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Keep the exhaust on. If that isn’t working great, open the window. If none of those are acceptable then grill thing… your self if replacing white people with any other race would be racist? If yes, don’t ask the question.
This was only the sangeet? How many more functions are left? Also please note he has two other kids left to marry off.What’s to say he doesn’t already do that? Secondly please boycott all future weddings in your family. A simple wedd… babies & mothers dying; more kids educated; fewer starving, lynched, executed, oppressed, killed in wars; mor…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeythe way to think about this is that Mukesh ambani is spending a far lower proportion of his wealth on his kid's wed…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyWhen you are so rich that even Bhai becomes background dancer.
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyIslamic republic of Pakistan, created for south Asia’s Muslims was not created for religious reasons? out and bought myself a 3K gaming laptop and now I am too tired to play any games. Childhood dreams should just remain dreams. @amz360 I have never seen it be served as a dessert
Kabargah is a dessert? TIL. I have been eating as a appetizer people (T-Series) taking over the mantle from an Aryan white man? Seems like the right topic for that confere… @AgentSaffron I have and love thayir sadam which is different from literal curd rice. The former can be spicy and g… brahmanical patriarchal cuisine. jet to Dubai would have been cheaper.
Patriarchal brahminism should be smashed along with those practicing it. is vegetarian. Guha eats beef.
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyCompensating terrorists with tax payer money? @calamur FB login. Same with even educational sites like coursera or udemy where you can 1-click register with FB o… Inspire of all the issues, their users have nowhere to go. Facebook is required for dating (Tinder), message… will a Kashmiri say to Priyanka when enquiring about her husband? A. Chon Nick chha waray? #NotSorry
Atleast they had the sense to state that the Uri terror attack wasn’t an ‘alleged terror attack’. If it weren’t for… a train today, first time in my whole life I encountered a “certain” family putting a “cover” around their wom…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyOur reporter @disha2791 traced the movement of tomatoes and onions from farmer to the market to your retailer betwe…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyThey are forgetting basic Hinduism concept of Karma.
Most British Muslims are Pakistani or Bangladeshi. pic to understand the priority of Hindu Hriday Samraat ..
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyOur hard working PM Modi works 18hrs a day and never takes a single leave He always works for the nation Some foo…
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ANI toh lovely log hain. Gau Rakshak Lynch a police officer and its called a clash. singh? OBC Hai. Yogi ji don’t give a fuck. ji boley dulhey ka naam aaj se Nikhil hai, ghar ka naam Nick rakh saktey ho. ppl are bored by the PC PR machine.
Speaking up is not the same as terrorizing someone on the streets. Tell your followers to back off and not threaten… support extension of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) to cow-belt of India for giving security forces a fr…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyIt's over. This wedding season belongs to the paparazzo who screamed "Sir, Jio chal nahi raha hai!" at the entire A…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyGotra is passed down from father to son. You get yours from your husband. This is what happens when you promote fun… is a video of @kunalkamra88 who is being intimidated by a mob led a BJP leader for making a few jokes and you…
Retweeted by QuantMonkey> Men must get affirmative consent for all sexual interactions. *gets affirmative consent* > Men are getting cons…
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Fake news.’t all leaders have boycotted the summit because of MBS’ presence? Well they didn’t and there you have it. N… trolling Priyanka Chopra for firecrackers, Indians have shown how they suppress women in India. The poor lady is…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyDude wearing ripped jeans with a lady in a full abaya. Guess rules on modesty don’t apply to him.Ranjan Bhattacharya the corrupt damaad everyone forgets :( usually refrain from saying this, but just this once: Imagine the reaction of the West if this happened under Moh…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyAunty ji is losing her mind again. Dawai do koi.
These are the same ppl who highlight how liberal hindus is when Muslims go crazy over Mohammed cartoons Dude: "Agar Bharat mata hai, toh Pakistan pitaa hai, aur baap baap hota hai.. ma ko baap se darr ke rehna…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyDeepak Dobriyal > Nawazuddin siddiqui
Is the Mallu name Renjith same as the northie name Ranjit? Honest question.You mean the country which have asylum to *actual* Nazis?, I fixed it for you: One is the general secretary of Germany’s largest party, one was youngest member of the…
Retweeted by QuantMonkey @P__Krish Ooh I would love to hear her scream out my twitter handle on her tv show :)Times Now’s Navika Kumar has a punchable face.
