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Eisner-Winning Translator/Writer/Lecturer. Monster Scholar. Whisky Drinker. Yurei: Kaibyo;Go Nagai;Mizuki Shigeru;Satoshi Kon;Leiji Matsumoto; 日本語OK He/Him

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@HProtagonista I alwasy feel silly when I use any SFX that is too... on the nose. Like "ratatattat" for a machine gun or "boing" for a ball. @HProtagonista Yep. I often don't use it for the same reason. I like Thmpthmpthmp or something like that better. Bu… @HProtagonista ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump @andrewfarago @ErikJLarsen Isn't that Joe Jusko in the Captain America costume?every time the minimum wage comes up like 60% of America reveals that they’re apparently really worried about McDonald’s profit margins
Retweeted by Zack DavissonAn uncomfortably plausible theory: they just didn't want to bother animating the kiss
Retweeted by Zack DavissonThe fact that online misinformation has dropped 73% since Trump’s account (+ many others/Parler) went down is less…
Retweeted by Zack Davisson
Afternoon funny book. #MidnightDiner! Just sent off my latest work for @marvel ! @jeffparker @adampknave They can stick them in that field in Virginia along with the Hall of President's Heads. fuck-up seriously can't do a single thing right...The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off. Trump and his cronies will post Avengers memes and wear Cap… @chadbonin Which is fine, but they could have done a bit more. Like, where is she? What is she doing? Honestly no clue... @whatthe_shea Sold! Hey @Phoenix_Comics , can you stick Aquaman Future State in my box and add it to my list? Thanks! @NegiKitsu I only watched the first season but I enjoyed what I saw! Really, just didn't have time for it. But its… @glovesalwaysup I like ongoing series but I can't stand the crossovers. I want to read a comic, not an entire line. @adampknave @chadbonin Kara Zor-El Superwoman. Absolutely no idea what is going on in that story, or who any of the characters… @whatthe_shea Oh! I will check that one out too then. Never really been an Aquaman fan, but always worth trying som… kind of bullshit is this that it doesn't include Jack Kirby and Stan Lee? the new BATWOMAN last night. They handled the changing of the guard really well. Looking forward to this se… promised, these were all solid funny books, self-contained and not needing to rely TOO much on continuity. Only… ICE.
Retweeted by Zack DavissonMorning funny books! I got these on @whatthe_shea 's recommendation. OK DC Comics, let's see what you got! @JasnTru @shochu_danji @MelindaJoe @EasternSmooth If it's not heated in a donabe sitting on top of a kerosene heate… never hear concerns about how the McDonald’s CEO making $18,012,549 per year might drive up the price of a Big Mac.
Retweeted by Zack Davisson @MelindaJoe @Brian_Ashcraft That is a fair point. There are many things I love strictly because of the nostalgia factor. @MelindaJoe @Brian_Ashcraft There are better mint cookies... @Aeronaute @PiaGuerra @Iron_Spike Honestly, I have seen some people with instant translation devices and they are..… @cloudspretty May they never discover they are selling garbage... @ChrisFenoglio @JasnTru This is Japanese "Wabi Sabi."Confession time: I don't like Girl Scout Cookies. It doesn't matter what kind they are, they're all gross. Nasty, d… @Bruce_Reinhart @JasnTru @rdviii Everyone cool is from Seattle! @PiaGuerra @Iron_Spike Happy that the one thing that hasn't happened yet is the instant translation app. I still have a job....OH MY GOD IT ALL CAME TRUE!!! Matsumoto is one of the world's great #sciencefiction universe-builders. He's up there with Lee and Kirby,…
Retweeted by Zack Davisson"Punk is Nazi music though." Ahem... cough cough... ahem. @tweetheart4711 Yay us!!! @AmandaTNStevens Good luck!QT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or new but ideally one… @BlackHoleMovies Nope. A pardon is 100%. @morganfahey @whatthe_shea @RobotJQ And beef. @morganfahey @whatthe_shea @RobotJQ For what it is worth, a few years earlier we got the same thing but with eggs. never understood exactly why Eddie Money was a rock star, but this song with Ronnie Spector still bangs @GeekintheCity @jeffparker @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @sandy_jarrell @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @JacksonLanzing @LittleGreenWolf @alltsun_nodere Fair. And as for the Pegasus. @LittleGreenWolf @alltsun_nodere Come on! That's Luke Skywalker! You don't remember him in