to understand 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 focus is on the car Capo #WomenLeadership #CharacterBuilding We celebrate our very own and Kingsley House’ Akora Angel…
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Okay Bobby Axelrod take me away from here @moraaayo I just remembered bruh😹😹Wan Bissaka was once a winger? Dfkm🤣🤣🤣I love Wan-Bissaka but he dribbles like he's just been shot in the arse by a tranquilliser dart
Retweeted by Tchalimbö @Kay_Mannuel Ahhhn ei @JeffreyPaganini @moraaayo Give me Alonso @moraaayo is a terrible playerUnited are in an entanglement with the 5th positionEwurade Bruno, Toto, Pog, Rashyyy !!! #MUNSOU
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Wonderful. Nice braids need to beat Southampton by Chelsea goals to nil.
Retweeted by Tchalimbö“UAV online”💀
Retweeted by Tchalimbö @Trryypp Ah charle🤣Bruh nbs advert adey do for hereWhich Ghanaian girls do you guys text cos I see is a future Man United player @__zinaaa @adethayorr @wf_mona 4/5
lmao the person wey dey hia the 600 cedis momm no be my size. interesting
Retweeted by TchalimböLoftus-Cheek after throwing in a cool 2/10 in games..
Retweeted by TchalimböYou won't see Drogba here, but Chelsea fans will want you to believe he was elite cos he can plaster ball on his ch…
Retweeted by TchalimböOh merciful father, we thank you for this daily bread. Amen Smalling has the same amount of UCL knockout goals as Hazard
Retweeted by TchalimböHasn’t received even half of the criticism that Pogba faced
Retweeted by TchalimböNah see football be foolish game 🤣🤣🤣. Sheffield have barely made 100 passes so farOh Good Lord , I’m most grateful. I know there’s more to come. @Kay_Mannuel Job come anaa? @Celestinaaa1 Ei @master_ked 😆rt this to spread it around please
Retweeted by Tchalimbö @kayhazel Very soon🙏🤲🏽Agenda Nyame🤲🏽 .Today is another day. Chelsea plays today. You know what to do.Hated..Adored..Never Ignored🧂😘🎣
Retweeted by TchalimböFuture: “I’d like to call sister jada to tell her testimony to the congregation” 😂
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“Bad marriage for life” @kafuikodzo Boss you really hold oo. Indomie then Fanta cocktail chillAlele and Senchi in the same sentence? 2020 is kinda differentPogba: “All the praise goes to Allah 👆🏾😌👆🏾” [Ig]
Retweeted by TchalimböNice header, boss. 😊😊
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Bro imagine say your team mia ein eye play incredible football win league but everybody gyie ein eye for am dey tal…
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Retweeted by Tchalimbö @TheCupOfKofi The real agenda is coming next week. Relax @Kay_Mannuel Four goals from outside the box bruh @TheCupOfKofi It was against the bald guy rather @Kay_Mannuel Oh we won’t allow him play. Relax🤣Rashford really scored a free kick against Chelsea? 🤣🤣That's never a penalty. Tears in my eyes, prime Man Utd are actually back
Retweeted by TchalimböSo simple Centre backs were static at that moment. They knew it was certain tears on the tl.... I love it💉💉
Retweeted by Tchalimbö🥰🥰🥰🥰 @__dziiidzor_x You got to figure it outFace shields Arranging stock for face shields Delivery next week Wednesday and Friday. Price : 10 Cedis Moq: 100…
Retweeted by Tchalimbö“Hello, Matthew wossop, I want make the kiddies go house o” “Relax. Them come the school finish. I go make Jean reg…
Retweeted by TchalimböFor ein mind inside he spoil there😭What is this?🤣🤣🤣 really thought you had one with this huh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by TchalimböI want to be loved in different currencies. To love me, you must Pound me. Euro-manticise me. I want to feel USeD.
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Retweeted by Tchalimbömen : your hairline dey midfield women : that’s why your dad cheated on your mum and now you’re homeless…
Retweeted by TchalimböLol you’ll just get yourself into unnecessary feuds say it like it's a bad thing
Retweeted by TchalimböAlhamdulillah x1000
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Eih a Lyric Prank On ‘Friend’👀😂❤️| Gone Wrong😏 . . WATCH, SUBSCRIBE & now RETWEET for me…
Retweeted by TchalimböThis is how a Fourier series works
Retweeted by TchalimböSupreme court suspends all hearings amid corona virus fears but see no problem with Millions of Ghanaians queuing to register 🤣😂 ah
Retweeted by Tchalimbö @__dziiidzor_x The field trip money send me some❤️ @__dziiidzor_x I can’t read tweets right now. Misplaced my glassesMy friends and I need to be rich so we send money to each other randomlyFootball rivalry is the funniest thing on the planet we will be roasting super talented players for no reason skskskskksks
Retweeted by TchalimböCheck out my work
Retweeted by Tchalimbö @latifa_tanko Yep. Dma trip to the exam hall. I give God all the glory
Retweeted by TchalimböOh my don🤣 @esi_egyimah Ex bestie be careful
My water no dey flow like three days this. So I see any politics for the TL then I vexHerh Welbeck😱Pulisic when AWB catches him
Retweeted by Tchalimbö @Kay_Mannuel The second leg de3 unless prayersBruno vs Kepa in 2 weeks
Retweeted by TchalimböKepa stretched his arm after the ball had entered the net. What a guy😆 @esi_egyimah @manifestive GrandmaHerh Cahill sell the match🤣 @manifestive @esi_egyimahYour MCM vex gidigidi cos he thinks Mahama said God caused the dumsor. Buy him an English textbook please. You stil…
Retweeted by TchalimböAnything is possible over here think the biggest lesson Ghana can take from this COVID crisis is to work towards a society with better structure…
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Retweeted by Tchalimbö😍😍😍 donkomi oo Place your orders
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