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RN in a Red State. Here to support progressives and maybe change some republican minds. After all we all agree on most things.

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@charliekirk11 Your privilege is showing @JoeBiden Political platitudes. Pathetic.
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @JoeBiden You told people it was safe to go out and vote in April, you disgusting freaking HYPOCRITE.
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @charliekirk11 Then why is Trump blocking it @TomiLahren @titoortiz He's a joke. Literally got spanked. Then married a pornstar @charliekirk11 And you loved him
@RealCandaceO So... he should have been killed? @TomiLahren Not abolish police. You're being intentionally ignorant
Unpopular opinion: how is Donald Trump more responsible for George Floyd than Joe Biden? And how is that us dems an…
@themaxburns "Super predators"
@cmm66662537 @RealCandaceO Broad daylight. Wearing a t shirt and shorts. Murder is still illegal. You're racist
@TomiLahren @GavinNewsom #faketriot Your clothes are made in China...
@JoyAnnReid @soledadobrien He was. He should have attacked Bidens hellacious record And you suck at your job on purpose @BernieWon2016 Good sisters @BethLynch2020 That hair! Sign of the times. My mugshots look worse. @soledadobrien Every point Bernie made about wealth inequality and a struggling middle class could have been tied d… you lack all self-awareness:
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @ThatEricAlper Flogging mollyU.S. 4.3% of world population. 30% of #coronavirus cases in the world. 18% of #coronavirus deaths in the world. We're #1. #FailedSociety
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @socialiststeve6 We also lead in incarceration per capita @marieesophh Always mitch McConnell @herosnvrdie69 True! But also true that some are too far gone. Wont know who is salvageable until you talk to them.
@ironyguillotine @damnpamfromnamm He was arrested then, right? @Karen_Khive #BelieveAllWomen @Alyssa_Milano @BernieSanders Biden sexually assaulted someone... you will that since he is a Dem?Why did you support in person voting during a pandemic?
Retweeted by Zac BridgesGun to your head, who would you rather have a beer with?
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @TomiLahren And you prefer to have your clothing line made in china instead of giving Americans jobs. #faketriot @DineshDSouza Not how it works. @AndrewYang Sell out @DineshDSouza But the president didnt take it seriously, cuz he is extremely dumb
Incredible. @Alyssa_Milano says she assumes that mainstream media would cover #TaraReade if her claims were credibl…
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@AC_Monroe @Jaybefaunt Jail is a part of life, no?There’s a lot of talk about @BernieSanders decision to stay in the race. I think he needs to stay in and I’m goin…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @DineshDSouza @realDonaldTrump I hope all of Trumps religious supporters exercise their religious freedoms. 🤞What percentage Republican voters care about helping everyone?
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @MQSullivan Praise beBernie Sanders should not drop out. Pass it on.
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@rafaelshimunov @spacecowboy_cr @JoeBiden Lame100 to 200,000 deaths in the US. Do you think people will finally see the weaknesses in our private healthcare syst…
Reade described her daughter's response to her speaking out: "She's like, 'you can't go up against somebody like Bi…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @SarahKSilverman I dont think she is as progressive as we thoughtWhy has the media ignored sexual assault allegations against Biden? | Feminism | The Guardian
Retweeted by Zac BridgesWhich news network do you trust the most?
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@BernieSanders @mausoliam95 But you weren't willing to go after Biden. So what's the pointFingers pointed at average Americans who lost their job... but not on billion dollar corporations who spend 90% of…
@ewarren You're trash
@DrJasonJohnson @Muadibe10 This guy! Havent you been shamed enough? Remember you're sexist? @JenGranholm @JoeBiden @BernieSanders Does anyone think Biden is honest. When someone repeatedly tells you who they…
It’s only called socialism when you help the poor.
