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Dj esco needs to shut the fuck upThis a thousand dollar pint of lean you aint even know itSo grateful that tm88 didn’t give codeine crazy to nickiBenjamins Burn>Married to The GameYoung Thug is easily one of the most creative and groundbreaking artists of the last decade. There’s no debate to…
Retweeted by Zach🌪Streets need new sam smith music fr
Retweeted by Zach🌪Millard Fillmore prolly one of the worst presidents ever
@KdotFPS @KdotFPS Wtf is wrong with you @platproducer @xviijaa Prolly to avoid getting susd here his alt tho @bildad0 @99sean1 @raptvcom Did you not read the tweetlife was good when this dropped
Retweeted by Zach🌪Damn Joey really roasted this guy
Retweeted by Zach🌪 @zachliketacos couch one of the greatest inventions oatI hope whoever made this playlist got fired the next day @Mooke The goat 🙏🏻 fr
Retweeted by Zach🌪Tyler @romanscry @bcbbybiceps My entire tl was talking about Future washing Travis like 3 days ago @romanscry @bcbbybiceps This not sports 💀 you can compare male and females when it comes to music, especially in the same genre
How do mfs unironically post shit like this on Snapchat @user728391930 pls
Retweeted by Zach🌪 @Shelovesjayd Working on it. I’m a recovering monster addict @Shelovesjayd I want to disagree but Ik you right. N I’m part of the issue 🥲we need to euthanize everyone who listens to yung gravyThis is why I like Shikamaru
Retweeted by Zach🌪“Throw your bags in the car boot” 🤨 memes no porn what’s the point
Retweeted by Zach🌪 sampled devils trill sonata in c minorBaby smoove beat selection is crazy @Shelovesjayd I’m aware 💀Gonna try to not change my Avi anymore
Retweeted by Zach🌪 @Shelovesjayd My friends call me out cuz I change my ig pfp like every week 🥲Genuinely suprised bro didn’t get hitthankful @boombambop25302 still here with us 🙏🏻 @nogobynudy I’m on my 6th 🥲 @user728391930 why
Retweeted by Zach🌪But they refuse to take down cp accs @kennygocrazy bro’ve gotten my acc locked like 5 times in the past 2 months bro idk how tf I made it thru this @OxidizedPercs This like my 6th acc idek how it’s survived this long @painbannedagain @Confuzedd9 Bane @Putbac @GZsWRLD You accidentally spelt sensei wrong
@lilderc he’s a sucky version of r2-d2 and I am glad that the Jawas kept that dumbfuck on tatooine @lilderc I fucking hate r5-d4 @sextoyspolitics @leonardcowalski Know ur place crackerR5-D4 fucking sucks @Shelovesjayd + baby smoove
Retweeted by Zach🌪 @Shelovesjayd Idek if fauni counts but if not him sofaygo @imisskobeandpop @emortuhl @JrWave19 @6ixint Thy Enemies
Mario Judah career on life support @KdotFPS -Every Hispanic dude in high school @yoJaden_ Congratulations 👍🏻👍🏻 it we gon ball regardless
Retweeted by Zach🌪 @youngthug @MetroBoomin where is metrothugginIt’s been like 7 years and we still don’t have MetroThuggin
Congrats @JoeBuddenChain on sub-zero.@AOC lemme get a sniff in celebration of biden winning.@AOC lob ass for inogration am in slo motion @BoatScarecrow @Xavienking @denimjortz @eboyfacil @puppermario @Thegoryend shut the fuck upDirty sprite 2ZILLA AND UZI FRIENDS????
@Turbo36ixty @CookB03 @fbgwayne Emphasis on favorite, not bestToo hard to pick one man disliking covid-19 🤝 future no taste
Retweeted by Zach🌪 @yungransom__ Got me listening to ts now sitter by dababy 🔥🔥🔥🔥
SAVE ME so underrated @starkk31 Uzi my bae tho 😐
happens every fucking time an episode drops @CarlosH71561907 @AniwatchME they explained in the tweet you idiot
@zachliketacos He think he a celebrity or something 🙄haha sexual assault funne haha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂💯💯😂😂😂🤣💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 laugh 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
We can now confirm that Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl are coming this year to Nintendo Switch.
Retweeted by Zach🌪
Catch me woo walking to Beethoven @yungransom__ I’ll give it a listen, I’m personally more of a Beethoven/Tartini fan. Just felt like shitting on Chopin thoBro switched the beat like 7 times and y’all still want to talk about metro boomin went stupid on Fantasia in C Minor, Op. 80 “Chloral Fanstasy”: II. Finale. Allegro- Allegreto, ma non tro… @yungransom__ waltz>>>>Beethoven the best woo rapperChopin overratedFranz Schubert the underdog of the classical music game
WunnaBitches be like “my legs are so hairy” meanwhile I got more hair in my ass crack
Retweeted by Zach🌪