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Assistant Professor of Special Education at Austin Peay State University. I research executive function & reading. Former sped teacher. Book blogger.

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@BatmanateePhD @CampbellCourier Great work!!
President Trump admitted in an interview he plans to block additional funding for the U.S. Postal Service in order…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.Trump Just Admitted He's Sabotaging the USPS to Screw Up the Election the hell out of your spouse is a Class A misdemeanor.
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.This is like Neville Chamberlain claiming credit for all the construction that took place after World War II.
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.College students!! Listen to this important message!!! Tennessee, any felony conviction takes away your right to vote.
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As lawmakers debate a crackdown on protesters, the suggestion that the measure might have applied to raucous anti-i…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.A #tnleg Senate panel just spiked legislation that would have required law enforcement to "clearly identify" themse…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.A total of 6,790 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee had a recent travel history, according to the state Depar…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.Nashville Says Enrollment Is Down Only Slightly, A Sign Parents Aren't Pulling Out Of Virtual Learning | WPLN News… shouldn’t stop at the doors of the schools. It should be everywhere, especially in houses of worship!
Exciting work!! 👇! HARRIS!!! @saraannhart I am glad I tweeted that out! Thanks for sharing the update. I can now update my intro section accordi… @saraannhart Oh no! Let me read that so I don’t mis-cite you! So the quote is inaccurate? (Don’t want to keep it up if it is).This illustrates one of my pet peeves: treating "Harvard" and "higher education" as synonyms. Enrollment is up 1.4…
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@LoriSkibbe The Black Goat @blackgoatpod has some good episodes about academia.
@VesiaHawkins It is!! 🥖 🥯 🍞Today’s bake is a milk bread roll! 😋 Last week, aides and advisers began pondering possible executive actions Trump could take to curb mail-in voti…
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@jarlogan It’s Saturday?Welcome to East TN. @simonpegg remade Shaun of the Dead, he would need to put a scene where a pundit on the TV says: "Don't listen… @kaylab419 @animalcrossing @treytodd57 Get well soon!!!
Enter to win this book and then read my review! The Bone Garden is full of mystery, darkness, and a vivid scenery.… @carigervin Good candidate? @carigervin Yeah, you can tell I haven’t paid close attention. 😂 @horseshowgrad He literally votes against Pelosi for speaker every time and just had a primary challenge...The real question that lingers from tonight: will Sethi take on Bill Lee in two years? Why not?
Now that schools are starting back virtual, here are some thoughts on how virtual instruction and special education… way to my heart. was so moved to hear so many passionate activists and educators I admire on @ehanford’s latest, must-listen audio…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D. @PaulMorganPhD @ehanford @apmreports Thank you! I really enjoyed listening to you - thanks for sharing your personal experience!Another fabulous, must listen story from @ehanford and @apmreports. It's heartbreaking to listen to the stories of… school superintendent in GA says, "Wearing a mask is a personal choice and there is no practical way to enforce a…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.The real question is: do you pronounce his name the correct way or the popular way? is psychologist Rensis Likert’s birthday. On a scale from 1 (not at all) to 7 (very much), how much has he contributed to your work?
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D. @SaraDCorce @seemerle Both look amazing. Why are British shows so amazing?🚨🚨🚨Hey tweeps! I have heard folks say they are just going to take their ballot to the Election Commission because i…
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@joelebert29 @BillHagertyTN How did they get results back so quickly?Big news out of Rutherford County Schools this afternoon: The district announced that the first day of school will…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.Portland, OR firefighter who was drunk and unleashed racist slurs against Nashville hotel clerk suspended for 6 mon… are looking for additional unpublished studies to include in our learning disabilities meta-analysis! Criteria i…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.Switching from APA style to Chicago style... @jarredamato I like this model. @MrsCampbellKL @VPeaySA Unfortunately, it will all be gone before the next time I go to campus. 😂😂 I feel the need for an APSU bake off! @LisaBarron26 That’s an amazing shirt!!! After the pandemic is over, we will all need to bake something.
