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Fortnite kids when they go outside once a yearSome real shit 💯 @TheMasterOfLuck ?i swore that said babies 💀💀 @TheMasterOfLuck more till 800k 🤪x2 🏎 for the show 😈
vid tomorrow one of the best ina long time :) @austheomegleguy not jus girls brotha 😭Fake love all over the place 🥲 @austheomegleguy fr 😭bro i love y’all to the people who stayed real and still support
best video idea gets a smoochnighty night ❤️kidding guys my friend took this💀💀3 days ina row with uploads i think i’m backi love y’all but plz don’t spot me in public and send me this shit bro what the fucking fuck @StableRonaldo @Zaxinator free promo
@ariajawher567 okayhow y’all like today’s vid @JCT_42069 fuck that 😭video today got 4 cr claims 😭new new up cuties 🥰 @JacobRedig @033Joell 😭😭 @Kourtzz2 actually gonna try to do this rn @033Joell Ight bro, living my best life to bro checkup, how are you like actually feeling? @austheomegleguy @SpazFaym ?? @misfortvnee didn’t mean tonot gonna be as active on here, literally just grinding youtube and having fun again a#
@misfortvnee yes it is just took this earlierjust copped an apple watch bouta slay some pussy now here you go at 5pm cuz a fucking mf woke up late 💀heylo @easyx_16 yeah @kebuwtf u loser 😫recorded very funny video with spaz and those other losers should be out tomorrow thanks byenot gonna be able to stream but i will still have video out, so busy now with friends and other projects i don’t ha…
@purge2172 probably sleepingyoutube stream at 9daily videos are back kicks, STILL NO BITCHES @Da1ify Babies?i just fucked this thing up 😫😫😫 i might fuck my car ON GOD
Retweeted by zho @tweaaks ok @easyx_16 lmao y’all can stop saying this bullshit bro it was a one time thingcars in the shop getting louder 😅😅😅 will do a sound reveal after @quicksprivate ❤️bucks beat the suns lmaoyeah videos coming back start tomorrow i put this on my mother because i need to start grinding again, first we hi…
sucks being rich @PhreezinQK idk my parents gave it to me as a giftwe back TO PICK UP MY MUSTANG RN!!’ @sheluvscloudz thanksEvery group of super pretty girls always has that ONE FAT UGLY FRIEND, and that ONE FAT UGLY FREIND is ALWAYS the one into me 👍a short story ft. 2 idiots’s it for tiktok today @Cryptialol Money @oThyBigKiz You the goat frlast compilation of the year, so y’all better go crazy on this. a lot of people asking for a 5-6-7 hour video so here you go 👍💀 @Cryptialol i think it’s the last one of the year besides the end of the year, cuz i’m switching everything upworlds longest zho video today let’s go 😫Meet my shrimp! 👍 b come meet the d 😫
@misfortvnee huh @SpazFaym write me an article then mfyo @verified i think it’s time you slide the check or we are gonna have a problem @itc @verified Not even fair at all 🤣🤣 @verified what is this??? @JustisKane that’s coming soon too, but that’s not this surprise @misfortvnee no lmao why would that be an accomplishment @TeamBH_ 9 @Da1ify 21i get the mustang back today this if you get absolutely 0 bitches
@misfortvnee just a terrible app, no one cares about supporting just fucking ratios and bullshithavent been active cuz i don’t like social media anymore people just acting weird and whole lots of negative shit i…
@bluwtff perishif you use head & shoulders you might aswell not even fucking showerYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @SpazFaym girls go to jupiter to get stupiderthe best looking girls always got some shit wrong with their headfinished on her face call that cumi swear it’s a man
fr bro, stop saying the n word @CorinnaKopf Shut upyoutube stream ina bit im about to grab food then we on itfresh @wydjojo babegn peeps 😌 @JustisKane let me shower @JustisKane okaywtf the video ended?