As much as I loath this discussion of gotras see what the man is responding to.
Enemies of nation? By your logic are the Hindus who are so eager to abandon their great religion for money the actu…, if he: - never works - scrounges off his rich friends - want to be “a writer” - makes you do his housework…
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You are asking the wrong crowd. Salaried Gentry take vacations but they aren’t your average Indian. The average Ind… there is clear proof this happened — CCTV footage, plane tickets, hotel receipts, etc. — this is a smoking gun o…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyImagine the ridiculousness of the situation...US lost 5-6 citizens and announce a reward for info on terrorists res…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyTen years after 26/11, I tell the story of the Kashmiri spy who penetrated the Lashkar’s Mumbai plot—and was sent t…
Retweeted by QuantMonkey @amz360 Fathers maternal side.
Parsis don’t have gotras (unlike Indian Muslims or Xtians) so technically he can continue to take the gotra from hi… years ago when Pakistani Islamists massacred humans, the nauseating Left brigade of Arundhati Roy, Pankaj Mishra…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyWhere is the Madras crowd --TamB twitter who provide cover up fire to the disgustingly parochial Tamil chauvinists…
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Incidents like this lead (white/black/Yellow etc) people in Canada to believe that having more Indians in law enfor…’t that gilgit marked as Kashmir? The valley is under the gaznavids. in itself was heavily influenced by Zoroastrianism.
How is this appropriate for a religious festival greeting? NSFW warning. of 4, on scooter. come down dadar flyover, hit a huge pothole surrounded by loose paver blocks. infant throw…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyThis administration is doing more to curb legal immigration vs illegal. Implement the RAISE act. do a thread about your experiences. Hapless? Yikes this dude is a convict currently in jail. In any other sane country a person convicted on cor… thought gender wasn’t a choice? better but the southern states generally are culturally regressive and view North Indians as character… the far left is the worst enemy the progressives can ever have of the first times I've actually gasped on Twitter from such an delightfully scathing counterpoint.
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Be careful about “Joshua Project” in Southern part of India as well !!
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyKnowingly create controversy. People start trolling. Play victim. Get media attention. Milk this cash cow. Get rich… is getting married and has hired a choreographer to train everyone to dance at the sangeet. Guess one less wedding to go to.An interview with the Indian anthropologist who first made contact with the Sentinelese and Jarawa tribes, and, lat…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyHmm. Guess we should start making stereotypical caricatures of other minorities too
Scientist Runs Over Man With Truck.
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyIndian dudes in the US really need to invest in nose hair trimmersYour father armed the terrorists that murdered my Syrian Christian family. Your father helped kill a million Iraqis…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyFinally brahmanical is turning into Brahmin. am slowly realizing that the Hindu right in India is pretty accurate about @anniegowen having a colonial mentalit… sex with three people is called a threesome and sex with four people is called a foursome, I guess now it’s clea…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyQuote 1 from Mein Kampf Quote 2 from Kudiyarasu
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyNo one asked for your forgiveness. Fuck off. a single mention in the article that a) he broke laws to get there, b) committed visa fraud, and c) endangered… love this free web site
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyWoke up feeling hated Googled my symptoms Turns out, I am the Bharat in Bharatanatyam, and frankly, it should be ch…
Retweeted by QuantMonkeyOnly difference is that not enough jobs in Canada so ppl with IIM degrees are driving uber or working in Anszon war… thing about recommendation to remove Kancha Illaiah from DU reading list is that it was made by Dalit p…
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Foreign educated liberal arts folk shocked that dehatis in their country have not read up on writings on intersecti… would be your opinion of if Jack held aloft a sign asking for ‘smashing Zionist supremacy’?
Jimmy short for Jimesh was a gujju orchestra band member from Seattle. Known congress loyalist with links to JNU. placards for CEOs to hold: ‘Smash Brahmanical/Jat/Sunni/Catholic/Protestant/Buddhist/Zionist etc supremacy’ this is PR 101.