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Zak Jarvis @Zak_Jarvis Pacifica, CA

Writer, artist, niche historian.

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raise the dead to fight like hell for the living brought to you by the association of necromancers for anarchist c…
Retweeted by Zak JarvisOn this, the most spoopy day of the year, remember someone came up with the idea of skeleton tits. @GoingMedieval I don't think any tech thing that's happened since I was a teen has had as much impact on what I do… @WolfBaginski @cstross @jeremy_hume D’oh! I posted the same thing in another thread... deleting that one for redundancy!
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him. But I didn’t think he was *that* small., painting resin prints is *fun*! got lousy acrylics on purpose. They don't cover well, which is great when you want to build up grungy layers of c… got around to painting one of the many skulls I've 3d-printed. This one had some printer-defects (I use thi…
Ahh, I see we're well and truly into the era of lawsuits as fetish play. @GreatDismal It is clearly on a sliding scale based on income. @BlitterObject
@TheNuminous1 Rourke's utter terror and despair at the end is one of the great moments in cinema. @veryheathmiller I'm so sorry. @Hal_Duncan Thank you for doing this one and preventing thus preventing me from doing it!Tonight's mood: @Richard_Kadrey Burrowing into the earth with my bare hands until the bones of my fingertips become daggers. @funranium Fun fact! The production had a hard time sourcing enough fake blood in the Slovakia locations and had to… @funranium With a superb soundtrack, too! @funranium Breakfast, lunch, and reinforcements.
@brimwats The last time I had 8 vials of blood drawn, they screwed up and I had to come in later the same day and g… @Hal_Duncan Alas, not really. I'm pretty good with just building a large raft for the wicker man and letting it dr… @Hal_Duncan Bonfires are problematic here in California. But that's what we've got the ocean for. And large rafts. @slatepelican Well, you know. Just in case you wanted ten pounds of coffee in a five pound bag. @claytoncubitt Oh yeah. (Not comparing photographs, just love of enshrouding fog)
@OtherPens @WhoresofYore I was just here to say that travel *razors* from the early 19th were about 3/4ths the size: @funranium @cstross @CZEdwards I was thinking of that first raid in Consider Phlebas when you commented on not brin… @geardrops WHO WANTS TO CHEW ON SOMETHING THAT CAME FROM THE SKY @HazelMonforton Ys was in Kentucky all along. @HazelMonforton Now I wish I could buy it, leave it as it is, and just let Debussy's Engulfed Cathedral play on a loop forever. @HazelMonforton Some of the equipment in there is for polishing the scratches out of damaged optical media, and oth… @obadeerio @HazelMonforton EVEN BETTER THAN MY GUESS! AMAAAAAZING! @HazelMonforton Between the boxes and boxes of CDs and DVDs and some of the equipment, it looks like at least one o… @HazelMonforton Is that anvil available as a service? I’d like to subscribe. @kayjkay Comment 3: Skin color
Tier 4? Bless. We're up to Tier 667.
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis @geardrops 1 week later: New Bay Area startup to sell “superfood” prehistoric worms discovered in permafrost. “Th… @effjayem I am so sorry.I had Covid in May. There is no question about it, I was in hospital, and had all the tests. Today I have been told…
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis @pinguinus Totally with you on that. And it's not even original. It's stolen from a Sarah Silverman routine from years ago. @sirjoltalot I've watched this trend develop over my lifetime in America and I hate it. It's one of the few things… @funranium @wundergrrl We were priced out of the neighborhood we moved into about a week and a half after we bought.
And it’s done! I’ll probably sand it down good tomorrow then polish it on Monday before putting everything back tog…
@funranium Return of the Living Dead was a documentary. @BBolander They’re not wrong.Gettin’ there! Maybe one more coat... @funranium @linnaeus_tweets Extreme yikes @nkjemisin This is a great example of why people with herps should always think twice about live prey. It takes wo… @Beschizza Oh, that's an excellent use of those weird stumpy treethings! @theodoragoss I have nothing to fear. I *already* have tiny windows!
