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-Mandatory being nice -Require not being bad -Ban doing bad things -Report to supervisor if your are bad (no reperc…
Retweeted by Zach Dunnthere is no amount of reform that can excuse how our current leaders in LA responded to this moment. they made thi…
Retweeted by Zach DunnGarcetti claiming he wants LA to lead the nation in police reform when the only thing his police force leads in is murdering people @MayorOfLA One needed change is changing our police chief to being not our police chief. Sweaty freak#JackieLaceyMustGo As they have been every Wednesday for nearly 3 years, @BLMLA is in front of the Hall of Justice…
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@julieklausner @MayorOfLA It seems to be from the (first annual) La La Land Day celebration @frynaomifry @MayorOfLA How many more do I have... I can only pray we don't have to find out...It gives me no pleasure to share this weird ass video of @MayorOfLA playing the song "City of Stars" from La La Lan… @caitiedelaney Would be happy to read anything!L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez introduced a motion today asking city staff to identify $100 million -$15…
Retweeted by Zach Dunnmy company offers 200% donation matching to the below orgs. I was able to make a first round of donations with fami…
Retweeted by Zach DunnBREAKING: The 3 other officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd's killing will be charged with aiding and abetting murder,…
Retweeted by Zach DunnEric Garcetti loves to pretend to be a leader on TV, but I noticed he had a couple cute little cameos missing from…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn the protest at @MayorOfLA’s house ended, we saw cops stationed waiting in neighborhoods over a mile away to s…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn @MayorOfLA You look and act like the politician in a bad straight-to-DVD Robocop sequel you evil racist dork#DefundThePolice
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we need as many people as possible to haul ass to LA mayor garcetti’s house at 605 South Irving Boulevard. especial…
Retweeted by Zach DunnBlack women are truly the pillars of the Black community! Shout out to @elcincodemaya for speaking nothing but fact…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn @frynaomifry @bradfordevans @MayorOfLA @LAPDChiefMoore Would love to delete it. Fingers crossed @ChrisStephensMD @MayorOfLA @LAPDChiefMoore @MayorOfLA I will take down this video of you poorly breakdancing if you fire @LAPDChiefMoore and then re… you are serious about change, you've got to fire Chief Moore. He has got to go.
Retweeted by Zach Dunn @jmillstein $7.47 (yes, like your private jet) @jmillstein Yep one sec getting to work you were a person who had $100,000, 0.00083% of that would be 83 centsLAPD didn't upgrade their Zoom conference to meet viewer demand. I checked and one year of Zoom Premium would cost… @scottgairdner The surveillance state: overrated, underrated, or properly rated?This is the perfect podcast episode for me: a guy who wants to hear two rich assholes talk for 30 minutes about how… @LAPDChiefMoore Look, even in your apology you spent more time shaming protestors! RESIGN @MayorOfLA He chose the words because they're what he believes -- that's how words work. Fire himThis man should be fired immediately.
Retweeted by Zach DunnLAPD Chief Moore just said that "[#GeorgeFloyd's] murder is on the hands of the looters." Chief Moore said this..…
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This dude won't even mention the police in a video about his own daughter getting arrested. Pathetic lanky freak @MayorOfLA Hey Eric! "Wazzaaap" lol. Resign immediately you racist piece of garbageA black man, David McAtee was murdered by LMPD & National Guard officers. He was shot and killed just after midnigh…
Retweeted by Zach DunnSpeaking of risking arrest, remember when your campaign fund gave $100,000 to USC so that your son who had just res… protesting. keep donating. black lives matter
Retweeted by Zach Dunn @frynaomifry ✝️💟 @MayorOfLA When is video coming about cops beating, tear gassing, shoving, and driving into peaceful protestors. Wi… @ecareyo What does he knowDoes Jax think the curfew is bedtime
LA, if you can, please take these steps today. Our city's proposed new budget would INCREASE the police budget by 7… of focusing on the few instances of protestors throwing empty water bottles at LAPD and property crimes, me…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn(open mic voice) Yessir, whole lotta differences between New York and LA. You see in NEW YORK the mayors provide un… @MayorOfLA Remember when you “slow-jammed the news”? Haha. Eat shithonestly don’t know how one watches any of these videos and don’t see how the police are wildly escalating the situ…
Retweeted by Zach DunnGarcetti has completely lost control of LA because, for his entire administration, he's put on a progressive face w…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn“NY’s Finest”. Disgusting. #BlackLivesMatter #riots2020 #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod
Retweeted by Zach DunnHey Angelenos! Our mayor wants us dead
@OkHeresTheThing Aw thanks!!Cable news is good if you've been wondering what the guy who lied about being shot out of a helicopter in Iraq and… that we are a group for the People, we have decided to host the People’s City Council Freedom Fund. This fu…
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Starting this tweet with "RUMOR CONTROL ..." is the most 7th grade shit I've ever seen @MayorOfLA and @CD6Nury are attempting to allocate over half of our city’s new budget to the LAPD. Based… may have been killed by 4 Minneapolis cops, but all those who protect, advance, and fund the White-sup…
Retweeted by Zach DunnNow that Klobuchar’s probably out of the running for VP it’ll be interesting to see which other deeply unpopular cr… president said this was okay.
