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Once you feel safe and comfortable traveling and normally socializing again, what is it you most look forward to doing?Early projections (in orange & blue) showed we would need 55K to 110K hospital beds. The purple line shows where w…
Retweeted by Zaid Jilani @ramonferrandis @sluggahjells @Michelgrabowy @briebriejoy @fshakir This is a psychological characteristic with some… @sluggahjells @Michelgrabowy @briebriejoy @fshakir It's the job of a press staff to generate positive press for the…
@neontaster @NoahCRothman Fauci's also a subject matter expert, but also, he doesn't know for sure the answer to this question. Nobody does!This is why @HawleyMO is one of the most important in entire US Senate He is pushing the Overton window on what po…
Retweeted by Zaid JilaniThe ultimate incrimentalist argument: the book that turned Europe against witch-burning did not argue there are not… @MayankSeksaria Ah...I work for bay area but Im on the east coast. but next time im around! @WildBillWellman the power being their political staffer wouldn't even call most lawmakers in virginia who were sym… @MayankSeksaria I'm right about where it started! But yes, someone else posted a tikka masala pizza they had in India. It has gone global. @MayankSeksaria Areh yaar, amreeki ki tarah india hogya @WildBillWellman Biden had less organizing but he didn't really need it, he's a household name with hundreds of end… @curiouser_alice Well there is going to be a feedback with the diaspora. A lot of western dishes are now used in India too. @dcsheehan So they have it at Global Mall in Atlanta. Beyond that I'm not sure. In the DC area I stick to pakistani mostly @sluggahjells @briebriejoy @fshakir actually the person im criticizing is bernie sanders @firasd yeah but why make a masala that isn't spicy is my question. i can see why it originated in great britain @mumbaikerr hmm never had. but im adventurous @MikeDrewWhat @briebriejoy Well, having one, for startersOf course globalization is at work in India, too. The best fusion I know of is Chinese-Indian food. It is amazing. @roadtoserfdumb Yeah I grew up on it and even I don't love the sweets but I don't have much of a sweet tooth in generalI just don't get how a campaign with $100 million in fundraising from teachers, baristas, custodians, etc. was run… @KavinderMd Now that's true globalization, UK x Italy x India @DanielLarison To be honest is crab rangoon not American either? I don't know the ins and outs but most chinese american food is different @rweingarten I don't think that's quite true, the Pentagon knows and predicts thousands of threats some time in the… @DanielLarison tikka masala is actually an american/british thing, its not really common in India or Pak, thats my galaxy brain take on it @razibkhan Yeah I get why so few Americans are interested in vegetarianism because all of the good vegetarian food… @DanielLarison Well technically all food is ethnic food @razibkhan Yeah tbh I didn't have a dosa until like 2 years ago. South Indian food isn't as common in America. @curiouser_alice Well it's not good or's just a lot of people in actual India would also be confused by th… don't get the outrage in either case. Anyone who is denied the greatness of Indian food is a victim, not a perpet… @zeykshade Butter chicken is too extra (not that I eat chicken anymore, but back when I did) @anangbhai The real arguments come out once someone asks where baklava was inventedFor the most part American south asian food is similar to actual south asian food but tikka masala is like the amer… is going to be the new Indian food outrage tweet, but FWIW tikka masala was invented in the UK and is mostly e… Ambassador to the US argues in an op-ed against fanning xenophobia and blaming other countries (reasonable)… @JabariBrisport :O @JabariBrisport Would you say no to a tiger? @JamesHitchcock
@neontaster there will probably be a twitch streaming president in our lifetimes @prestonjbyrne @neontaster I mean Gates' plan is to give like half of his wealth away to international aid, meanwhi… @DmeshOnPS3 @mcmoynihan @redsteeze I have to say, this is like a video game lol @Piaggio_g I didn't say it's evil, there are arguments for it, but the retirement age question is skewed. Life expe… @Piaggio_g @firasd If the retirement age was 70 though a lot of people would be worse off now @mcmoynihan @redsteeze In Brazil they had police fly helicopters near the beaches to kick up sand to force people off beaches @CathyYoung63 Yeah hate crime stats show this (hate crime stats aren't 100% reliable but then again most crime stats arent)I'd be interested in reading a comprehensive overview of how govts in EU, US, Canada, elsewhere interpreted WHO and… any western intelligence services telling their governments that China's govt was making misleading disclosure… are now creating innovative ways to sneak out of their homes during quarantine. 😂