... and the fog has started coming in. Guess I’ll do the last coats tomorrow. Still, I’m pretty happy with how it’… @HazelMonforton I am so tired of what Tim Burton thinks.I've put a new benchtop on my workbench, in an effort to make it a better place to do resin-prints (the old one was… is zero political strategy behind releasing the 60 minutes interview. It is purely to sabotage the network’s… know it's very hard to figure out what is and isn't a satire tweet so let me be very clear, 45's password was lit…
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis @sirjoltalot @Facebook How very... Facebook. @chick_in_kiev Someone tossed you a word salad! @geardrops The last story I sold I specifically asked that one character's dialog be "... set in Frutiger because o… working on a reenactment of this scene.'s been hitting the old Juice of Sapho. Those stains have become a warning. a flu shot today so it’s dessert for dinner. NO ONE CAN STOP ME. Missing my @sf2g peeps, so I got a beer from…
@NMamatas Which I guess means my job title would be something like Texture Painter #7 or Tendril Effects Animator. @Vylar_Kaftan Man, talk about your new moon. @NMamatas I would've gotten into the effects industry just in time to work with a bunch of toxic VOC solvents befor… @veryheathmiller That is *killer*... And even late, it is gonna be awesome. @the_EMA_ Advertising has a lot of sins to answer for, but convincing us we're product is maybe the worst. @the_EMA_ @workinslavin I've also got mixed feelings about the term, mostly because of Adam Curtis' documentaries,… reason.! I know a LOT about the “history of bad sexual judgement”. Maybe I can help. It’s not the wanking bit that’s mak…
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis @pinguinus There is masturbating at work — which I am pretty sure is one of the lynchpins of what sanity exists for…“The @Penn Graduate School of Education prepares education leaders and generates innovative ideas to improve educat… best explanation for Bitcoin is still "Imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you coul…
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis @Beschizza Well. Now I need to sell a book because here's my author's photo. @Beschizza This filter knows something about teeth that we mere humans have yet to ascertain. @Beschizza Struggling to find selfies in my LR catalog because it isn't connected to my phone cam... But... Was thi… @Beschizza @Beschizza I feel like use of this filter on people requires some higher-than-normal degree of consent. @Beschizza I have, of course, been prompted to update my install of PS. @Beschizza This is exactly what I would expect from the bad Bagginses if Amazon did a series about modern day LOTR. @Beschizza Astoundingly, that manages to be even creepier than the miscreated abominations that sometimes squirt th… @NMamatas
@Keffy It is, at least, a variation of a real tradition in the north of England. But everything is read said it ha… here's the BIG news: It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally reveal the cover of my first book, “A Most…
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis @doctorow Years ago I rented a Ford Expedition for a camping trip with friends and it was similarly terrible. It wa… No Corrida @Hal_Duncan I strung up some solar powered fairy lights like that in my back yard but drastically underestimated ju… @Vylar_Kaftan The names of all the former coastal cities would be high on my list of guesses.well if we must have a verb for accidentally masturbating on a zoom call in front of your co-workers I guess we cou…
Retweeted by Zak Jarvis
@NMamatas I desperately want you to be able to do this. @GoingMedieval Is there a factory somewhere producing these dudes? @GoingMedieval I would be shocked if this dude was even correct about what was going on five hundred years later. @EatLiquidGold @jeffvandermeer @blythos @BBolander Maybe it was DMT in my coffee. I think I smell machine elves.Hi, Zak! How’s your day going? Oh, fine. Normal for these strange times. I’m talking game of thrones with the offi… @jeffvandermeer @EatLiquidGold @blythos @BBolander I’ve never dropped acid... but I’m increasingly certain I’ve been doses. @EatLiquidGold @jeffvandermeer @blythos @BBolander One of the ones before they completely turned off physics, time, and characters. @jeffvandermeer @EatLiquidGold @blythos @BBolander I’m very confused. Game of Thrones told me that was *bad*. @MrPersimmon Well... yeah. It was. @jeffvandermeer @EatLiquidGold @blythos @BBolander Did I put lsd in my coffee, or am I really reading these threads? @jeffvandermeer Man! I didn’t think any mammals did the whole ink-cloud and vanish thing. @sfxmaven @snakeoilsounds @MidlakeBand It took a little bit to get me to quit playing the game I was playing.