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NYT Bestselling author of "Soonish," and Illustrator for "Open Borders." Aspiring spacegeek. Married to @fuschmu; (Support at

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@ZachWeiner It’s not that ads don’t work, it’s that we don’t know if they work, and no one wants to unilaterally di…
Retweeted by Zach Weinersmith @DanCassino As a follow up, if political money doesn’t matter that much, why do politicians care so much about it,…'s a historical narrative that is only believed by people who haven't studied it?Given the news about Tucker Carlson's head writer, I'd like to take the opportunity to announce that my own head wr…
Retweeted by Zach WeinersmithPolitical spending question: Is there diminishing marginal utility for campaign money? Like, having more commercia…
@Artifex_Prime Thank you!I wonder if there's a sort of parallel with the unending War on Terror. You can't create conditions to stop terror,… and US maintained massive military expenditures thereafter. Nice quote on page 71: "...hence World War II nev… makes an interesting argument about the Cold War I'll summarize. Basic idea: After big wars, the winners… 1985 with a on the situation after WWII: “...Germany’s “mad scientists” had supplemented the indigenous… @spaceguy87 @SciGuySpace Hahaha. Yes, you just need a free billion dollars a year every year no matter what. @spaceguy87 @SciGuySpace Yeah, I also think just on a pure money basis it'd be tough. Not an expert, but it seems t… @spaceguy87 @SciGuySpace Ah, yes, you're correct. I see that now. I'm also low on sleep thanks to small children! @getinthecarrier @spaceguy87 @SciGuySpace US also will maintain a launch system out of NASA for reasons of senatori… @spaceguy87 @SciGuySpace Yes, but those providers are American. Putin can't just start hiring SpaceX. He's got a le… @SciGuySpace I find this... somewhat scary? Seems potentially destabilizing at some point, but we shall see... @SciGuySpace One thing researching space has made abundantly clear is that the US is the overwhelming hegemon. Othe… @SciGuySpace 10 years from now, the *only* reason public space agencies are still doing launch is because their res… about this as my children subject me to Trolls for the 83rd time. Feels very polished; has the rights to A… movie embodies for you the idea of - "this was perfectly executed but devoid of artistic ambition" ? @sentientist I have nothing to hide. Or, very little to hide anyway.How come all these people who think masks violate free speech weren't standing with those of us who've been opposing pants for decades. @Djshaw62 Also I’m not convinced that in the long run Paddington bear can be trusted to not return to his instincts. @Djshaw62 I was under the impression that Scotland still had a serious werewolf problem.Farm. Is. Canceled.'m working toward a rigorous definition of mathematical beauty: bless google scholar:, not all that worried about the killer AI. @philbert Would he have been able to anticipate that from January 1945? (honest question!)Defuse (click for bonus panel) #smbc #hiveworks @FranklinH3000 Yes! I feel like people don’t appreciate the extent to which rocketry pioneers were considered crazy people. @JuPi1948 You can argue about the morality, but according to MacDonald's "The Long Space Age" he proposed rockets t… @ProofofBurden A very interesting turn of phrase indeed! @basileuspingu I think that's right, yes. US was clearly the best choice from a rational perspective. @mousithri @simonbirenbaum I think that was his motivation, but I'm not justifying it.And for the record, I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to understand the reasoning of villains! Evil… @BaronBraconid The version I hear most often is "if I weren't doing it, someone else would be." @deletedagainp I laughed, but... too soon. @mousithri Of course. Amorality leads to immorality when you have power.I think it's proper to think of Von Braun, and indeed many of the rocketry founders like Goddard or Oberth or Tsien…, obviously doesn't excuse participating in the Nazi system and accepting that the production of your work will… is now a shambles. USSR's rocket team is literally in a gulag labor camp. The US is the only place where you… a clarification from a post yesterday, since I think people are misunderstanding. Von Braun didn't go with th…'s the schedule for the first five conversations. I'll be talking with @sciencequiche, @mlsalgarolo,…
Retweeted by Zach Weinersmith @agressrprfector Pfft, why would The Elon want a cabinet?
