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@Sum_Onee Arrested for what? Thought crimes? Where do you draw the line? Tomorrow someone will arrest you for makin… @Sum_Onee Which commission Bhai? Which exam did you give? Which year? What score? @Sum_Onee Everyone celebrating the attacks are sick individuals and I wouldn’t give them any importance. India allo… @Sum_Onee Which commission? How did you give medical test before giving an exam?Know this that this govt (and every other govt before it) has fought disabled veterans, widows and orphans before g… you didn’t give any exams or never bothered to join. With that out of the way, here are my 2 cents: Internal tra…'t Believe In Rumours
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyA person who has truly given the exam knows how they are scored, so I’d like to really know if @Sum_Onee actually k… a person with half my family in the army (one of the reasons I didn’t join) I know enough liars who went for ‘se… many tweets about Kashmiris being threatened and 84 type situation created but nothing concrete? Hysteria or real news? @Sum_Onee @RIP__HUNTER Army reeling under shortage of men since last year. Yahaan kya kar rahey ho? Jao fauj main b… @soumyadip_1988 Not a comment on army brat pride, comment on the fact that not everyone can get into the forces. @AgentSaffron Sir let’s not act as if you (or most here) who could qualify for advanced degrees outside india would… are reports of burning of effigies & display of placards in support of uniformed forces. If there's so much e…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyBig correction here. Most of us can become members of the armed forces but choose not to because either we are not… in the previous govts at least someone offered to resign. Doval needs to take responsibility and leave. His st… media drives populism and creates a surplus of politicians and a deficit of statesmen.
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyI demand @narendramodi saheb to #SackDoval , failing way too regularly and his son is accumulating wealth with Paki…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyThousands of Kashmiris have laid down their lives fighting the scourge of violence, terror. To target and harass in…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyThose attacking Kashmiri students in different parts of India, or appealing for an “economic boycott” of Kashmir, p…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyPakistan would love to make the ordinary Kashmiri into an enemy of the Indian state. What did we do to make them friends?
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyGood that Navjot Singh Sidhu has been sacked from The Kapil Sharma Show. Someone had to be made accountable for the…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyYou have to be nuts to target Kashmiri youth living in India’s heartland. These are fellow countrymen. Seeking a be…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyAfter the Pulwama incident, a friend asked me “You must be feeling embarrassed of being a Kashmiri today”. I respon…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyCan’t resist sharing for the social media infantry
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyMajor difference? The local populace was never really in favor. Excesses on Sikhs were done by other Sikhs and Punj… @AgentSaffron Also Kashmiri Sikhs rarely speak Kashmiri. Punjabi is predominantly spoken and their Hindi/accents ar…
@AgentSaffron She is Kashmiri Muslim and not even Sikh. Her Hindi writing style is very Kashmiri (non city) typeThe contrast between CRPF running a helpline for any Kashmiri needing help versus twitter genocidal maniacs is the…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyWe should do this for all criminals right? This is what the terrorists want. To make sure the insane amongst us tak… might not be the correct word to use when there is significant evidence pointing to the contrary. students and general public, presently out of #kashmir can contact @CRPFmadadgaar on 24x7 toll free numbe…
Retweeted by QuantMonkey @pierrefitter Everyone who thinks India is close to becoming China should be sent on a study tour of China.Tamil Hindus popularized suicide bombings. appeal to fellow Indians: Please don't get swayed away by rabble rousing in TV studios. Please maintain peace. K…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyBecause India according to its own supporters is a dream held together be belief of its necessity. Even a whisper t…
Never go full retard. problem is that the sane and calm kashmiri is nowhere to be seen. The insane amongst us will always define and… one should be imprisoned for their views. It is unethical on our part to jail terrorist sympathizers for their v… tons of migrants want to go to Japan and do go there but the Japanese very tightly control who gets in and gen… aside the fact that this tweet is in very poor taste. Look at the surnames you will barely see any dalits o… @lakshmisub @Iyervval Huh? The figures are from a Rajya Sabha report. @Iyervval We actually lost 1874 soldiers as a result of the mobilization. light mombattis for peace. @Nidhi @ndtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV are the opinions shared by your employee representative of NDTVs official position on… of shits do what pieces of shit always have done. a bullet proof best protects you from an explosion? And she is supposed to be an ‘Intelligent’ actress?