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The original Klobucharmy was Minneapolis's militarized police force for the 8 years that Amy was the county's chief prosecutor @scottgairdner David Denman's Pleasure WaffleBail fund for protestors in Minnesota
Retweeted by Zach DunnFictional characters love to have names like “Augie”
I can confirm that: is the only legitimate @gofundme page to donate directly to the family…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn @jinpaynus Yoda is very weird but not disgusting. That is my personal beliefGollum... Dobby... there was a time when buying a ticket to the movies meant you were about to see a truly disgusting little freakWhy are all moms in Pixar movies so hot? And while we’re at it: why are all moms in EVERY movie so hot? And, here’s…
@mfrederickson 10 stunts, 10 pranks. Me and my friends not even close. Still, the similarities are worth noting 🤷‍♂️ @mfrederickson On average? 5Me and my friends are like the Jackass crew except nicer and less stunts/pranks
Perfect gift for my son (he is a douchebag)
Retweeted by Zach DunnAmerican Beauty is different than I remembered button tweeting about how short his hair is getting during quarantine (never seen movie)
Getting mad at a person I made up in my brain whose introduction to Daniel Craig was the movie Knives Out and then…
2020 must we "get ready to rumble"? Can we not accept the unpredictability of the rumble? That at any given time, at… @krudell Thanks so much!joe biden (grabbing both sides of my face): what race are you?! whatever. who cares? main point is, you are not tha…
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😀 @jmillstein If you like this you need to check out his other work too. The NewsZach Dung (I'M STARTING A BAND!!!) @HelloCullen It is actually illegal to yell this in a crowded theater
Forgot about this one that Chris Pratt has accidentally deleted over 51,000 emails he needs everyone to re-send any emails they've ev… plans 2020 did this happen
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Sit down to watch The Simpsons... Laugh my ass off at the hilarious band teacher in the intro... Watch the rest of…
Retweeted by Zach DunnWATCH OUT! TRAIN!"Sun-choke"? Am I reading the name of a vegetable or Homer Simpson's damn to-do list?Pretending this isn’t the name of his restaurant and is instead just another piece of information about him
@jeremylevick This is really sad. I obviously think you’re funny too man @jeremylevick Sounds like someone’s jealous of “A Reputable Man” for taking away their friend Zach’s attention...I feel like people are always reposting weird Youtube comments they find so I feel compelled to shine a light on th… FACT: Poisoning Michael Jordan’s pizza was the thing that made those five guys realize they were bad at making…
Retweeted by Zach Dunn @JasonJLawler I think you mean fever nightmare ☹️HELPFUL GUIDE: @SamFishell Oh I’m soooo sorry that I have adult stuff to worry about like for instance: jobI don't CARE!!! I am an ADULT!!!!!
Gonna become one of those guys who tweets out "Anybody need a pep talk?" and then when people reply I'm just gonna… @NicSanchezPhD It was one of those things where we weren’t really hanging out with him but he joined in for the picture#LastNormalPhoto