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@shnaggyhoseyt y’all niggas weird in the comments tryna get a nigga to eat off another man ban 😂 that’s wild af @shnaggyhoseyt wait til tomorrow...
@izi_prime ...
everybody in SSB coo , we talked it out like friends do and we all good. Ain’t no drama ain’t no beef @izi_prime nigga said “Kong gon” 😂😂1v1 vs bubblebass tomorrow, who y’all got 👀 @shnaggyhoseyt leggooo
@KannanAce we got measured by addy and im actually a bit taller than u buddy@ this young cigarette smoker @only1addy BRO THIS IS NOT MEit’s actually his not mine.. @izi_prime I’m obviously trolling 😂Prime just asked a female look better and she said me now he MAD 🤣🤣🤣 @AsianDaBrattt RIP VON but got damn you got some big ass hands @Emmanuel99918 @NotCuff3m crazy thing is we going to in and out now 😂 @NotCuff3m relax big man
@izi_prime @shnaggyhoseyt @NotCuff3m i was not apart of this my feet were unknowingly recorded
@bradenzzz he was taking a shitA kid drove past and screamed “Zane hows Naomi” 😂😂😂😂 y’all different bruhnow stop with the 5’4 shit niggas just scooped me and prime up , we litI wanted UCLA to win 🤦🏾‍♂️
hey there 😅
@904_vlzerik im scared for these niggas , if you know anything about Florida niggas they don’t play. It’s a line be… wake up and niggas finna die, thought that shit was a joke at first but that ain’t a game
i smoke cigarettes .. April Foolsshoutout to the SSB Wrld modders who cruce our server everyday , they found it for us 😂😂this ain’t no April fools joke, booter we know everything about you from your PayPal , phone number , to your exact… Reacts to “Are we back together” Thumb- @Jasoneditzz @5800robbie stay safe brodie, these niggas trippinno longer in ssb..Booter confirmed 🤦🏾‍♂️nigga trying to hit prime off too
everybody go look at my new tik tok (zaneonthegameyt) 😂😂😂😂
@KannanAce fuck USC @NotCuff3m @JasoneditzzWhat Really Happened Between SSB and Paryeet.. (The Truth)
@JaydvnB that’s tough 💪🏾 @908DS that shit fye gangWent to sleep with 18k and woke up with this... @ash_kaashh .Ash kash respectfully stfu and come do what you do best 📞
should we do another discord session tonight ? Shit was funny af yesterday @lDezzyD i drive a Benz ..... @ShookyKuki88 Mercedes Benz C300 2015... you’ll never drive one of these ong 😂😂 @BonierQuinn on folks nemknow some ppl hate that i’m on top i bulletproof tha car rewack bruh
I can beat Lamarcus Aldridge sorry ass in a 1v1 this pickup not even tough .. yuhhh
@N3onOnYT this is my homies clothing line and i still freaked that shitSurvived the biggest earthquake of 2021 , im him @vgoatedplug @Paryeet1 i didn’t even blow yet ... @Paryeet1 and just cause we took ya role don’t mean you can’t join the cord too bruh , just ask to get dragged shit… @Paryeet1 cmon bruh you know i was fw you b4 you even started a stream and was a random in my dms showing love that… @dkftrini Nonobody had an issue w/ paryeet in the cord , the cord was getting overcrowded and we cleaned up the discord to the… 4NEM
@NotCuff3m damn folks , you already know yous my guy everything gon be str8following 10 people rn , like and show proof of notif’s ! @SSnagalot lmaaoooooo deadass thothe day i don’t enjoy it is the the day i stop. Way more content and big news otw bro wish i could say more but y’a… 4NEM RP w/ gang
Zane vs Giannis Antetokounpo’s 6’7 Cousin 🧐 niggas let walking nobody to the street when it’s down raining hard as shit no cap slatdis nigga lucci bruh 🔥 @adinross Stop being a fucking Karen @adinross on folks and dem
but on some 💯 shit don’t y’all hate it when you chilling with ya homies then you run up the court but to find out t… @Ryrif15 😂😂 idk @adinross too except lease you people the it’s cause crazy shits 😂 frauds into turning Friendshi chillin w/ gang2nd upload of the day! Zane Reacts to Adin vs FaZe Adapt!
@Austinjohns25 @Jasoneditzz wtf....Thanks for 16k on YouTube gang Zane Plays Outlast w/ Royce ! Thumb: @Jasoneditzz @izi_prime @ThaSosaBaby @shnaggyhoseyt 😂😂😂 4NEM w/ gang
why is acting sus so damn normalized now too, i wanna knowcrazy thing is y’all think i be cracking jokes but i be dead ass serious 90% of the time. That shit just come out funnyZane Reacts to Adin be SteroidNasty 🤦🏾‍♂️ Thumb: @Jasoneditzz
2021 SSB RP and 4NEM @Eric79422929 still on FB signed over there, should be on twitch too next month if everything workoutJUST GOT A CALL MY PC IS FIXED, STREAM TONIGHT THE GRIND IS BACK @shnaggyhoseyt the ads they give you are based off what you search a lot on google....wish i could go live on twitch and watch this shit w/ y’all 🤣 twitch meeting next month tho we litdreyah respectfully to drop this yesterday but due to the situation i waited till today. Reacting to Flight’s Reaction of the 1… @izi_prime @kyreewalker1 locked , you fucking suck and getting dropped off @mitroboomer had 4 niggas confirm this weekend i was 6'1, and even if i was 5'5 i bet i'd still be able to whoop ur assmy throat crazzzyyyyyy , finish it @kyreewalker1 i like to be fucked like a sluuttttttt @bradbeal_03 @Flight23White i don’t beat my meat, that shit not cool and for fat ugly niggas who can’t get no ass @Flight23White she sucked the life out this nigga @mitroboomer that’s a suicide hotline .... fucking dumbass @NadeGrinds @JaydvnB @Twitch omg you got unbanned 😱 congrats my nigga @Flight23White get off his phone bruhaye my boy , it’s time @Flight23White she wants you to end to suck your dick and try and make you change your mind fam. get her ass outta there