@tiffany_peltier Of course. On the way now! @SaraJHenry So true! @moore_psych You need this site: Select what you are using and it gives you the right amount. @moore_psych I just bought a scale because my first gbbo bake was so bad bc I was trying to change grams into cups… @moore_psych I thought it was, but now that I read more closely, I don’t think so. This site does a great job highl… @moore_psych How I look when on the hunt for yeast. @moore_psych I wasn’t able to get any until recently. It’s started to pop up at my local grocery store. I feel like… may have used too much Nutella. No regrets.Latest bake: a Nutella bread! Messy but delicious. #gbbo this is what #tnleg should look at in their special session instead of immunity for businesses. was tested two and a half weeks ago, twice in the same day, one in Tennessee and one in Missouri. My Missouri res…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D. @firstresponses @betsytalbott1 @ELWaters @BritishBakeOff That’s so cool! I’ve decided being obsessed with GBBO is the best thing to be obsessed about.This is utterly devastating. Soul-crushing devastating. A President, ignoring reality and responsibility, trying…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D. @tiffany_peltier So true! And it was very fruitful. I wrote up a whole summary of our meeting and was ready to send… @ELWaters Now that is the best IDEA! Done and done! @ELWaters To be honest, Anna is the star baker in this relationship. She’s been making me amazing cakes for a decad… @ELWaters After the pandemic is over, we can have a huge bake off and our partners can reap the benefits! @ELWaters I’ve made a madiera cake and it was dry as can be (messed up the British measurements). Then made a Victo… @VesiaHawkins That’s how relaxing it is. 😃 😂 @elilley07 @peacockTV My wife has been making her way through. She was sad that Prime only had a few seasons, but t… @ELWaters The. Very. Best. I’ve made two GBBO bakes so far and I’ll do my third one this week. I’m obsessed.I finally did it. I watched all available seasons of The Great British Bake Off. I finally accomplished something during this pandemic.
@memangrum There are probably a lot of people who haven't voted since the last presidential election. :)Here's a great quote from APSU's @gibson_dr. Read the rest of her story here: @CBTennyson by inclusion students I mean a college class on inclusion.)As someone with chronic back pain, I could never be in The Great British Bake Off (can’t stand that long). How co…
@LSkae Oh, I would be nervous too. Hoping you stay safe! 😷I had a realization about COVID today, and I think it illustrates just how important it is to have a combination of…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D. @LizBarnes222 Go Blue Raiders! Two time alum here. Welcome to TN! @BradyWilk_Law Having kids wear their winter coats in the classroom because it's so cold. We have all been there!People are talking about the need for schools to have better ventilation systems. Schools can barely heat and coo…
This is infuriating. Grijalva chairs the committee investigating the clearing of Lafayette Square. He wanted his he…
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@kaylab419 Tax free weekend in the middle of a pandemic. 😱😱😷😷Let me get this straight: The only time politicians care about the mental health and food security of students is w…
Co-founder of the Federalist Society says Trump should be impeached and removed from office.
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D. @henryolsenEPPC hi. a falsehood-ridden tweet, President Trump suggested delaying the November election. Election Day has been set…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.While states have the authority to delay their primary elections, only Congress can change the date for the general…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.BREAKING: In a tweet, President Trump raises the possibility of delaying the US election in November, as he continu…
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What’s going to happen in any district when one school basically has to shut down because of COVID but not other sc… @vthings01 @getFANDOM @GRRMspeaking That’s basically what James Patterson does for all of his books. He has a team… MNPS staffers test positive, 18 quarantine after planning session – Tennessee Lookout’s nothing better than the baker you rooted for since the first episode winning the whole thing! #TheGreatBritishBakeOff
Just in: Murfreesboro City Schools has changed its reopening plan. School will still begin Aug. 10, as previously p…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.NBC News: The United States coronavirus death toll has surpassed 150,000.
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.Police: 'Umbrella Man' was a white supremacist trying to incite George Floyd rioting
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This is, effectively, a statement that @GovBillLee does not want to beat back the spread of #COVID19 to a manageabl…
Retweeted by Zack Barnes, Ph.D.Dr. Deborah Birx, a White House official who is among the top coronavirus officials in the nation, says ALL Tenness…
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