@AlanMFisher1 My read at the moment is the Soviets never really had the advantage, but took bigger risks while making more PR moves.“We despise the French; we are mortally afraid of the Soviets; we do not believe the British can afford us; so that… Because Von Braun had, in January 1945 decided he would take responsibility for getting everyone out safely. T… Rocketry History: As WWII in Europe came to a close, the Russians moved toward grabbing the V-2 Rocket… @DJSnM Interesting, thank you! @DJSnM Why do you think both the USAF and Korolev were convinced (for a time) it was the right way to get to space?Aviation question: Why did rocket planes end up being such a dead-end? Was there ever any hope for rocket planes… difference in tactics from the tsars is illuminating - the old regime simply forbade social studies, the Commun… is especially an issue for social scientists, most likely to run afoul of authorities. Here's a good passage:… notes that this was a problem going back to the time of the Tsars. How do you have science, which requires a lev… McDougall's Political History of the Space Age. It's an amazing book. One thing he discusses is the early… thought-- if in November, Texas really is 50-50, GWB could probably personally decide the election by deliver… @jasonzweigwsj You have no right to inflict that on any life form!Suppose you go to an alien planet and find something that seems to have living behaviors but doesn't look like any… have an answer for this I haven't seen yet: Star Wars. Gives you a sense of the possibilities of Epic as a genre… @emsque Purchased!Is there a good book on the sociology of antarctic bases?Bar Joke (click for full comic) #smbc #hiveworks With nearly-sincere apologies to… of good stuff here."We had no sugar crisis here. I know how much everybody normally takes and that's what they got - and no more." [I… my first excursion into the town, I asked the local grocer if Thurso, being so remote, had been hit hard by the… Later in the book he's stationed in Mainland Britain's northernmost town, with about 8,000 people, called Thurso. Quote: @PiaMachina Campbell was wrong about the Jung-y stuff, but Folklorists still taxonomize the story types that humans… @JohnPeacock I thought they used magnets or something?Why can't people be reasonable? Because, in a crisis, mob mentality rules.My neighbour in Blackheath, a well-educated Scottish dentist, took me into his garage and proudly showed me his per… Great Toilet Roll Famine followed hot on the heels of the sugar crisis. I've no idea what started it - perhaps… was exactly what would happen after the nuclear Armageddon.In Coatbridge, Mrs. Lindsay, my mother's elderly neighbor, had her ankle broken in a sugar queue. Shops were cleane… minor reduction in personal sugar consumption would have averted the crisis but that is not the nature of the hum… "On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service," written 2 years ago, with some relevant-to-Covid British history I didn't…'m sure there are all sorts of reasons this is a bad idea, but could you propel a nuclear sub using only heat? Lik… I've learned this week: Conative - having intention, but not necessarily cognition Matelot - sailor [inform… @Pxtl Compounded by the fact that a comedian's deep job is to see things honestly, but then some people conflate cruelty with honesty. @Pxtl I haven't read him very recently, but I thought his comics were brilliant and the books were good too. I thin… @Somensi Bryan actually has a very long essay on this!What's a book or person or ideology that you eventually rejected and no longer favor, but which believing in for a…
@datachick Maybe it'd be better to say "moves away from" or something. Hard to phrase without getting vaguely anthropomorphic. @st_lemke Does it? Suppose in a distant lifeless galaxy a rock falls down a hill. Where's the ethical aspect?Ethics Hypothetical Someone takes a single-celled organism and "torments" it in the sense of repeatedly briefly ex… @HALSMIFF In this book on the British navy he describes all the submarines as having bars, including one with a "brandy tanker" installed. @a_imitz Huzzah for North American tight-assery!I've been reading a bit more naval history lately, and I get the impression that the US Navy is uniquely non-permis… @historyasif @FuSchmu Much obliged! @amillermsme His comma style, not mine! @historyasif @FuSchmu I'd be happy to email you a lot more specifics of course, but we're still in the research/manuscript phase. @historyasif @FuSchmu Would rather not say too much publicly just yet, but we're trying to do a more-well-researche… quote from "On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service" “The uninformed citizen may imagine that men in submarines wor… @historyasif Yes, sorry, that's right. Basically, we want to argue that space researchers have had a utopian streak… @historyasif Thanks! I'm just excited to hear from you - me and @FuSchmu were just wondering "how does he KNOW all… @historyasif I actually have a big stack of your books to go through next :) @historyasif Oh, thanks for chiming in Dr. Siddiqi: My specific question is about his "14 Steps" that end with hum… I'm working on a book that briefly talks about Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. I want to quote some earlier Utopian stuf… @bahstgwamt ALL NATURAL chromium salts.