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Asst Prof of Classics @CUBoulder; Roman law/imperial politics mostly, but I reject your labels. Chocolate vortex, rural jurist. Opinions mine. Hic/hunc.

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@eduardo_garcmol @wilbypea This is giving me such nostalgia @profyarrow You can tell it’s from 2017... BuzzFeed is pretty darn reputable now? (More broadly, I think most peop…
All else ASIDE. If your billionaire friend was like “hey y’all, get tested multiple times and quarantine won’t tell…"Shapiro for Yoplait: Lighter Yogurt, Today!" @jackjprosper @jbouie No it’s not. It’s just not. Saying “everyone in a ZIP code has the exact same income” isn’t a…
@jackjprosper @jbouie Enjeti’s QT says something that the chart he’s QTing doesn’t. @corychansen Just texted u my feelings @corychansen Like, I legit can’t tell if the internet loves this show or hates it. It seems very iconicI think I need to start watching this show @DaveHolmes I'm bothered by the implication that National Review cares more about Barbra Streisand's feelings than I do. @DrKillgrove @artcrimeprof THOSE ARE NOT THE BOOBS OF A TETRARCH @InsomniosAticos @jackjprosper @jbouie Well no, he’s pointing out that the data OP cites don’t actually say what he’s saying they sa… @CarolineWazer This is, like, exactly the house I would rent for spring teaching with fifteen of my friends @arh279 @guygavrielkay @Sonja_Drimmer @artcrimeprof LOVE
@MarkJMasterson @AntiqueThought This is true #allyship @MarkJMasterson @AntiqueThought Neither - Andrew strikes me as raising a *very* solid suggestion. @AntiqueThought @MarkJMasterson, have we picked the LCC/WCC costume theme?Wallace Maria Brandauer am a man, I live a life of glitter and thunder, and I will not be erased @dumbpenprole @RuckCohlchez @onlxn It is! His dad is cool as hell! @drhonor OMG this is some #kween #shit @AniseKStrong @hashtagoras I think we call that "is going to go to grad school in NY" :) @AniseKStrong @hashtagoras You’re not wrong at all! Just not Goth. @AniseKStrong @hashtagoras I think there are 2 answers: 1) it means the guy is making the story up as he goes alon… @arh279 tweet is getting ratio’d @AntiqueThought @HelenHunt 🥺 @arh279 I’ve never seen Melania smile with her teeth out, so I can see that affecting the proportions—she usually does ‘fierce.’Just so we're clear, I think that this is actually Melania--big sunglasses do weird things to how we perceive faces… @hashtagoras Of course I nailed it, I delivered an AAH paper on this passage a few months ago. (I also wrote my fi… @hashtagoras (boys becoming men, clothes becoming stone) @hashtagoras Werewolf est mingens spooky scary @hireb @NateSilver538 How would you know that they’ve been accurate? The election hasn’t happened. @anthonympetro @terratologist Loved that place! I think we were Monde f*gs? @anthonympetro @terratologist the ambience"Fascism rather than Jim Crow" relies on facts not in evidence. @anthonympetro @terratologist Honestly, they'll get better business if people can't see the food... @SententiaePauli Come back with your sequins... or on them. @SententiaePauli “Spartan sparkle” there is nowhere less sparkly than Sparta @RuckCohlchez @onlxn dude his dad is a Scrabble shark who writes articles about informal rulemaking among cowboys.
@MujerGuerrera78 @Tampax @gobeeharris How is calling someone a person dehumanizing? @NateSilver538 Note: this isn’t true. CO has in-person voting (I’ve used it), but the vast majority of voters use VBM.
@ihatejoelkim It’s so fucking pretty @azbrodsky sad
That November third is election day @ShadiBartsch so old-school! @ShadiBartsch I'll DM you some Bitcoin
@hashtagoras I mean, BJ is pretty easily the *second* worst endorser in this list?We failed Quibi.
