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Zackass @Zackass6 Indiana / LA

Writer/Producer/TV Personality/ Stupid Genius for Too Stupid to Die. Catch me on IG: Zackass

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ur a peepee face
Retweeted by Zackass @Zackass6 Looks like my bday month is starting off right
Retweeted by ZackassDoing A set of Live Stunts @ The Improv in Hollywood Dec. 4th so if you are in LA show up for a good time🤘🤘 @lilaaron911 Tapping inThe ultimate price is putting your dick in a blenderSponsored by Gas Station Dick Pills @NEDARBNAGROM I’m pretty sure you cancan i postmates a rhino dick pill
Retweeted by ZackassWhat happens if this thanksgiving the Turkey just stands up and nae naes on the Dinner table and your dad starts crying
Retweeted by ZackassThis is what Sonic should look like’m a divorced dad11-year-old Sam just won free Chick-fil-A for a year. I think we can all relate... Learn more about the new Cheek…
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Angels protect me Demons Respect meboys scared to moan i be in my girls ear like
Retweeted by Zackass @fkajack @Ms_camillaa That’s not Gordo 😦*The Mandalorian takes his helmet off GUY: Your face stinks like shit!
Retweeted by ZackassSummer 14’ had: "Faneto" "No Flex Zone" “Lifestyle” “Hookah” “Or Nah” “We Dem Boyz” “Loyal” “Trap Queen” “Recognize…
Retweeted by Zackass @wiki_tmnt @scriptz4sale LmaooFathers as attachment figures
Retweeted by Zackass20 mins into Disney+ and chill and I already got a friend in me 🤠
Retweeted by ZackassToday I showed a real parrot a video of the parrot from Aladdin and it was pissed 😤that I was mocking him
New music video out now! Spent the Night produced by @dxtrvegas Filmed and edited by @M2GH2 Engineered/mixed/mast…
Retweeted by ZackassNo one: 22 yr old Christian who’s been married for 2 months: Marriage is HARD. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever h…
Retweeted by Zackass"So am I the only one who loves the Muppets?!?!" - actual post on my FB feed Yes, lady. You are the only one in th…
Retweeted by Zackass @WhiteyPPG Such a great’s one of my favorite depictions of addiction as of my favorite scenes… @hulu I’m ready to help you compete with Netflix and Disney+ let’s do this #TooStupidToDieSeason2I think we may drop this tomorrow Filmed and edited by @M2GH2 Go drop a comment on IG
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30-50 feral catfish @briggityboppity @shrimpbinch 30-50 feral catfish
Retweeted by Zackass @scriptz4sale He wants more, his contract needs to be renegotiated his Lawyer dropped off some documents earlier.only in Antioch, CA 🤦🏽‍♂️ this was across the street from my house .
Retweeted by ZackassLiteracola do we have literacola
Retweeted by Zackassi showed you my credit score please respond
Retweeted by Zackass @notsofiacoppola 😦😦😦 @notsofiacoppola Pets you good doggoGarfield is now hitting the hash pipe @notsofiacoppola Feeds youInstead of Edward Scissorhands what about Edward Norton Hands just Johnny Depp with the heads of Edward Norton for each handHeavy Weights being on Disney + is amazing that movie is literally my childhood thanks @JuddApatowI really want a Laser Disc playerFound a box of VHS tapes outside of my house
Retweeted by Zackass @greengeometro LuckyPut My Cum in a Hearse
“Friendzoned” is the anthemic new release from CA$HRINA: [@CASHRINA_]
Retweeted by Zackass @LyricaLemonade @CASHRINA_ Hell yessBLOOD IN MY C*M
Retweeted by ZackassDoggo Do A Dance was on World’s Dumbest Hillbillies Twice growing up.
Retweeted by ZackassThis is a must watch ❤️
Retweeted by ZackassIf you need me, goodluck
Retweeted by ZackassHe was a skater boy She said You can't reply to this conversation. L͟e͟a͟r͟n͟ M͟o͟r͟e͟
Retweeted by ZackassI hope Lil Reese is ok
This shit better then WWE ‘ they out of pocket though ❗️😂😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by ZackassPeppercorn Bingbong @turtleneckstud Good Morning bob suckerI want to make a shot for shot remake of “Blood in Blood Out” but only on TIKTOKI’m listening to @ChiefKeef again and it feels greatI've been meeting more people who consider themselves Cali Sober (don't drink but still smoke weed), but I'm still…
Retweeted by ZackassI’m going to finally finish Cruel Intentionsher: can we please just fuck me, playing wii sports: no
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2019 @scriptz4sale needed this I was a polar bear I’d just buy a yacht! That’s what my grandpa used to say.Anytime my grandpa didn’t want to do something he would say that it was against his religionThe only fight I cared about @JasonEllisShow vs Simon Woodstock just banned for life from every single Olive Garden after attempting to see just how “endless” the breadsticks…
Retweeted by Zackass really wanna smear some cream cheese in my gold locket @Zackass6 do me next!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ZackassI was so mad I tried to run over all my friends with a golf cart saw a great image of a cow yearning for the sea earlier and repainted it to better fit the way it made me felt
Retweeted by Zackass @VredenburghMax @wavypope Gets a ticket for litteringOh cool the self loathing is kicking inStop Sleeping ON YOURSELF
Retweeted by Zackassthis is perhaps the most galaxy brain thing ever
Retweeted by ZackassLive Now: @_FatNick speaks on losing weight and getting sober !
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Chief Keef >Gom TreenReal growth starts when you get tired of your own shit! 🙏
Retweeted by Zackass DABS x @MasterKato4k x @nojumper Coming Soon.
Retweeted by ZackassJust dropped a NEW song w/ my carnal #BadHabits go check it out😈
Retweeted by ZackassShakewell - Bad Habits [Prod. By Yaygo] via @YouTube
Retweeted by Zackass @scriptz4sale This is my life nowCan’t wait to go to the dentist in the morningFollow Me on Instagram: Zackass @ohexplosionz @YouSmokeTrimRun 😂😂😂who tryna hit it like this??? 🥴
Retweeted by Zackassthis is what i come on twitter to see thank u for ur service
Retweeted by ZackassDo you think god stays in heaven because he fears what he created
Retweeted by Zackass @Zackass6 For fuck sake Hahahaha
Retweeted by ZackassDownhill Tazer Nut Shot u don't think Jackass was the pinnacle of television you're a fucking idiot what other show had a casual Brat Pi…
Retweeted by ZackassNew Video Tomorrow
I learned a lot about falling in love When I fell out of love I learned a lot about being a friend When I was alone… drunk history program is a weird concept. That being said id definitely watch smackhead science - a show where…
Retweeted by ZackassI love acting but Hollywood is a tough business. I gained 180lbs to play a live-action Pillsbury Doughboy in a new…
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