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Zach Gorchow @ZachGorchow East Lansing, Mich.

Husband, father and editor of @GongwerMichigan covering state government and politics | Past: @freep, @Hometownlife, @flintjournal, @thesnews, @SHSHighlander.

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From the December 2007 opus in Gongwer by @jwlindstrom and @scepak about the budget impasse that led to a partial g… Gov. Rick Snyder commuted the life sentences of 12 convicted murderers for crimes dating back to 1966. Read…
Retweeted by Zach Gorchow @Bret_Marr @tigers I cannot believe they beat Verlander.
@craigmryan I, I mean the house, was a little low.30. Congratulations if you took the over. on senators in attendance at the Capitol today? I'll say 27. -115 on the over, +150 on the under.
Former @uaw Vice President Joe Ashton is the unnamed union official accused in a federal criminal complaint of dema…
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@MikenzieFrost Best wishes for a quick recovery and that you're feeling better soon!
Okay, this gets even stranger: Distressed worker covers Oakland County board chambers with olive oil via @freep
Retweeted by Zach GorchowTip of the cap for the "dramedy" label. Well done. odds of someone with an R next to their name challenging this in court would seem to be high., my. trails to our summer intern, @Chasemarino13. His final story for us below. Looking forward to his coverage of…
I have a new investigation airing TONIGHT on Fox 2. Catch the preview at 6 p.m. and the full report at 10 p.m. HINT…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowLeonard's chief of staff warned Inman he'd lose PAC contributions -- and likely re-election -- if he voted against…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowIt took over 2.5 years, but Trump has finally nominated a U.S. attorney for the Western District of Michigan: Forme…
Retweeted by Zach Gorchow @nancykaffer @AWJustus The center-fielder gets dibs on making the catch. The left-fielder (Dixon) should have backe… will get her first appointments to the Civil Rights Commission later this year. Her appointees will not be…> @nytimes has demoted its Deputy Washington Editor @jonathanweisman over controversial tweets in which he sugges…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowIn February, Gov. Whitmer said she thought environmental panels Republicans enacted in 2018 at behest of biz groups… outfielder generously guides Kyle Seager's third dinger over the outfield wall:
Retweeted by Zach GorchowWorst. Tigers. Team. Ever.
You are correct sir. John’s insights and anecdotes about past government officials have no equal.
Retweeted by Zach GorchowWoodward applies. Meisner does not. @gisgie @ZachGorchow Joe and are just crushed. What a wonderful man Don Gilmer was.
Retweeted by Zach GorchowWith 45 minutes left till noon deadline, 17 people have filed for Oakland county exec job. Still nothing from Dave Woodward or Andy Meisner.
Retweeted by Zach GorchowI say this in all seriousness and this is not hyperbole: The best obituary writer on the planet is @jwlindstrom. Wh… @GongwerMichigan's obituary on the life of Don Gilmer, a problem-solving ex-Republican member of the Mic…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowWow. RIP.
Retweeted by Zach Gorchow @ZachGorchow ah, too bad. Gilmer was always gracious. As partisan as an issue may have gotten, Don Gilmer kept it c…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowReally decent human being. RIP.
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Wow. I wasn’t prepared for that. A giant indeed. And a gentleman. We called on him often in the Snyder Administrati…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowOne of my favorite of the old timers
Retweeted by Zach GorchowOh, how my heart aches for Don’s wife and family. He was an unassuming presence who calmly rode out the storm and a…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowDon Gilmer, RIP. A giant of the Legislature.
This was epic. Highly recommended.
Vegas bollards standing guard.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mentioned university towns but didn't include Isabella County? Home of THE BEST institution…
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USA TODAY headquarters evacuated for reports of person with a weapon. USA TODAY: Publishes a story about the situ…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowMake it 11 state officeholders who left their elected jobs at the end of 2018 who have registered to lobby state go…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowLooking back at the @WKAR "Off the Record" episode where L. Brooks Patterson called the speaker of the House "Adolf…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowLooking like a bad night for marijuana business proposals. Measure to allow fails in Vanderbilt. Measure to ban the… @BCRP_Colin: Any results on the Crystal Falls Township marijuana proposal?Weaver takes a narrow lead. This is looking like a heck of a general election race for November. @ZachGorchow Ingham County UNOFFICIAL Results come in slower than other Michigan counties because of additional sec…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowMid Peninsula School District voters in the U.P. reject a sinking fund millage proposal to raise property taxes for… Township rejects two proposals that would have required the Township to do its own zoning, 216-74 and 240-…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowJUST IN: Tri County Area Schools voters narrowly approve $37 million bonding proposal by just 37 votes:
Retweeted by Zach Gorchow @MarkBrewerDems There's a whole lot of counties -- or cities/townships -- the same size who fail to perform as efficiently.I always whine about the counties where election results take far too long, so let's give it up for a county that c…
Thanks to @aribadler, @michpoligal and @ChadLivengood for their reflections to help bring this to life.Looking back at the @WKAR "Off the Record" episode where L. Brooks Patterson called the speaker of the House "Adolf… @justinamash's former communications director lands in a new home.
