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Bangladeshi Muslim 🇧🇩☪️ | Digital artist | Animanga and comics | @uiizzu @bluethebum @MangoYonko @cecillewisiii @Yamalvrr | M/W: @tathisin

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@tr_grass @RElATSU Whoaaa nice, wanna join a DGM chatRereading the chapter rq made me realize how much I hate Cosimov even more, though what he did was also in part bec… @lookatyoustupid Wanna join a DGM chat?Looking for more D.Gray-man mutuals 🚶‍♂️ @oopsiediasies Man this stinks frThis is getting tiring. @tawhosin GET THEM @yorozuxmi D.Gray-man always got nice art that’s why you should read it @aishramen Ah okay, you’ll feel better though so dw @aishramen Why are you in pain? 🧍‍♂️ @angelsluxvv Nawwww wanna join my DGM chat btw 🚶‍♂️ @aishramen Sorry to hear that @EisakuOtomo Also, would you wanna join my DGM chat @EisakuOtomo GOAT WTF page 😦 chapter 240 dropped we gonna read this rn @kissesforgnff @Worm_V1 Ahahaha hi @aishramen Hm?She’s so pretty. 10 years old?! 😭 @mereoalena Kodansha releases for some of of their series are really weird, they’ll release on digital first but th… might read Green Arrow to see Onomatopoeia in action the character seems interesting and eerie ngl does my little brother keep screaming “among us” in my face? Is this like a new trend or smth?
Retweeted by Zahin @clairetsun Zahin @civsone_ AMOGUS @Hokage_Lorde Do it! @tamashiixx Lmfaooo @KingSinbad10 In the movies I guess it was alright but as a comic reader it doesn’t fit the core of their characters tbh it’s so unfittingYaki almost always be liking my tweets so fast lmfao @invertedspear22 Hm?Starting Shaman King
Retweeted by Zahin @Master_of_Amon LFGGGGGGGGGGG @clairetsun The attack on me wtf @Reiikio Tell that to your girlfriend. @N0ZARASHll Hmmm @DawnofIsai The movie? No.People fr like Damian Wayne and Raven together? @Akoculte @yungsakii @T0d0A0i Lmaooooo this pairing just awful Beast Boy and Raven are cute @DawnofIsai Apocalypse War @DawnofIsai Only in the movies thankfully @T0d0A0i @yungsakii Ofc Ami the only one that likes this shit 😭 couple fr the equivalent of the 2 emo kids from high school dating each other @Akoculte Damian was better off with the genie girl lmfao @Akoculte Dis why I’m glad the comics never had them together fr @Akoculte That shit the equivalent of the 2 emo kids from high school dating please 😭 @Akoculte Lmfao YESIt stinks ngl @silversoulweb Lob lob lob @yukuzai Don’t need to imagine fr
@2gh0ul Nice! @orukomikku Just read the fan scans cuz Viz won’t be licensing these anytime soon @renj1i Man 😭Omg Deku so raw and cold fr @notwagwag 🙋🏽‍♂️No lmfao. Man take the Allen avi off you making the other DGM fans look bad GOAT @Treysouls Haha yesss @Treysouls YUP @hangemir For setting low bars? 😳 @hangemir Hm? @Isagi_yoichi4 @uiizzu I’ll list in order. D.Gray-man, JoJo, One Piece, Shaman King, Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia… @Treysouls YESSIR @hangemir Low bar tbh @hangemir She looks like she does in any other screencap @hangemir Setting her up for what? had planned to start 3 different manga in the past month but i am currently putting all that away to start:
Retweeted by Zahin @ryuuknowskay VANITAS OMGGG5x4 of my favorite manga (In no particular order) @invertedspear22 LMFAOOO GET HIM @Khadija469 @tathisin 😦 @VarietySB It’s already at 4KNew to #anitwt! :) Looking for moots! Favs - Dorohedoro -FMAB -Vinland Saga -Parasyte -Death Note -Death Parade -I…
Retweeted by Zahin @2gh0ul @MangoYonko He’s always optimistic that’s what makes him such a good friend @HighTides77 Yup! @RElATSU Have a great day @JussdinV2 NahGonna stream this in my Discord server to watch this since it just dropped. @Nobaraism Omg @ihavecumbottles Read the manga you British bum 😡 @ihavecumbottles Condolences. @m_181111_ I just got told about this 😭 @Nobaraism Yup! But since these are fan translated I don’t think English versions of the volumes are downloadable @dripuniversl SAY SWEARRead Kemono Jihen. @shardesu 😭 @Stephen6526 I’ve been great! Hopefully you’re doing fine as wellGood morning everyone, have a great day @Nobaraism Read itSo glad there’s a mute button cuz mfs will forget to untag me all the time @hangemir Sorry to hear that. @doratomonster @hangemir Untag me ffs @hangemir @doratomonster Untag me. @hangemir This is from 3 months ago I’m good off that @hangemir Hope you get that ratioI can’t believe I’m winning love to see you all on my top 1 series @MosIIey YUH