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Zach Homol @ZachHomol Indiana, USA

Man of God, IVB Gym Owner, Founder- The Champion Water Initiative, Elite Powerlifter, Strongman, Coach, Student & Friend to all. 1Love WinTheDay

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Unpopular observation: Elite athletes smoke a lot more weed than you realize
Retweeted by Zach Homol @CSS976 @dannyamore1215 Link me up bro @sustaingluttony @TheForeverFit Sissy @TheForeverFit “Take it easy on the cocaine bro” @mitchdmoore HotPro Athlete Shit @Basedobama Imagine being 240 & moving like this!! @TW_Beckett dope profile pic broCrushing it today Clients from 6-1 Couple more calls & online Client video Critiques for the rest of the day… have a badass bouncer at IVB, no sissies getting past butters, @ZachHomol
Retweeted by Zach Homol @The_ZachRyan I will be! @TedOfAllTrades !!!!! @dannyamore1215 Let’s go bro! @FitFounder @mventre Hahah let’s go!!! Deadlift book- @CEOofpodcasting Hell yeah!Working Deadlifts with my homie/client Charlie! Focusing on creating tightness in the core & upper back as we Init… into work barefoot with my Pitbull Let’s have a day Days into Week 3 of my latest “Ultimate Athlete” training protocol The body is starting to tighten up I have… @_josedperez_ @sustaingluttony Same @_josedperez_ @sustaingluttony Same @sustaingluttony Take notes on the cues so you suck less @FitFounder Busch lattes >Yes I ATV Yes I kayak Yes I throw mits Yes I have pit bulls Yes I smoke cigars Yes I mountain bike Yes I swim in th…
Retweeted by Zach Homol @AshleyHomol Crick @jeremymcgrew_ I do a ton of work from the shitterORemember to breath @mitchdmoore You’re the big deal Sissy feet tho @bossyourday @CSS976 Yess @GrittyPositivi1 Thanks bro! @BurnhamGrowth We are all running our own race brother You’ll get where your going if you wanna get there ❤️ @AwakeningWarri3 Lol great tweet @spruceexterior Nah my grip can last forever @Coach_MattPerry 🤣🤣🤣✌🏽🙌🏽❤️ @CSS976 Thanks bro!
@Graybeard7229 Bout to drink a latte in a few here @TedOfAllTrades Thank you bro! @Pearl_G62 Thanks homie! Ima go for it! @Graybeard7229 Laser focused bro @SmithyFitnessTo @Rugged_Legacy @FitFounder @BiggestComeback @DrHorwitz @Hormetik @ScottAdamsSays Dang!!! Hell ya @PillowTalkPapi That’s rightI’m heading is going to help better the people around me & in my world That’s my focus... Freedom from worldly… more opportunities for my friends. I’ve got a really good taste of what freedom is right now I’m living…’s FREEDOM I’m after Total freedom from the rat race of having to make payments on materials I could care less…’m 28 I have a year & a half before I turn 30 Here’s a couple goals I have set for myself ✅100% Debt Free (E… @bossyourday Wish it wasn’t truePower Rows Here’s what’s going on here: I’m setting & loading up in my DEADLIFT position I’m initiating the pul… @WinterOuroboros It’s true @jmanz80 🍻🍻 friend @FitFounder That’s what i told it @ben_foth That’s a blessing forsure @lesley_drimz Think I’ll make it?? @TedOfAllTrades @Roll0_Tomasi Hahahahah @jmanz80 You get it Bout to put some on ice @tyromper You’re back will lov it @taylorburrowes Dang. This is a TWEET!!!! 🔥My sissy ass ankle couldn’t handle the pressure my mind demanded of it @TheFoodTruckCEO @markallanbovair In @BurnhamGrowth Love to hear it! @sustaingluttony Smart move @SethMoldenhauer of my Ultimate Athlete Training is improving my Pull Ups Today I’m rocking with sets of 10 on dead hangs Sh… @Sociopathlete Hahhhha @Sociopathlete Sissy feet @onestepahead99 Love to hear it! @Best_Bear999 Never haha @alecrheaume 10000000 @PascalGrosz Butt walks lolWanna get better: Mobility Body awareness & Control Stronger core & more?? Gotta crawl more!! @SethMoldenhauer Great job bro! More core work !! @anymanfitness One of the best bro!I’ve got a great lower body warm up for y’all This exercises has also be very therapeutical for my lower back I…“Find that inner strength & just pull that shit out of you” Fuck these sissies MEN STAND UP!! @FitFounder !! ❤️🍄🙌🏽 @FitFounder Zach Homol’s Deadlift Workshop I could have been a 800lb Deadlifter (instead of 700) if I knew about… @tyromper Hahaha 🙌🏽🤙🏽 @Hollywood_333W Ayoooo!!! Can’t wait @jakes_finerlife @AshleyHomol @BURNindiana V soon @gaztw1t Hahah epicDo cool shit @nrmlmericanlife Hell ya! @ABailey711 @CSS976 Thanks bruh @1thebusinesskid I’ll teach you howReal leaders know how hard it is to lead It’s easy for people to go online & complain about leadership in the comm… @Pearl_G62’re the coolest babe Ash always takes time to hear people & love them through their brokeness You’re an incr… @mitchdmoore I won’t need that much @misfitpursuit You Deff should! @robschannep @ampersandrew pro IT guy @mitchdmoore I’ll show i next wk @ImprovementGeek I’ll have 2 for ya Cold-cold 🍻 @iAmKyleCee Lol it was a good one!Sunrise or the lake with some friends this morning Few things about this pic... 1. Is that a shooting star or ✈️… @mitchdmoore Big brother will still beat u tho @FitFounder ❤️🍄🎯 @FreedomReclaim Hahhh! @iAmKyleCee Tarzan was my Childhood idol @FreedomReclaim Sissy knees @ThatBruni @jmanz80 It’s gone through a lot already lolHaving good times 🤙🏽