Retweeted by Zach Gorchow @dwallbank 0% undecideds? Seems pretty sketch.This is fascinating stuff.
VP Mike Pence postponing Detroit Economic Club speech that had been set for Wednesday. Delay decision made “in ligh…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowIn Michigan: ▶ Gannett owns properties in Detroit (Free Press), Lansing, Port Huron, Battle Creek, Livonia & Livi…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowALERT: Former UAW Vice President Norwood Jewell sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for role in labor conspira…
Retweeted by Zach Gorchow6th Circuit shade thrown at serial plaintiff/convicted felon/self-styled anti-corruption crusader Robert Davis
Retweeted by Zach GorchowHuge day for Gongwer. Alethia does a dynamite job for us. week in the Michigan Legislature: (intentional blank space)
Retweeted by Zach GorchowA tragic front page after a tragic American weekend.
Retweeted by Zach GorchowThe front page of Monday's Washington Post. The latest from El Paso: The latest from Dayto…
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Went to bed horrified by one mass shooting. Woke up to the news of another mass shooting
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1. Detroit officials have mischaracterized the true nature of city fundraising efforts on behalf of this nonprofit.…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowThis is such a heartbreakingly beautiful and inspiring piece. Thank you for sharing this, @suzyscribe.
She did vote, as did every member of the Senate, for a different bill than the one I referenced saying only those w… deleted an earlier tweet regarding the dust-up on the governor's votes while a member of the Senate on driver's l… things beat filing a FOIA and then hearing through sources that the subject of the FOIA is angry about it.
Retweeted by Zach GorchowOn the "Friday Morning Podcast" with @BallengerReport and Dennis Denno talked debates, next Tuesday's elections, ro… Dem debates and the lawsuit challenging the redistricting commission on @WKAR's "Off the Record" with… tamps down suggestions she has opened door to delaying final pay-off of teacher pension debt to free up mon…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowOne of the greatest pieces of dialogue about journalism in a movie, ever. @elizbattiste Very roughly: Comment in question in May. Commission reprimands him Monday. Reprimand disclosed to… made the decision after the Civil Rights Commission voted, without any warning, to reprimand Arbulu to not… Michigan has provided bottled water to residents affected by PFAS contamination in their tap water. But…
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A post Detroit debate chat with @NSmithReports on the @GongwerMichigan blog -
Retweeted by Zach GorchowThe governor is reading to elementary school students in Holt, where some schools began the school year today. One…'s early, but this is moving in the obvious and correct direction. Rep. Brenda Lawrence endorses @KamalaHarris
Retweeted by Zach GorchowAfter being called out by @BilldeBlasio, @JoeBiden declines to say whether he urged @BarackObama to stop deportatio…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowThis is great
Retweeted by Zach GorchowFIRE AL AVILLA
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Growing up in the '80s, from a sports standpoint, this was very confusing. The Tigers were in the Eastern Division,… @NickDeLeeuw79 Secret plan for 2020 is to have a roster consisting only of pitchers. Genius!Gonna be tricky holding the debate at the Fox Theatre tonight with the massive dumpster fire Al Avila has set acros… @ssharmon I will weirdly defend that deal since Doyle Alexander was critical to the Tigers coming back to win the E… @ssharmon @NickDeLeeuw79 One of my buddies joked that maybe the Braves will send us a signed John Smoltz photo in r… @NickDeLeeuw79 More light-hitting infielders and another bag of baseballs, presumably. Braves have a few prospects… job of an editor is to sometimes ignore the SEO and just go with your heart
Retweeted by Zach GorchowGov #Whitmer calls for more MI content in Night 2 of #Detroit Democratic debates #migov #DemDebate
Retweeted by Zach GorchowLocal editor very happy the Supreme Court no longer procrastinates its eight biggest cases for the last day of the… up on my inbox and saw news of @HughMcDiarmid Jr. named to lead comms at @MichiganEGLE. Congrats, Hugh. @JordanAckerMI ready to dive into the finer points of the Headlee Amendment? This isn't as cataclysmic a ruling as it co… missed it yesterday, but this @ZachGorchow post on the nine regions that will decide Michigan is very smart:
Retweeted by Zach GorchowThis.
Retweeted by Zach GorchowThis is a really good outline of how Michigan is going to be won or lost in 2020. I’ll only add that we need to pay…
Retweeted by Zach GorchowYes, I know every national news outlet is going to parachute into Macomb County for the next 15 months, and with go…
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