Retweeted by Zaid Jilani @ggreenwald @KoenSwinkels @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington Well Glenn you should criticiz… only looks that way if you erase the other variables and do univariate analysis, on purpose, which of course wil… basic scientific method and analysis to show that race was *not* the cause of various things, but various oth…, the new racialism that has taken over so many institutions seems fine with disregarding basic scienc… @dancohen3000 @ggreenwald @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington So when George W. Bush overthrew Saddam Huss… @toad_spotted @razibkhan have you seen this? I don't know if that's true @dancohen3000 @ggreenwald @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington Bernie should continue to criticize authorit… factors that may be the cause: population density, super spreaders, differences in behavior (Albany's outbreak… @ggreenwald @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington Sanders campaigned against granting permanen… can't cherry-pick data to make these claims...there is no evidence the virus impacts people of different racial… also know that covid-19 mortality skews towards the oldest, and asian, hispanic, and african american population… problem is selective univariate analysis in order to fit a certain political message. For instance, we know tha… Adolph Reed on the attempt to try and create sectarian frameworks for understanding the impact of the out… @ggreenwald @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington (Just like every other country) @ggreenwald @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington Does Dan think China was like this natural s… @Luka_Duvnjak @ggreenwald @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington Yeah they shouldn't have trust… @sunraysunray Does he actually write about video games?I don't know where the GOP goes next, but I think they have to think about new approaches. The ones of the past wer… @ggreenwald @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington The entire Western World underprepared for t… and Jeb Bush proposed partially privatizing Social Security and increasing the retirement age, which would'v… @ggreenwald @dancohen3000 @matthewstoller @adamjohnsonNYC @Trunkington Comparing the relationship to China to the c… @MattZemek I feel like it's worth telling people it's temporary and will go away if we all work together but don't put a date on it @briantcairns If you follow Singer's logic almost all middle class people in the US aren't ethical either.If you follow Peter Singer's ethics about this, US govt can't credibly argue it is more ethical than various billio…, US gives about 0.2 percent of GNP in foreign aid, which is half the rich country average.
@craigperrier We can connect our instruction globally through tools like audio/visual remote connection tools-- her… the 1960s, when there was no computer technology, no cell phones, really everything theoretically moved at a sna… @alliegoldenpen @justinamash That being said I understand why people are skeptical of the US system. Several decade… more than a million people living on the street in Karachi, there is no "shelter in place" because there is no… be like, what? We never moved out. Or they live on the same street 😂
Retweeted by Zaid Jilani @justinamash @alliegoldenpen The issue isn't overall size but management. It's not how big Denmark is, Denmark and… @TrumpGoldenAge @RossBarkan Yeah many of the same politicians right now saying that public health is more important… @RossBarkan There are gonna be ugly tradeoffs in the next few months unfortunately, just because we can't really ri… @RossBarkan The good news is the size of stimulus that politicians are accepting is quite large this time and the b… @sallyharrellga The order overruled local orders, and one of the local orders was to close beaches, and's a mess @bluestein @GovKemp ,,, @JonathanMcFall @RelentlessYapp SEC for one @JonathanMcFall @RelentlessYapp The rift was over policy, I think you're misinterpreting it. @JonathanMcFall @RelentlessYapp I didn't say she hated the leader of the party... @JonathanMcFall @RelentlessYapp They had a more antagonistic relationship when she became a senator, she had more influence/leverage to use @JonathanMcFall @RelentlessYapp Dude you don't have to take my word for it, it's widely reported. She was more host… @JonathanMcFall @RelentlessYapp I love Hasan but I can't always keep up with his Tweets! Warren frequently quarrele… @MrR3N01 @Chris_arnade Sorry I mute when things get too long-winded sometimes, not personal.. @ChrisTheHoff Cats are safeIdea: When this is all over, New York should throw a huge ticker tape parade for frontline doctors, nurses and othe…
Retweeted by Zaid Jilani @ddayen @zsrozales I am not defending or attacking Warren, I just think she's basically a politician, doing the sor… @antoniogm @Chris_arnade As far as I can tell, Chris basically is an old school reporter, he gave witness to lots o… @antoniogm @Chris_arnade A lot of political writers in the US are not reporters, they aren't actually doing a whole…
@Chris_arnade If someone gets paid just to give their opinion all day to millions of people at the nation's most fa… @ggreenwald I think that's why govts will face tough choices in terms of the economy in the months going forward, b… @RelentlessYapp See second tweet