Nausciaa? @AaronMeyers The mental load can be a lot, I know. But it sure does pay better than chopping wood.Because I am sitting in a comfortable office discussing a bonus that is more than some people make in a year, and I… I haven't. Thankfully. I've spent much of my trying to make sure I never had to work that hard again. So went i…'d use the winch to pull us off. Never fun. I don't know what was worse, the hauling or the chopping. But either…, I wasn't old enough to drive, so my job was to ride on the hood of the Power Wagon and look for stumps. If we d…"Toss," of course, being a cute euphemism. These were full-sized trees and we were kids. Jr. High. But we got thos… cousin and I had a battered old truck called the Power Wagon. It was a monster. We would drive on old forest roa… I know what hard work is. And it is not sitting in an office mocking up TPS reports. I got into office wor… about Hard Work: Its bonus time in the corporate world, which means people will be on a Zoom call with th… there has been one thing constantly true in my life, it is that the harder you work, the less you get paid. jobs: noodling around online trying to get a couple things done before five, pays like 100k a year Restaura…
Retweeted by Zack Davisson @ANN_Lynzee You were missing a best friend who loved a bunch of old crap that was made before he was born. I'll bus… like Ronnie said. Just like she said. @ANN_Lynzee Just as an FYI, I would have called you "Leaping Lynzees!" or something equally goofy as a nickname. @ANN_Lynzee Also to know for certain looking at those pics that had time/place been different we would have been best pals. @ANN_Lynzee Its crazy how you have not changed even a little bit.. @LittleGreenWolf It was all we had... @philknall @HirokoTabuchi @intewig Nope! We lived in Ikeda! @philknall @HirokoTabuchi @intewig Pretty sure that is exactly where we used to go. With a bridge leading over to the movie theater? @philknall @HirokoTabuchi @intewig They had a movie theater, a basement shopping mall where you could by "Mystery B… @philknall @HirokoTabuchi @intewig Oh my god, Carrefour... Just seeing that is a Natsukashii Hammer. That's where M… @gullevek @Matt_Alt @Mulboyne YES! My schools had the slide too! Also was not in use...I mean, we all KNEW he was there, and we were all SUPER EXCITED about it, but we were also punks. We weren't going… Story: I grew up in Spokane, WA, which for Reasons had a decent punk scene in the 80s. One time Jello Bia… four anime defined your teen years? We didn't have a lot of options... @ljmontello Only if they can pay them in company script. Historically that has worked out well for people... @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @sandy_jarrell @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @JacksonLanzing @georgembenson @GeekintheCity
OK, I found out why this was trending. Now, I am STRONGLY against celebrities using their massive platforms to sic… @JezebelKat Ah. Of course they did...I miss you all. @JB1189 Sorry. No idea what film you are talking about... @chris_dimoff Oishibo doesn't have real recipes. Part of the gag is if you try to actually make them they are terrible @JB1189 I hate to be the one to tell you this but all films are fiction...Enter Electric Oki!!! @Definit02209600 Yep. I've seen that scenario play out in real-time hundreds of times. @808Towns I've not! I will give that a look! @neilworms @magnumt @fantagraphics @DandQ And the best part is I have already done work for both of those publishers! Huzzah!Dear Manga Publishers, here is the deal: you get the rights to MIDNIGHT DINER, hire me to translate it, and my wife… @neilworms @magnumt @fantagraphics @DandQ I don't care who picks it up so long as they hire me to translate! @magnumt Yep. "Weird" art. 22 volumes. The series has a lot of strikes against it for an English-language release.Hat's off to MIDNIGHT DINER for handling the dreaded "Foreigner walks into a bar" episode with style and grace. Ele… @magnumt It really is. Beautifully written and paced. I love it.(And yes, I know that is not exactly what is on that page... But it ties into the end of the story. Because you tra… head won't allow me to read this series without translating it: "With some customers, you know what they'll get… @zombiemiki Only if you win your boxing match @GoJunko Hahaha!!! @VinceA @therealjoebob Some day I will tell you the tale of the dreaded Black Nikka...Afternoon funny book @holasmitha @nkjemisin I mean, almost all of them? It might be more difficult to find a popular Sci Fi novel withou… @CampbellLetters