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Zara Head RN QN @zar_head Doncaster, England

Queen's Nurse, Mum and CCG Lead Nurse for Primary Care Quality. Passionate about primary care nursing, fast noisy cars, travel & languages. All opinions my own.

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@DRidge67 Thinking of you and sending a hug, you have his smile x
@AndreaParkin2 @sisterwelton @EmmaThompsonWeb @emmdechen @katie_wight @SuddrickR Thank you @sisterwelton xxx
Super proud of Charlie’s blog, definitely worth a read for anyone starting uni soon @Gpnsnn @ShuAdultNursing @thinkgramposi So proud of you ❤️ @ClaireLodge3 I felt that more acutely yesterday for some reason, even though the children are home from uni, I fel…
@Laura_99Gough @HeavyTherapy Together we can do anything 😊 @GlynisS56392247 @CazWilliams_ Oooh lovely 🥂Blast down the motorway with a @HeavyTherapy playlist, playing loud on Spotify, instant mood lift @CazWilliams_ Ooooh yes!!! 💃🍷 Definately x @CazWilliams_ Cheers 🍷🍷 χχχ @gilly901_gill Have a lovely restful time 😊This thread has to win the prize of the funniest thing I’ve seen all week but with a very serious message behind it…
@thinkgramposi And I clearly remember sitting in Dr Water’s garden, one sunny lunch time and you told me you were g…
@Smith7Pauline I’m sure I’m the same 😁 @jomcd101 I’m aiming to do these every day, looks interesting 😊
@RuthOshikanlu @RobanaOliver @WeGPNs @BAMEGPNs A video with two inspirational nurses in it 💙We’re getting a lot of questions about the possibility for a local lockdown in Doncaster on the back of recent figu…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QN @ellsfaye @RuthOshikanlu @TheQNI @doncasterccg @NHSNLaG @NN_England @WeGPNs I’m the lucky one having you lot around 💗 @RuthOshikanlu Ditto, it was so easy chatting with you, I loved it @RuthOshikanlu @TheQNI @doncasterccg @NHSNLaG @NN_England @WeGPNs Oooh yes please 😊 I can’t wait, that would be fabulous @debs2514 @RuthOshikanlu Hi Debbie, the link is in the text but not obvious with my home cut fringe 🤣 @GlynisS56392247 Thank you @GlynisS56392247 It’s easy to be passionate about our profession when we have so many in…
I was so lucky to be interviewed by the amazing @RuthOshikanlu who made me feel so relaxed that I forgot I was bein… @RuthOshikanlu It was an absolute honour to be interviewed by you, I absolutely loved it, you’re a natural at getti…
@SueHutton64 @C_Carmichael83 @sarah_searz @NaomiBe44702921 @cromack_debbie @kstorey63 What a lovely kind thought by the nurse 💗
Super proud Mum moment ⭐️ @thinkgramposi @SYBhealthcare Super proud of you, well done!! That’ll be amazing experience and will keep you busy… asked @afitzgeraldnhs, the Director of Strategy & Delivery at @doncasterccg for an update on how the CCG have co…
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A thought provoking blog by the inspirational @joannemohammed2 We can not forget the communication restrictions man… @OakwoodCantley are immensely proud of our Practice Nurse Amybeth who has just been awarded the title of Queen…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QN @alliedgeler @PCWT_hub @ShuAdultNursing @OakwoodCantley Absolutely, it’s wonderful news isn’t it? ❤️ yes and my eyes had a little leak xxWelcome to the @TheQNI #doncasterisgreat team! Fabulous to have you both on board @katyfenn and @Amybeth_Jones 💙
@GlynisS56392247 Happy Anniversary 💗xx
And @fiercebeer the maple pancake one is absolutely gorgeous ❤️ @L4Lesley @Spence1Kate Me too 😊 @Spence1Kate @L4Lesley I do think it gives us all a sense of belonging 😊 @ScottyANP35 @LeggottLiz I’m moving the county border 🤣🤣🤣 @CazWilliams_ I got excited watching it, thinking of you zooming off at the first opportunity (as long as you come back) xxx @LeggottLiz @ScottyANP35 I’m completely in denial, you’re not really leaving @ScottyANP35 🤦🏼‍♀️ @Laura_99Gough I might try that 🤣 @judegoddard 🤣 yesThank you @fiercebeer I’m so looking forward to trying these and especially Long Shift, special edition made to say…
I can’t help it!!
