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kitty @idk_raul soon, after my vacation @clekz @SinPerfectt @_loganhousley congrats bro @033Joell OH fuck idk yet @033Joell 9 @yupitzlando bet @Aaron38407599 Idk manyoutube stream tonight? @carvur obviously, and it’s black and people are trying to cover up they are racist @yxlxdademon I don’t, i just thought it was funny. everyone clowned the last stanf @ThatDudeKorean i don’t like them, i tried it’s not for me @ThatDudeKorean people made its an automatic that’s literally ithavent seen that many people hate on my car this time, looks like i satisfies most of yall 😎👍Unlisted for tomorrow’s vid @SpazFaym agreed @campseis Just gotta keep it up @jacoob1515 Later i thinkWork Hard, It Will Pay Off 💰 @NotRyft Happy birthday bro live it the fuck upshould i stream later? @misfortvnee .been driving and smiling for like 3 hours straighti’m so happy with this car dude y’all have no idea
@staticwtf atleast i can drivebro what the heck @_loganhousley no ew @Driftmaster67YT no i changed my mind heavy on that. not worth especially right now @_loganhousley same as old one, nothing new @ZhoisDaddy Yeah no, not right now 😭 @StepBr0Pat not everyone who has a mustang is a bad driver 😭proud owner of a 2021 gt mustang 🖤 thank you all ratio gets my new car @_angelontheweb @yovpps ratio @Kj_Extinct loooolcar reveal soon, holy fucking fuck @88quick 81 @x0strawbaby ? @jiggy0709 alright and i said yeswho wants to fuck me? @alphawyd @DanonDL @FRChronic what’s this song? @Lppoaa 7 @yuhvoluted 1 leak = @Diego_ogeiD0 😭just picked up new car, doing a reveal later, any final guesses? 😄😄😄 @bsbl_ry_11 soon bro soon @EhPiff she is 13 close guess tho @OjhaLincoln when the time is right sir 🙏🏼 @SpazFaym Yummy! @88quick she’s from craigslist @wydjojo 😎 @unvjadee nothing, just my boyfriend @IAMKARIMKARMO His name😫 @SpazFaym $47 on ebay, cheap asf @bollo1k i’ll come over later, i’m only straight for the cameras @pronzyyontwitch not yet @MeekVibing I have a boyfriend now @ThatDudeKorean Korean Bgoodmorning ❤️ @bluwtff and even if she is who caresposting phasmophobia vid today 😎 @isaiah__29 yes @BHSpry Trust me dude, she’s one of the coolest people i’ve met in a LONG time @Lppoaa it’s 4am dawg go to bed @staticwtf okay don’t leak @staticwtf u get 0 bitches and play fortnite, pick a struggle you fortnite fuck @Lppoaa ? @Lppoaa could be u but ur playing @bollo1k 🤷🏻‍♀️ actually found the one @CorinnaKopf u have never replied to me ever what the fuck are you talking about @purge2172 @Lppoaa agree @TeamAssaultGG @Nawxsee @TeamDelirium Assault is still a thing? @aerthius that’s fine w me @CursedFootage bro ur done forfuck white peoplenew car tomorrow boys, any guesses? (not corvette)
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possibly have a girl on stream later 🧐 @idk_raul i lost money bro, u don’t get itdoing the charity stream a different dah, today ain’t working bro i’m gonna lose my shitlike i couldn’t even transfer funds, i got fucking scammed they took my money and didn’t even give me shit backyeah i’m not gambling nvm, fucking joke to even get money on 😭 @jacoob1515 I did and i payed them, and they aren’t giving me my fucking moneybest online betting websites? @purge2172 honda i had since 2019 but yeah i guess ur right @purge2172 2nd, wtf u mean 3rd @drexdits Lmao shut up those are like 200k minimumnew car tomorrow boys, any guesses? (not corvette) @jacoob1515 no that’s gonna be my own money too @jacoob1515 6969I hate scary games bro
Retweeted by zho @overtimemegan no, it’s just women’s expectations are fucking awful and they date men who want absolutely nothing to do with them @zachologylol you’re* @hinesy30413831 i was just messing around idc about winningI hate scary games bro @Duxora_84 I’ll post a clip ina secnever playing a scary game againwe in dis am i doing bro she don’t know i exist