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@aerotwist this tweet is eerily similar to a blog post you wrote @MarcusRoss meep meeptfw you hit 鈥渋nstall updates tomorrow鈥 a few too many times
When we create an adaptive experience that excludes features/info from the mobile version, it means we will exclude鈥
Retweeted by Zach LeathermanWhy it鈥檚 important to have female leaders
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@aeduhm Let鈥檚 chat after release! @RyanGittings @sanity_io @eleven_ty Yeah absolutely! @elitasson Great question鈥攖here are so many! Right now we鈥檙e going after some of the dynamic content use cases solved in Next.js and Nuxt @viljamis Appreciate your support Viljami鈥擨鈥檓 continually impressed with what you鈥檝e built with it! @tesseralis I very much wanted it to be trueNow is also a good time to thank @pdehaan, who has been unbelievably productive on the Eleventy issue tracker鈥攃an鈥檛 thank you enough, Peter! @daveaglick Thanks Dave!Wow, really appreciate all the lovely support in the replies here鈥攖hanks y鈥檃ll! 鉂わ笍 @will_martian what have you done @noahsbureau I try to keep that project as simple as possible鈥攊f you have ideas to simplify it absolutely weigh in!The replies in this thread about a very large public mistake are a lesson in having compassion, levity, and underst鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @rauschma Yes! Exactly! Full time funding seems to accelerate that process too. Limited time focuses priorities, in my experience.Just a small reminder that Eleventy is an open source side project. It is *not* full-time funded. Can it compete wi鈥 @tesseralis 鈫戔啈鈫撯啌鈫愨啋鈫愨啋BA @erikvorhes should the loop be bounded orIntegration Test Tweet #2 This template is used by integration tests only. @gurlcode it me, recently 馃槶 @brianarn when I do object, I don鈥檛 mean it to be so literal @brianarn well I鈥檓 not undefined, I have a function @brianarn I need to stay true to my char acter @BHolmesDev @sanity_io @eleven_ty Just the bundling method for the serverless function. Netlify functions specifica鈥 but what about floategration tests Keyboard API 馃槏 "developers can use [virtual keyboards] to enable better customization of their webpage's c鈥
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Just shipped an upgraded version of @sanity_io CMS previews for using the soon-to-ship vers鈥 @emarticor @____lighthouse @Netlify yeah sorry that page is very chonky鈥擨 need to scale back some of the results or鈥 @patmeenan @slightlylate @phae I respond to every tweet that mentions Nebraska @DavidDarnes sir this is an arbys @shshaw I know I鈥檝e heard @dalmaer talking about this before @shshaw watA Bashful Button Worth $8 Million My latest article looking at a bug on Olive Garden's site that almost prevented鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @TheGreenGreek @rob_dodson I got excited when I started to write the docs 馃槄 sorry 馃槆 @rob_dodson sorry rob here is the full screenshot of the current docs @cramforce I鈥檓 reluctant to say yes because true incremental requires a full dependency graph of all the templates,鈥 @crypto_skillz @eleven_ty Stock Eleventy is the same ol鈥 thing鈥攖his is an opt-in plugin.it鈥檚 finally happening 馃帀 @seancdavis29 @____lighthouse @Netlify Two things working in my favor: is a pretty high tra鈥 that still got that @____lighthouse Mobile Four-Hundos on the Eleventy Leaderboards a鈥 @sillywampa @Netlify @TransLifeline Thanks Keith! @netlify is matching donations up to $5K for @TransLifeline鈥攍et鈥檚 help some folks out today @piccalilli_ I think the real confusing thing about this for me is that whether or not I think it鈥檚 a grift depends鈥 @piccalilli_ the grift is strong but ultimately still block-worthy @piccalilli_ if you go to the twitter account鈥攊t was an intentional troll, which just means you have been successfu鈥
@mikesherov @horse_js @tomdale @jedschmidt I don鈥檛 see any data baking, mike @mikesherov @horse_js @tomdale I maintain that it is @jedschmidtThe pretend code on the laptop screen in the stock photo at is user-editable.
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @jdan you know the human body is 60% watermark too#JavaScript protip - Use #variables to store common values and shorten your functions. Here's an example with鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @malchata @nicknisi oh I need to upgrade my OS I think 馃槶 @nicknisi okay yes but what did you use to take this screenshot with the drop shadow and transparency @ektastrophe @TimmySQL 馃槉Writing for Smashing Magazine has been a career dream of mine since I started front-end dev, excited that it became鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @piccalilli_ this is the new 鈥渕ove fast and break things鈥
@jon_neal maybe we are working on the same problem鈥攁re you in the eleventy code basewhen it鈥檚 working correctly but relying on incorrect behavior and you break the working thing by fixing the incorre鈥 should have a button you can secretly press and if everyone presses the button the meeting suddenly ends
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @jjcollinsworth EXCUSE MEOf all the tech tips I know and share frequently, "you can scroll horizontally with any mouse scroll wheel by holdi鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @AndyDavies @SpeedCurve Wow, this is making so much sense that I could probably convince myself you already worked鈥 a little bit of personal news鈥 I've joined the @SpeedCurve team and I'm absolutely thrilled about it! If you w鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @slightlylate @phae how鈥檚 the parse time for a 2MB JS bundle now *馃*
we have fun, @ericwbailey this is fun we are having fun @cdkeil @eleven_ty 鈥淎bsolutely I will implement and maintain a feature I have no interest in鈥People keep railing about cancel culture because it's easier to do when faced with shame. Learn to reflect and apo鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @zacharyjohnson Wow. Sorry, that鈥檚 terrible. @hakimel Happy to supply it!It feels like women are having to beg for respect and a shred of human decency. Listen to them. I assure you no鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @hakimel For others, the original is here: @jefflembeck wow I didn鈥檛 know chris evans had curly hair but here we areWatch the full demo here! Drop a follow for: 鉁忥笍 More detailed walkthroughs of Slinkity features 馃挕 Updates on public鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @Obliterati @eleven_ty I said I wanted a REDUCED TEST CASE, CARL @danleatherman @eleven_ty tell them to meet me at the bodegaTemporarily switching my personality from Midwest mode (CONFLICT AVOIDANCE) to East code mode (I鈥橫 WALKING HERE) on鈥鈿★笍FEATURE UPDATE 鈿★笍 Choose whether or not Deploy Previews include the Netlify Drawer You asked for more control. G鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @cramforce @_Edo_ @piccalilli_ @eleven_ty I vouch for it!A super special thanks to @piccalilli_ for creating this course and opening it up to everyone! It really is one of鈥 @secos huge shout out to all the young people starting the work week todayI've made Learn Eleventy From Scratch *completely free for everyone* This course has helped thousands of people le鈥
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @piccalilli_ @eleven_ty fellow men, for the love of all things holy, if you say something women find offensive or unhelpful, please pay鈥
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@EliFitch any candy that is not my candy @fhuadeen @Twitter wow鈥攄id I get algorithmedsend me $5 and i鈥檒l comment 鈥測ikes鈥 on your ex鈥檚 pull request
Retweeted by Zach Leatherman @splitinfinities @stenciljs Yay! @stenciljs is very lucky @SteveALee first of all how dare you @walid_mahade @sunitram I鈥檇 rather you keep it positive in my mentions, please. @peakidiot it鈥 it is a joke 馃槄 @peruvianidol
@dgrammatiko @elitasson Haha @andybrk @overflowhidden both of them! @elitasson self documented?? @overflowhidden what if I charge $.99for sale: open source project, never documented @StuRobson @heydonworks @toddmorey stranger things is definitely in my top 5 80s movies