There is no point in me adding to the chorus of talking about the pain we all feel about this attack. But here is w… that @Kashmirology protected his tweets. Kya ho gaya Bhai? Want to celebrate the dead CRPFs in peace?2n this @ImranKhanPTI was is & will his dying breath be a jihadi ISI puppet. That Kashmiri terrorists were going to…
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Increase minimum wage to GS associate levels.
While I disagree with Citizenship bill on principle, the racist sentiment in this video is lit af. Shared by an off…
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Pictured: Six-year-old boy who was beheaded in Saudi Arabia.
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I did not see any tweets from you praising Border, Lakshaya or any other patriotic movie. Shameful. same insane argument candle makers made when electric bulbs were introduced.
Humans all over the world do not want folks of perceived lower economic power near their dwelling but like the low… the flat for your own residency or for leasing it out? If former then it’s a bad investment if a) you will have… religion only does PR. Y religion converts ppl by paying them money. Why not do it yourself? Who is stopping you?
Let them.
All gods are versions of the Brahman. There is no god only Brahman. know why this is toxic? Indian women and their families expect some level of Hypergamy and will ‘settle’ for a… stating that Brampton’s success is because of them forget that 50% of the city identifies as Xtians, 18% Sikh…’t care about the current political fight but both the Mughals and British had very little trouble from Bengal a…
Have public insta. Complain that random people can view and like your posts.
CBI has questioned George Fernandes, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah under Congress control very peacefully and found n…
Retweeted by QuantMonkey @AgentSaffron @greatbong Modi isn’t seen as the face of those who impose vegetarianism. Modi still has the aura of… making normal ppl think that maybe the alt-right is right about *some* things. got forwarded a LinkedIn profile of a person currently researching feminist implications of AI. The person doe…
So much sexual assault to unpack in this story. B'luru bishop PK Samuel threatened survivor with old sexual abuse v…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyWar-like conditions? Surely a CM detaining central govt employees isn’t that exceptionalist enough for you? only we measured haramkhori instead of HDI, we would be no.1. Haramkhor development index. for now. You know how to reach me if you want to. A personal note till I see you again.
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyYikes. Kids, dont date strangers especially those you meet on political fan pages. is absolutely horrid.
When is world Mangalsutra and Sindoor day. Also check articles by the same handle and they have called both patriar… @adgpi for explaining in detail how they have taken care of Mr Peethabaran. From his hip replacement surgery…
Retweeted by QuantMonkey @BhokalTweet Heh they couldn’t find a woman to lead it?Didn’t you have a problem with ghoonghat and karwachaut?
This is how the fucking Democrats will lose the narrative again. point: Pregnancy has occurred? Wtf the BJP mila who was accused of rape is still alive one can’t say that about the victims relations don’t appropriate the pain of Dalits to justify you breaking Twitters T&Cs.
A fat ascetic is the best kind of ascetic in the 1800s wasn’t a British subject? Sikhs, Marathas, Dogras, kannadigas, nizam. Everyone was one. This 1857…
Educate yourself about Islamism or Zionism - different from the similar sounding religion name.…
@goonerblues Mallu Nadu would make more sense. Who is a Mala?Under a 3% wealth tax, Bezos’ first-year “fair share” exceeds *all* his liquid assets. Founders’ wealth is in their…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyHuh? Isnt the picture showing that parties have built infrastructure although one names them after their family mem… secular ethos of the army is because of army officers not letting their religious principles get in the way of… @goonerblues Appeal to form independent country of DravidaNadu with Kerala renamed as MalaNaduMalanadu? @goonerblues please comment. Also never met a gulti who didn’t ha… bizman’s wife strangled to death, live-in partner held in UP’s Bijnor via @TOICitiesNews
Retweeted by QuantMonkey“It takes a lot of spine to be a centrist in America today. You get whacked from the left and whacked from the righ…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyHeh future leader of the UK, yougaiz @Retributions Or that she was an effective commander (her army was slaughtered), or that she was in control (the re… @sidmtweets Your idea of hinduism (actually just vaishnav hindus) comes from a place of ignorance about the customs.
You know what’s the funny here? This no onion nor garlic rule came from Jain communities in the south which was ado… everyone outrages, have you thought about the fact that the tables might actually be reserved? There are som… think the outrage is calling Pashtuns invaders when it was the British/Sikh empire which were the invaders in tha… that twitter gives out verified handles to interns at buzzfeed but not to the editor of one of the large…