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Hornets Fan — Master Waterbender — 3x Pokemon Champ — Anbu Black Ops — Young black mannnn — I keep it 99 because I be lying sometimes

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@ratioszn @emortuhl looking at the devil and the angel on my shoulder @Nian5766 W @ascxndingz @Jus_bot_ lets goooo🔥🔥 @CoreyGl40794992 @daymszn_ ? @justwatching132 this really how y’all see me? @VloneTUFF @NOTJASH24 this is 100% accurate @VloneTUFF @Milliestopshate 😭😭😭 @cockashi_sensei @daymszn_ @CurrysGoat LMAOO @cockashi_sensei @IbrahimShaf yes @IbrahimShaf he does that so you can hear the in-game chatter @IbrahimShaf him or chris smoove @PurifedRevo of course @luissshhhhh @SacramentoKings Me on you @yxnghoneypot Do that @Embiidislife Of course @yxnghoneypot very honorable mentions, if LifeSimmer had more series she might’ve been up there @daymszn_ @anaaxlozano We the same @CryptiicNo Chase a bag @biigwes_ Sidemen and RDC locks tho @biigwes_ ***four @biigwes_ There’s too many to just choose for @luissshhhhh @uzagiii1 i’m coming @ReddBoi9 damn well that’s good for her tho @uzagiii1 I remember my nigga was singing his heart out to Act Up at a school dance, iconic @uzagiii1 how many y’all got @ReddBoi9 she badBeef FloMix by Flo Milli @jozuintern they coming for you @dragicszn @Dom_2k @FBGRob_ Thanks broY’all laughing I’m smiling I was fully expecting a 0.7 or sum @moonboicarti I know
@VloneTUFF @fbgwayne SZA and Kendrick😩 @VloneTUFF Jus wait till I get cod @juuiug @afemeje @WannaBeReeceSr @VloneTUFF @ascxndingz @CryptiicNo @WannaBeReeceSr Isn’t your KD like 0.5? @CryptiicNo @VloneTUFF @WannaBeReeceSr @afemeje @WannaBeReeceSr Word? @KOT4Q It does for me @anaaxlozano ? @WannaBeReeceSr @g2theartist @notquinci @jozuintern Where did he disrespect him😭 @LilSuziBert @OnlyLeafss @jacskal @afemeje shit maybe🤷🏾‍♂️ @uzagiii1 he said that in the next reply @NeatlyVsavv like posting wayyyy out of pocket shit for interactions @jacskal @OnlyLeafss @afemeje bruh we know deku stronger than eren😭 @hellboydrizzy @k2spritebeans @alvarovsdaworld @k2spritebeans @afemeje you preaching rn @k2spritebeans @OnlyLeafss @Jaedenplays1 @SpinYoBlock @ascxndingz @OnlyLeafss @Jaedenplays1 @SpinYoBlock @ascxndingz i ain’t disagreeing with that but you ain’t even played miles @OnlyLeafss @SpinYoBlock @ascxndingz @OnlyLeafss @SpinYoBlock @ascxndingz have you even played miles morales?😭 @_pceee @Ter0me they doin it to joel too😭 @Ter0me nah this is criminal💀💀 @CrypticNoOnee @FBGRob_ @imisskobebryant ... @Dumbnigga__ @jozuintern ain’t he make a tweet about guts @KMurder12 @zamesss1 you ain’t lyin @VloneTUFF 💯 @afemeje @OnlyLeafss this what you needed it for😭 @OaklandSome @zamesss1 yes as in Katsuki @blaccmass this is incredible @windylmao @zamesss1 nawBakugo: *breathes* Twitter user @zamesss1: @niggaswildbro @afemeje @OnlyLeafss he still had to train for it @wojespn @excelsm_bball everybody getting the bag love to see it @Fredo60966880 two heroes heroes rising and this new one @afemeje @OnlyLeafss better? or stronger🤨 @Fredo60966880 yepMELO PUT ON A SHOW🔥 1 year ago today, 18-year-old LaMelo Ball became the youngest in @NBL history with a triple-do…
Retweeted by Zames❄️ @OnlyLeafss depends on the fanbase you’re coming after @OnlyLeafss oh no @OnlyLeafss @ascxndingz i’m prepared @anaaxlozano @daymszn_ @zamesss1 talk to these niggas bruh🤦🏾‍♂️ @fbgwayne no way niggas in the replies getting mad at you for singing a catchy song LMAO @fbgwayne BIG TITTIES LIL WAIST CURVY CRAZY @daymszn_ sure bro @JGHeat25 this is coming with me @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium SHEESH @Ter0me you coming for two of the most diehard fan bases you bold @JoeNobo96605159 mmmmm sure nominations came out? That’s crazy @fbgwayne niggas say that every time @HUN43RDII it was called slashing shot creator