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@simplepartial @spjams @phirnis @themodernfolk they did! plus Petty & Cornell covers too (RIP). no, we on our own tonight. @simplepartial @spjams @phirnis @themodernfolk good! got another show tonight. very weird for me as it’s by far the… @spjams @themodernfolk is that the yellow one? @simplepartial @spjams @phirnis @themodernfolk i’m cool with all eras of Bob though. will have to check that one out. @spjams seeing this name a lot lately. guess i need to look into. @pfcidb @MakayaMcCraven yeah but who else but you picks up on that after hearing one downbeatlast night’s cab ride to wrigley, @pfcidb talked chicago underground / experimental jazz with our driver the entire…
@pfcidb @lodasi classic / favorite keltner @pfcidb @lodasi is that Jim Keltner???!! @hikikohoney holy shit that’s messed up @BrownBattery @AbstractTruth i’ll get on it, guys! @AbstractTruth for sure. maybe that was another factor in that i felt like there was no rush to get into her music. @thelangstead @Iheartnoise @3lobed @hissgldnmssr @SteveGunnMusic @woodenwand another overlooked collab —-> Golden Gunn. good call! @AbstractTruth i’ll definitely have to. i just missed the boat there. wasn’t into that sort of music (couldn’t appr… @themodernfolk or maybe things should just cost less..? @AbstractTruth i’ll be honest, i’ve never listened to any of her albums but have heard songs (how can you not?) and know the name. @AbstractTruth this seems almost impossible @julius_orange @Iheartnoise @3lobed good call. totally overlooked this one when making my pick. great album..@woodenwand & the world war IV @phirnis @themodernfolk i haven’t read one since i read the only one i read as a teenager but i remember the top 10… @phirnis @themodernfolk what i think is more offensive is the 90s and onward albums that make those lists. no, neve…
@themodernfolk @AlanMorseDavies much looser sounds for sure and yes, very good backing bands. although he typically… @themodernfolk @AlanMorseDavies the first Palace Bros 7” is basically Bonnie w/ Slint (Spiderland lineup) as his ba… @PerennialBeer are 17 and BA 17 no longer being made? @themodernfolk @AlanMorseDavies that was pre-slint. post would be: King Kong (Ethan Buckler OG bass player), The Fo… @themodernfolk @AlanMorseDavies probably. i’m more fascinated with the number of bands / projects that formed from… @themodernfolk @AlanMorseDavies Tweeze then Spiderland. and a 2-song 10” in between i think. @themodernfolk @AlanMorseDavies check out Tweeze then! totally different. @AlanMorseDavies @themodernfolk the age i was when that stuff was being released all my friends listened to Nirvana… @ZDoom8 @themodernfolk @nightfolkio Interpol was the band i couldn’t think of (hope nobody here is a fan...) @wc_helmets @themodernfolk i hadn’t heard that but that’s a gag! @nightfolkio @themodernfolk @ZDoom8 that’s what i was saying too. same experience. @themodernfolk @ZDoom8 @nightfolkio i’m a pretty big fan so maybe i am biased.. @themodernfolk @ZDoom8 @nightfolkio oh man, i’ve talked to him a few times after shows and he was never anything bu… @ZDoom8 @themodernfolk @nightfolkio and David Pajo (Papa M, Slint, etc). Pajo was also a touring member of some pre… @themodernfolk @ZDoom8 @nightfolkio really? how so? i don’t recall him ever being petty or making remarks toward other musicians @themodernfolk @nightfolkio my younger brother had the Zwans CD and it wasn’t until some years later (after discove… @nightfolkio @themodernfolk no idea about deerhunter but i still cannot believe Sween-dawg and Pajo played in Zwans… @themodernfolk @nightfolkio i could see that being the case. @themodernfolk i heard that billy corgan got all worked up about it and said something like “how many people get up… @themodernfolk he also mentions smashing pumpkins @allthemagazine @andrewweathers @themodernfolk which, i think doing things like that is good for me. re-evaluating things with a cl… @andrewweathers @themodernfolk i don’t think my problem with them was ever the music. more about what they represen… @andrewweathers @themodernfolk far from it, but i’ve been giving them a listen here the last few weeks. @blazey1978 @BrewStuds @TheOrchidShow happy birthday!
@themodernfolk you can hear a lot of influences over a lot of genres on those 2 tapes of yours i’ve been jamming @themodernfolk maybe not bashing, but more didn’t get it @themodernfolk i’m half-kidding. it’s the internet - say what you want! (remember too that this is coming from the… @themodernfolk proud of youuuuu @kdr_2020 @simplepartial i’d like to see him again soon too. @simplepartial @kdr_2020 that’s awesome! btw i’ve been listening to all kinds of live versions of When I Paint My M… @themodernfolk classic song. i really like Pony from that album @themodernfolk @kdr_2020 hey, i don’t always either. nobody is perfect and you catch people in the wrong mood and s… @themodernfolk we would all be luckier than shit to be half the lyricist he is. and that’s not even talking about h… @kdr_2020 @themodernfolk i mean i could get on here every day and be like “so and so sucks.” but what’s the point?… @themodernfolk it’s definitely not for everyone but that doesn’t mean it sucks (not talking to you specifically her… @themodernfolk it’s rampant on the twitts today @themodernfolk why disrespect? @themodernfolk i like Tom Waits. what’s not to like? @themodernfolk ha! i favorited that before reading the whole thing and had to rescind. y’all are on crack. @kdr_2020 @simplepartial how was the show?? @simplepartial Laver! i should have known
@AdvanceBase right on. i think you were right down the walkway from me at the last show at old town (which was an amazing show) @themodernfolk @spjams @phirnis i’ll keep an eye out for those. sounds right up my alley. @spjams @kdr_2020 @phirnis have a blast man! @spjams @kdr_2020 @phirnis i remember the Replacements Let It Be...that was pretty stripped down @themodernfolk @spjams @phirnis respect for Oh Mercy. great album. @themodernfolk @spjams @phirnis idk how i went from Euro 72 to late 80s and 90s dead but it’s working for me. and B… @themodernfolk @spjams @phirnis i’ll definitely give it another go (as soon as i finish all these dead shows from the late 80s...) @AdvanceBase going to see him next month? i haven’t even given the s/t album from May a spin yet... @spjams @phirnis i’m sure for most Street Legal is hardly essential dylan but for me it is. don’t even get me start… @spjams @phirnis i’ll have to give planet waves another go soon. i remember not being too into it though. @spjams @phirnis not a chance in hell. planet waves is okay at best. i do like slow train.including my car, i have 5. @phirnis @spjams i’m really into Street Legal. i should state though that forced to pick i’d probably go with New Morning. @phirnis @spjams Blood on the Tracks > Desire > Street Legal FTW #holytrinity