@DanBuryTomorrow Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album 😊 @jomcd101 I like that Jo, it makes sense 😊 @LeggottLiz I like it too, I reckon it’s something we can all learn from ❤️A valuable reminder about managing energy whilst working from home. When energy is low we often work longer to try…
@emmdechen Enjoy your break 😊 @JJackson_RN @JRN_latest I have been asked several times if I miss “real” nursing, or people referring to when I “w…
A new platform has been launched providing support for newly qualified nurses and those nearing the end of their tr…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QNThis evenings webinar is all about bullying. We hope you can join us at 8pm 👇 #RCNStudents @WeStudentNurse
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QN @RuthOshikanlu @Rachel_Luby I’m looking forward to talking with you Ruth 😁Thank you to everyone in the labs at @DBH_NHSFT and also to my very own newly qualified biomedical scientist… @emmdechen It’s a lovely small world 🌍 💗 @Rachel_Luby @RuthOshikanlu I was conscious of my accent when I was in London working with NICE, I worried I wouldn… @emmdechen He’s not changed a bit ❤️ wish I could say the same 🤣 If you can share with anyone who knows Jus, it’d b… This incredible nurse is raising funds for a lightweight wheelchair for rehab after a moto…
@PCWT_hub That’s so funny 😂
@sheffnurse I have visions of him wondering where on Earth his sandwich vanished to, I hope he wasn’t hungry 🤦🏼‍♀️ @HCPnetwork About 6 years ago, when I worked for the CQC I attended a fabulous study day around unconscious bias an… @MHnurseabby And on days like this it’s really important to talk to someone, get your thoughts out, we see life at… the best lunch delivery I’ve had 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️It’s not every day, during a virtual meeting my cat brings me a sandwich 😳 I’ve a terrible feeling she sneaked into… @BrianwDolan Oh I do miss hugs 🤗 @CazWilliams_ Hoping today is a little brighter, sending loads of love xxx 💗
@DRidge67 Thinking of you
@IndieLinz @StNurseProject I have always loved having students with me, I enjoy being challenged and asked question… perfect afternoon, lazy film afternoon with my not so little girl. I’m so going to really miss the children whe… @hey_its_charlie It was brilliant!! A lovely cosy film afternoon with my daughter, perfect! Well chosen ❤️ @MarklewMichelle I suppose we’ll not take our commutes for granted again x
@WeStudentNurse Talking 🤦🏼‍♀️ @Kiml71 We’re all learning new ways of living I guess, finding our new routines 😊The rain is very welcome here right now @alliedgeler That’s not a bad idea! Yes I sing too (dreadfully) I’ll try that one xxI’m not designed for social isolation and initially struggled with low mood. Teams and Zoom made a huge difference… Motivational Interviewing Question and Answer session 25th June 6-7 pm if you have attended an MI study day wi…
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Are you a GP in South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw? Interested in medical education? Would you like to help run GP fello…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QNAn exciting opportunity has arisen to work with us as a part-time #primarycare #nurse educator! We’re looking for a…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QN @ralanshirley @WeGPNs @ShuAdultNursing @Gpnsnn @sisterwelton This is such an incredible opportunity, when I first w… @alliedgeler You made me smile all day today 💗👸🏼xxxAre you about to graduate? A newly qualified nurse or are you a registered nurse interested in becoming a GPN? If s… @ralanshirley @PCWT_hub @Colette_McDe @louiseberwick @DrBenJacksn It’s so exciting 😊
Bame General Practice Nurses across the UK, coming together to celebrate, share ideas, experiences & have a collect…
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@CazWilliams_ Yes, we get to see you on Thursday morning 😘 @CazWilliams_ Not sure he’d describe me like that 🤣🤣 that poor man will never know how close he got to being scared half to death 🤦🏼‍♀️ xxLoving the description “She exploded into our lives like a fluffy pink grenade” I’d like that in my eulogy please (… you read our latest #TeamEast Primary Care Network newsletter yet? It might be more interesting than it sound…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QN @DRidge67 Great idea ☔️ @DRidge67 You can do it, you’ll be back out there mixing with the public, making people smile and doing what you do… @chatgirl44 @CavellTrust Brilliant 😊❤️So thrilled to find this in my inbox this morning 😊
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QN @shakeywith Love it! Have fun in the sunshine you two ☀️
@dianehampton214 @CavellTrust It’s super comfy 🥰 xSo I’m not the only blogger in the house, I’m now the proud mum of a blogger and her first blog ❤️ @michelledanks3 @CavellTrust Thank you, you too 😊 @MarciaGore3 @ELHT_NHS @joannemohammed2 @joannegard2 @FoNScharity @bentleybarnes @elhtlibrary I can’t imagine anybody better 🏆 💗Joanne Mohammed has been nominated for a National HEAT Award as a Champion of Diversity, Inclusivity and Widening P…
Retweeted by Zara Head RN QNLoving my #nursesrock T Shirt from @CavellTrust (always wanted to be a model 🤣) great quality and choice of three f…
@StnBecca @WeStudentNurse @StNurseProject please ask! I always need prompting xx