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Drink reviews and belly pics all from one big bear.😊 no goal just soft. Single +18 NSFW🔞 icon art by @kulbitgatagon and banner art by @SrGreJa

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@bipolarbear77 That is hilarious, fuggin' cum trees @gainingfox Cucumbers, jalapenos, and banana peppers but you can't tell the peppers apart right now
Almost forgot to post this! I don't know what to put in the last slot, so I'm still open for suggestions, for the…
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the Platypus @JoeAwesome93 pots let's hope they make it @MorreskiBear I followed you back:3
Little plant update: need bigger pots added coffee grounds I learned my state is in shelter in place until the end of the month as of yesterday. I counted 20 different "un… Does Animation Work? By Tyler Pacana #cartoon #animation #art #Creative #motiongraphics #artists
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the Platypus @FatGayorca Not much just trying to stay sane with all the crazinessBeing called "rude, unprofessional, incompetent, lazy and a fucking shithead" because your driver's license is expi… outside containers/cups I got to argue why you can't just fill up your 100oz cup and why you can't just walk out… in effect, haha that's a joke just give me my beer and smokes Hard limit on costumers in the store, 10 walk…'s a lot of people in my city/state that just don't care. Will be a knuckle deep in their nose and wipe it on… try and crank out some art tonight. I wanna do some warmups with this, Please give me some suggestions! (…
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@FatGayorca Heya @Komoroshi
@FatGayorca @hadouthechar @doublefrosting TubOfFrosting @LZ_bros sonas please!! Animal crossing is good though 👀
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So my company did a good and a bad Good: everyone gets a $2.50 raise until crisis is over Bad: cut the payroll to…
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Right now I’m thinking $25 and only artistic freedom since people try and make them SUPER complicated for the price.
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusWoo got my hours cut @doublefrosting Honestly would like any besides the ref sheet gonna stream for a bit and get the juices flowing during quarantine come say hi if you’d like~
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusDamn, have you ever seen such a cutie before?? Trade with @doublefrosting!!
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@Haradoshin Thanks for the opportunity. I'm doing better now that I'm home. Feeling kinda fried after dealing with… break up some covid monotony, let’s get some freebies going! Reply to this post with your refs/images and I’ll d…
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusEveryone needs a lazy Sunday every now and then! Overdue chibi for the lovely @rojasaramis
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@TigerTummy Gonna need a lot of fresh ground pepper @TigerTummy Chicken Alfredo 🍝
@Aruyote @MaboCorescant Visibly sweats I don't have any art where my oc's have bellybuttons
@RangePup Know how that is, they gave us a temporary raise but can't get close to 40hrs now. I don't have much of a… @TeddyBearXXXL Hope you get over it big guy
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusWhen I had to explain to him that his id isn't valid. He ripped it out of my hand almost taking my thumb with it ca… night was made, So in the US we have to card anyone under 40 for alcohol and tobacco products. 35yr old man came…
So a few things happened today 1. I got a certificate stating that I can be out after a curfew or lock down to go… didn't take long but the code was claimedIf you or someone you know could use the help getting something to eat delivered, dm me. It's first come first serve for the code.I can't use it because where I live, but I have a 20 USD GrubHub "Grub Cash" code. Basically order $20+ worth of fo… @toshipandabear Thank you, me too
@GrosBaldGainer I know, I'm going to try, just need a way to get around firstI don't like reposting memes but this is important
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the Platypus @GrosBaldGainer I don't have a car, but it would take a lot of looking to find something close to work. I make $800… @skunkroofluff Thank you, I just need to figure everything out @skunkroofluff Not really, stuck here until I can get the money to but that is extremely hard to even savemy bullshit magnum opus @PeachSaliva @PatStaresAt
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the Platypus @Robpanda7855 *hugs back* thank you, I hope you can find work soon or something to help you with your situation. It… March is still going, so all these vids ya see here on still on sale! $5 AND All 17 for $50(an even furt…
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusGo support this big guy @monstermuse1 Hugs*I'm sorry for the rant I just needed to vent and keep my self from exploding or crumblingI went from 365.7 to 351 and 347.2 as of an hour ago. It could be work and stress getting to me, or I could just be…'m just taking the brunt of I guess her fear and anger for just trying my hardest to keep things going, because ri… one else here wants or willing to give up anything to make sure we can even pay bills. Last month my mom talked… tomorrow before work I'm pawning my switch, ps4, GameCube. After that all I will have left is my Frankenste… if I had a better job or didn't get laid off from my software testing job I would have money to pay for power e… just spent 45mins being yelled and screamed at by my mom because I'm the only one who is working in my house rig…
@voidflame Thanks for the opportunity @FatGayorca it's been fun having a few days off from college and junk but time to get back on the saddle, so come on by an…
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusKulbit has a pretty chill stream with an excellent taste in music totally worth a join
This was nice of them to do, feel free to use the code if you want to get into the game with a premium um mech and… @Fischysticks A little coffee makes chocolate taste more chocolatey @Fischysticks And blend until smooth and add milk if needed @Fischysticks But here's the one for the shake I am having for dinner. 3 scoops high calorie protein shake powder 2… @Fischysticks I use this website for ideas for the bases of my shakes breakers get a Vibe Check!
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusSo officially got to see someone get banned from the store property, just put it this way he's on the run from the police @ButterAnnd I don't really know, I don't know much about the bmi scale @ButterAnnd I'm 351.6 at 5'5" @ButterAnnd You must be pretty tallI am very fat but could be fatter :3))c Rushing Through Jug Handle Having The Time Of Its Life
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@SsejHammer Thanks for the opportunity to try my hand at a chibi style for a bit, see if I can pull it off. So, please drop your refs and I’ll knoc…
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the Platypusgrocery+drug+convenience store, gas station, and hospital (in any capacity) workers: post your refs or pet pics or…
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the Platypus @brushykb Gas station attendant here, Did a 54hr week last week,
If anyone is willing to help out a little here's my PayPal link, but it's only if you want to and can afford to. @skunkroofluff YeahI kinda just can't anymore, I just want to ball up and scream and cryThings where going good for a few months. Until I learned my mom was stealing from me, that'd I'll have to cover al… ID: Invaded is my favorite new anime It's like Psycho Pass + SOA The basic run down is; Criminals are sent into… 96 Percent Of Humans Would Rather Be Animatronic Bear
Retweeted by Pan (platy) the PlatypusI got something I needed tonight. One of the breezeblocks that's used as a bottom step for my stairs rolled underne… @QuarterTonTiger Thanks😁
Fupa shots are hard due to it being sensitive to the touch OwO"" of these are going to get lewder so this is the content warning