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19y/o - Pro VALORANT IGL for @SoarGaming

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@shotoftodoroki no s c a mranked no cam @icyjl @Scrounge_ @Scrounge_ nice glasses @icyjl
@teddyfps1 @INGAMINGEsports LETS GOO TEDDY @_vexel @HUYNH_CS *pain* lmfaoo @GabieCSGO @akasyns thanks man.. @GabieCSGO @akasyns ???? wtf @heatfps @gamelandersgg LFG NICEE @Cryocells_ THE SOVA GAME LETS GOOO @shotoftodoroki gn nice pfpguys its time @zander_fps
Retweeted by SoaR ZanderDuo w/ boss man @b0ssyCS you care so much about ranked that you're being an asshole, understand you're probably a large contributing fact…
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@teddyfps1 @gtnfps nice try brooo :/ @_Bewd @Tsuyaval JETT 1 TRICK
@Tsuyaval @shotoftodoroki ????2/18 on pistols today, gotta work on our pistol rounds 😂😂
Retweeted by SoaR Zander @teddyfps1 @TheRiseNation <3Lost to @TheRiseNation 1-2. GGs to them. Not satisfied with 2nd place. Never had a bad BO3 like that in a bit. Sor… @ItzBoltzy @DENYAof @nurfed25 @b0ssyCS @Cryocells_ tyty <3 @ItzBoltzy @DENYAof @nurfed25 @b0ssyCS @Cryocells_ :D @Tsuyaval @ciaolyx you are a idiot @inskyfps @Resonate_VAL @TheRiseNation LMFAOO @teddyfps1 @Resonate_VAL @TheRiseNation it was all luck teddy @1contii @Resonate_VAL @TheRiseNation ggs <3 @1leakcs @SoaRGaming @nerdstgamers ggs ilyBeat @Resonate_VAL 2-1. These guys are insane. Expect massive things from them in the future. GGs to them. In the…
When Playing Breeze Goes Wrong... (ft. @subihighwaters & @SammayTV) 📺:
Retweeted by SoaR Zanderthe feels when @b0ssyCS goes wild in my ear 🥶 also s/o to @zander_fps @Cryocells_ and @nurfed25
Retweeted by SoaR Zander @1leakcs @Cloud9 @nerdstgamers sheshhhh @icyjl ?Made quarter-finals and went undefeated today 4-0. We play again tomorrow at 5 EST. #SoaRWithUsOne last Effort LFT Main Jett/raze Op both sides I am able to play sage Flex to Sent/sova
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@seshiriaa_ @provlnh @SoaRGaming 😳😳 @provlnh :o @b0ssyCS LMFAOOOOOO WHOOPS @mbatpig @b0ssyCS who is screaming like that?!?!?!?! @DENYAof LETS GOOO
@aspaszin @havanliberty you are still a beast bro. head up. @DENYAof will do @ItzBoltzy twitter quality is THAT bad LOL. The crosshair is 1-3-1-3, green, and I'm on 1920x1080 @ynghstlr LOL true mb @teddyfps1 YOU ARE BETTER TEDDYRandom 1v5 from my stream today. Face cam streams will be back I just wanted to win a little today. Ended top 30… @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ truth @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ LOL i misplayed the 1v1 bad :(
@seshiriaa_ @devourggs_ congrats Cece :o @teddyfps1 SO GOOD TEDDYranked w/ @zander_fps
Retweeted by SoaR Zanderranked w/ @b0ssyCS @nurfed25 @teddyfps1 @paiNGamingBR +1 LETS GO TEDDY @teddyfps1 not as good as you <3For some reason the YouTube video wasn't 1080p60 so I had to reupload it. Full Video: @b0ssyCS gimme some names i'll beat them up😤
@Cryocells_ hey! that's me yelling at the end!new video
Retweeted by SoaR Zander @nurfed25 didn’t think it was possible to lose with cryo... @ShiiroQt 1-3-1-3 outlines on @ventureYNB SUS @ynghstlr <3 @icyjl nice jobgonna be a long stream
rankage @nurfed25 "I'm gonna go to bed, I am so tired." -Nurfed at 10:33pm Truly unlucky.
@SoaRGaming @b0ssyCS @SammayTV LMFAOOO @brawku @bangiwnl LOOL @ynghstlr 😁😁 @crunchyyworld GGs bro you guys are crackedLost to @SoniqsEsports 1-2. We played well but I think we let Ascent slip away. Really bad mistakes and calls on Ha…
@b0ssyCS OR YOU'RE DIFFERENTexcuse my ego only happens in matches i promise ;)
Retweeted by SoaR Zander @itsGnoc @SoniqsEsports @b0ssyCS @Cryocells_ @DENYAof @nurfed25 I love you Gnoc @aspaszin @KlaussOW @heatfps @gustt1nha @shionxy @flainzz @BRKSS3j @tockerslol @teddyfps1 you’re the best bro. much love <3R$
Retweeted by SoaR Zander @twovass @teddyfps1 @KlaussOW @heatfps @gustt1nha @shionxy @aspaszin @flainzz @BRKSS3j @tockerslol hopefully in the future @twovass @teddyfps1 @KlaussOW @heatfps @gustt1nha @shionxy @aspaszin @flainzz @BRKSS3j @tockerslol they really are @teddyfps1 @KlaussOW @heatfps @gustt1nha @shionxy @aspaszin @flainzz @BRKSS3j @tockerslol Haha your English is good. You're the goat bro. <3 @RaiBello3 will do :)Met some Brazilian/SA Valorant pros tonight. Ended up playing some 10s with them. Come to find out these guys are i… Breeze :o @eliter3k trueMade it to day two of the NSG Summer Qualifier. Will be playing the winner of the @foxy_ggs & @TeamBasiliskGG match…🤰
Retweeted by SoaR Zanderhow to farm twitter ft. @Cryocells_
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our pistols are fixed, feeling good bout today
Retweeted by SoaR ZanderStole my tweet and got more impressions. Down bad again... @Cryocells_ yo?My high school crush hit me up last night after not talking to her for over a year. This is possibly the biggest W in my life.
Retweeted by SoaR Zander @902macky @b0ssyCS @b0ssyCS would approve but he's sleeping @ashen_cs oh...
@ItzBoltzy @Agility26 15 @Agility26 you my crush too @zambiee_ i can explain... @YuZCSGO 😔😔 @VAPEN_415 no @shotoftodoroki :/ @1017Rev no no noyo who wants to help me get to 100 subs so I can get a custom URL🙏😈
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