@DBeasleyHarling I stan but YOU HAVE AMERICAN FOLLOWERS! WE CAN'T WATCH UNTIL TOMORROW!!!! SPOILAGE :( @xxJaneDoexxxx OK. Are they wrong? Did Baroness Nicholson not actually say those things? Or vote those votes? @LogeionGkLat It's jaw-dropping. @shallowbrigade Stop being such a time-travelling nineteenth-century Italian fascist, Kim @LogeionGkLat Honestly, I don't have a problem with that when it comes to grand juries! (Long story, but I find the… @ryanfb I've zoomed while kneading bread dough before. That seems sort of on point, actuallyIf this is true (which isn't a huge 'if' at this point, given how cagey the DA is being), this is a drive-out-of-pu… "we typically punish people on intentions" is, like, the opposite of true when it comes to at-will employment?)"Victorian stasi" is my new drag name @apistone Good for him! His Instagram can have a broader ran he of topics, while Moose reads his Wieacker @apistone I mean, you’ve read my reviews of companions right? They’re very useful for nonspecialists but Moose is pretty specialized... @claireuh this is incorrect; we work with edited volumes a LOT so having a term for "single-author book of the sort you us…
@LogeionGkLat @MarkJMasterson @miserabiliter @bernard_prof Frankly, the whole exercise reminds me of the other main… @DLibatique10 @profyarrow @eidolon_journal My pleasure! @profyarrow @DLibatique10 Not that weird-Hodges was sued in his official capacity (i.e. part of his job is being th… @DimitriNakassis Björk.Just posted a photo @eduardo_garcmol I don’t remember him being so pro-voting, though. Also, Octavian could never make the ‘Telephone… tweet is a journey brief, alternative review of *The Alternative Augustan Age*, eds. K. Morrell, J. Osgood, and K. Welch (OUP 2019).…
Retweeted by Z-AAAAAAH! SCARY! Herz @danielpicus @FabulousMissEm You only need to drop the carton ONCE, then you're a 3 for lyfe. @bernard_prof @BMCReview And given that one of the editors/I believe some of the authors are contingent, this seems…
@astrologergayle @arthur_affect @OwenJones84 Wait, how is "Go wander around some and find the truly marginalized.… @SententiaePauli Only in body type @carlosfnorena @AntiqueThought @ShadiBartsch In lecture, I use it but try not to do so pointlessly (e.g., there rea… @carlosfnorena @AntiqueThought @ShadiBartsch My fave is still “energetic and knowledgeable, but the constant profanity was distracting.” @AntiqueThought @ShadiBartsch As a former student of Shadi’s, I second this emotion. I still remember the belts, an… @mdlett Aves, Notitia per aves @pmckelveyphd Where does Cynthia Lee Fontaine fall? @onlxn Which ones do you think got it? I legitimately have no idea
@saxeusque @InsomniosAticos The going polisci theory is that the Court is more vulnerable to pressure from the elec… @the_sea_the_sea @Twhittermarsh @Dr_MaiMusie You haven't been able to offer a single piece of evidence to contradic… @the_sea_the_sea @Twhittermarsh @Dr_MaiMusie Your concern is that historians of the ancient world should change our… @the_sea_the_sea @Twhittermarsh @Dr_MaiMusie What do you mean by “rejecting themselves”? I’m white, am perfectly co… @the_sea_the_sea @Twhittermarsh @Dr_MaiMusie ...? The article that got me my job is a regression analysis of preced… @the_sea_the_sea @Twhittermarsh @Dr_MaiMusie What I think Prof. Whitmarsh is getting at here is that “this claim ma… closest by a MILE is Special Topics in Calamity Physics but it’s still the Zara to TSH’s Old Celine
Retweeted by Z-AAAAAAH! SCARY! HerzDo not talk to me unless you are Dame Shirley Bassey it’s that fucking hard, you can just go with “Madame Vice President.”
@PlaidJello4U @arthur_affect @feministleaning @Liasalis @ElleKay48081080 @GMB_MPs_Staff @labourwhips @UKLabour Yes… years (JD/PhD in Classics, both USA); Classics; straight thru @Nakhthor @carlosfnorena As a person who eats brown rice: it’s a bummer. The texture just doesn’t work. @GeorgyKantor @rmlhart1 I'd never put that together somehow, but of course! Thanks. @rmlhart1 I think CD would go better, since a lot of recent pubs are affiliate with the Cassius Dio Research Network... @pmckelveyphd @rmlhart1 Both are used - I always say Cassius Dio, but it's a matter of taste. @ptrchn1 I mean, the competent-evil ones will. A whole lot of people were willing to let the country be governed by… @kataplexis @mattyglesias Not sarcastic, exactly--he means what he says, but he's not saying that's a bad thing. He… @AnnaConser And of course, the people who claim to base their entire work on philology are the same ones who think…