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frenzy pog
@tweissCS @seangares i have mod
2020 @WestVALORANT rt @nlbil @nannerszx SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH @inskyfps happened to me too :(
@DarfMike this ones different. they want more money which probably wont happenI know what I know and if you don't know, then you don't fuckin know do ya?
@Yonji_V had him before on icebox with hxnter and jolz and mario i think. He was inting bc i "baited" him one round so he gave up @666tkm lmao @lunarkats @Zellsis D: @Zellsis @lunarkats i do that :/wdf @swishcs @nurfed25 @jparkfps this game ruins lives @nurfed25 @jparkfps i played this game soooooooo much with @swishcs forever ago, and i started playing again it's so addicting @jparkfps u can get it for 1$ with xbox pass monthly so yeah
u know tha vibes @witnessgg pretty sure he's been on tenacity pro, or was for awhile. Unless a different klaxzia
@TheUltraLex @KP_fps @nurfed25 ye ig aimlocking clips look sus to more ppl than others but tbf it's not like it mat… @TheUltraLex @KP_fps @nurfed25 idc that much but the aimlock clips r whatever. If u watch them play they call thing… @ariessqc did u swallow;D
@ariessqc Neqhhhh @ariessqc Neah @tolkienfanatic a lot@of ppl dont play ranked or care bc of 5qing @zander_fps nstsm swordart pog
@GODaZeD rlly hope they make it like league, solo/duo - and then 5q seperatelyIm all for new players entering the scene, i myself have found 3-4 "t1" players myself in CS/valorant that nobody w… reyna went from gold to radiant ;D prefired me first round i said he was cheating - got banned before the half finished @in0X_fps why is that cringe @tweissCS @el_jack0 😒
@RenZCSGO ye it prolly becomes really counterable, they're new ims ure daps is just experimenting @RenZCSGO im not watching but i'd assume for map info/control. Depends on how they're doing it ig @RenZCSGO what ult?I will keep playing with my team until any opportunities come along, to stay up to date with the meta, as well as playing ranked etc.LFT as a coach in valorant -I feel like this is the next step that I need to take in my esports career 5 seasons of… @G2Davidp watch vods ;D
@giraffley dis u to put my all into this opportunity
wow. @Guiiimond hope u lose, to me. @dcopGG @Guiiimond @moghal271 @Shanks_TTV yeah fuck guimond @officialariis @ESEA @FollowSwindoll capAy yo if you want to fuck someone's girl you need to make it to lan first @Marved6
Retweeted by zanzLowell#gay
@MelioFPS @dignitas yeah it's a bug latelyYall be jinxing urselves going into the strike talkin bout how practice is great and ur excited just get 2-0d by so… @stamjna @nurfed25 @TeddyTran_ @flowstateval did u win tho @in0X_fps 🤔o_o
@msav_ @NiSMOcS @UMGGaming we're obviously using random seeds to make an example, no reason to be ignorant. @NiSMOcS @stamjna what if astralis had to play whoever 2nd seed is, first round ina tournament. Wouldnt u want them… @NiSMOcS @stamjna ur on some shit rn for sure @NiSMOcS @stamjna again, it's not about the lower tier teams having a shitty's about t1 teams playing… @NiSMOcS @UMGGaming ?????????? why would u want a random team in the closed tournament? Wouldnt u rather have the "… @NiSMOcS @UMGGaming that's not what ppl r complaining about, ppl are complaining that 4/5 seed play eachother secon… @JMaldofps can i @ himsigned up and the first quali was full now there's 13 byes :/
another day another block of scrims canceled 5 mins before 8)Yo my names @jolzftw just switched to val whatsup guys @NT_SSLCK okay i mean i knew it worked but like, never found a spot it'd actually be potentially useful until toiday @NT_SSLCK ye everyone knows sova ult @giraffley y he lion @ARIANARCHIST @KP_fps icebox has ziplines ru dumb @itskaplan ye tbh I knew u could do like the bind 1, but it's pretty useless bc the ult basically gets nothing. But… @adviceoff @steeFPS truedatFound something cool with the breach ult that I never knew u could do before :)
jett is fun;D @JosiahCSGO im using bbq and chili, get like 50k bp a gametfw u just tryna get bloodpoints
@tweissCS wanna q @hammysword not with u ahah @BoggsCS say no more fam i am on the way
@ckoubeck33 i support you @kabooseCS just winI swear scheduling scrims in this game is on hard mode
@SCJREAL truedat @xternalTV just use inears weirdo, im sure u have some apple earphones around, theyre actually decent. Use that and… @adviceoff @Huston_TV deserved @NT_SSLCK me! @hammysword so handsome @Jet_CSGO go jet-
Well heres the tweet LFT MDL. Aggresive awp that excels at opening up rounds and getting picks. Extremely dedicat…
Retweeted by zanz @JosiahCSGO ill rt if u change this to lft for valorant bc cs dead game gg.dephh has the worst killjoy ults wtf
@kilroyTV @nurfed25 i did @khanslashblitzz @RenZCSGO @PowerzzCSGO @arcadecs u paly differently/play retake. If u think there isn't counters… @MnmzzzCS kinda hard to get ppl bc of covidtbh I knew there was a reason I never liked vek @in0X_fps @itskaplan @adviceoff they're still needed @tolkienfanatic @ @nurfed25 i just wish u could change the color of the knfie the white/green or whatever would be fucking sick. I me… @nurfed25 I JUST WANT THE KNIFE :(Battery and vek once they hit MDL playoffs
Retweeted by zanz @nate_rett58 IKRIM BEING BLACKMAILED AND I WONT BACK DOWN FROM THE MEMES is absolutely NO way that (1) individual by the name of tyler weiss decided to not show up for their MDL play… man fuck this @jolzftw guy bro, i bet my house and he throws? 0-2 vs newenglandshitters rlly dude? U say ur fro…