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @markos @storyofryguy He isn't known for his good judgment... iraq, bankruptcy, 94 crime bill, lying about everything @JillFilipovic @washingtonpost But they are bias trash @_Anunnery @Whatapityonyou I'm disappointed. He is too nice to be presidentNancy has been pushing to re-up the Patriot Act so the State can keep surveilling us. I have one question for you…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @JRubinBlogger It's not true. Biden is a liar on numerous items and you're a Republican. @BenjaminPDixon I'm disappointed in Bernie.Millennials opting not to vote tomorrow to avoid getting Boomers sick, while Boomers irresponsibly endanger themsel…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @neeratanden You will see. @briebriejoy It's too late. You should have advised Bernie to ho for the jugular. He didnt it is over @JoyAnnReid Is the middle east more or less stable after trillions of dollars? @JoyAnnReid Yes. You should too @briebriejoy Bernie didnt throw punches. He is to kind to run for president Bernie wasted my time and my money @ThiaBallerina Bernie didnt throw punches The fact that your asking means Bernie lost. Thanks for nothing Bernie @SeanAstin @JoeBiden @SenSanders Stfu @JoeBiden You're hillary without the wit and with a stutter @JoeBiden You're a liability @JenGranholm @JoeBiden @BernieSanders He has said it numerous times. Should everyone ignore the videotape?
@JRubinBlogger @terri_rupar @GlennKesslerWP @daveweigel You're a Republican. No one caresSo, I really hope I’m wrong but, Bernie supporters really need to brace themselves for him to be weak af again in tonight’s debate.
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @NikkiHaley Thoughts and prayersBelieve it or not but Elizabeth Ann Warren owes you or anyone else nothing! The entitlement #onhere is wild...Now ,…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @itsdshawna Not an owe. She is a coward. She was in 2016. She is in 2020. That character flaw is why she faded fast. @lloydblankfein Of course! Let pharma make a billion
@DornigSilber Odd that more folks want to be groped by trump than biden. What's that mean? I chose it cuz I assume… @thehill Sssssshe sssssssssucks @briebriejoy @BernieSanders Be great to see him take of the gloves. I've given $100's and he has let me down. Joe i… will be voting for @BernieSanders in New York on April 28th! How about you? #BernieIsBest
Retweeted by Zac BridgesRegretfully, Joe Biden's healthcare plan discriminates against those too poor to pay. It leaves 10 million American…
Retweeted by Zac BridgesMinimum weeks of paid medical leave for workers: 🇲🇽 52 🇮🇪 52 🇹🇷 52 🇩🇪 52 🇪🇸 52 🇯🇵 52 🇬🇧 52 🇦🇺 52 🇵🇹 52 🇱🇺 52 🇨🇿 52…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @joshfoxfilm Working at a hospital in MTPeople forget this, but Obama lost California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio,…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @politico He doesn't represent my views at all. He shits on my generation. He is a corporate shit bag. He is senile… evidence is in: Joe Biden has a habit of making things up. And it’s not just wrong — it could hurt him in a gen… @joncoopertweets @BernieSanders You're pushing biden. That's elder abuseThis is why we need a Congress filled with people who will stand against these greedy CEOs rather than take their m…
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @WalkerBragman @LadyReverbs She ssssssssucks
@JoyAnnReid Medicare for All @realDonaldTrump @CDCgov SMH @chrislhayes @rolandsmartin Medicare for All @marcushjohnson Nah. People need to see Biden for the dotard he is @ChrisDJackson @krystalball @JoeBiden @BernieSanders But joe lies about his entire record.
@GenericMike5885 @BernieBot_2020 I heard it was $50-60 billion per year$1.5 trillion would fund tuition-free college in this country for 19 years. #Bernie2020
Retweeted by Zac Bridges @BrownBomberman 🤞 @Bern4POTUS @riverhawkfox @Clifton893 @japantimes But the establishment has chose him so all issues no longer matte…
I deeply respect @ewarren. Our nation + our party are better + more progressive because of her leadership. Now our…
Retweeted by Zac BridgesJoe Biden can unite the Party? This mother fucker just said he’d veto Medicare For All. Just admit you want a cabin…
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