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I'm 5 mins into this and it's completely insane year anniversary for @somesurprises “serious dreams”! Thanks so much to @EiderdownSounds and @PranaCrafter for s…
Retweeted by Z.On tonight's episode of night shift, I'll be joined by John from @_HEALTH_, masters of noisy cinematic slammers. Th…
Retweeted by Z.Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history' Me:
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50% off titles going fast but still over 500 fantastic titles for a total steal... much less than my cost. Give the…
Retweeted by Z.Touring acts have to deal with a lot of shit heads so be cool to them when they roll through3. Song that reminds you of summer. This song is better than any song Brian Wilson has ever wrote. The solo that h…
Retweeted by Z.The new laundry machines in my building can handle more than 4 articles of clothing at a time, so, yeah, I guess yo… @modernsqueeze I yelped when I saw it this morning @ZDoom8 Teen Brigade had it's final show when I transcended music. Now that I've transcended comedy as well it only makes sense.
Retweeted by Z. @Emceegreg Can't believe your final show is coming upBig diff. between valid criticism and just being an assAn exclusive mix and interview featuring the mysterious, labyrinthine world of @DoomTripRecords! -- plus more goodi…
Retweeted by Z.Looks like those all got used up, so here's some more. All 14 tracks available on April 6th fam ----…
Retweeted by Z.Slime Jazz
@svenllama @DoomTripRecords WowWe were reminded that free downloads can't be added to your Bandcamp collection, so here are codes for the first 4…
Retweeted by Z. @Draakaoru Bless your soulScience fact: 90% of the earth's atmosphere is made of @HVRTSangam
@Rockette_Morton The original: listening @doktorbing You said it not me
Happy album release day to @TheRealYLT Who continue to put out challenging, rewarding, and relevant music with an u…
Retweeted by Z. @HVRTSangam Lmfao SangamFriday night feels goodman.
Retweeted by Z. @ZDoom8 *leaves this planet*
Retweeted by Z. @R0x4ry It's weird. The subject of the interview was announced as Z, but it sure sounds a lot like Travis from Body is my 39th birthday and i am ridiculously close to goal and honestly, knowing yr community supports you is the b…
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@plumbpop Got some ppl like that in this bloodline too. They wrong. @plumbpop Damn - never would have guessed you came from conservatives. Good job gettin out!Sangam is unstoppable
Retweeted by Z..@MarcusJMoore representing Bandcamp Daily on a SXSW panel this afternoon. This quote says it perfectly.
Retweeted by Z.20 minutes til Dying Songs ⬇️ 12-2pm pst
Retweeted by Z."new music soon!" "its grind season," i shout helplessly in2 my own arsehole
Retweeted by Z.#RANewTracks @DiamondsteinAV - Taghut #2
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@jeremy_bible has the best puking stories favourite Stephen Hawking story is about the time Bono got in touch suggesting they collaborate. Hawking wrote back, ‘Dear Bongo. No.’
Retweeted by Z.American Dream Am(ericandre)am
Retweeted by Z.#NowPlaying Mukqs - 'ゾッド'
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The only song I've ever heard, or ever will hear, is "My War" by Black Flag.
AU (Alternate Universe) by @HOTT_MT is one of the greatest pop albums of all time and you can @ me all you wantOh hey. Looks like a couple more tracks from Doom Mix Vol. II just popped up on @Bandcamp... and they're... free…
Retweeted by Z. @equippedwithyou Whoa - I gotta check that out! Loving the new album @equippedwithyou just released an incredible audio/visual experience, and also taught me to eat dark chocolate for…
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY🎂 We celebrate 6 sugary years of TABS OUT by laying waste to our enemies and playing tapes by Gla…
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Some Tapey Goodness Via Dem Spool's Are Out again, via podcast etc......Includes @chikwhite @oxtailrecs
Retweeted by Z.Put R. Stevie Moore in the next Smash Bros.One time a danish band said their tour was “fucked” because they “only got 5000EUR” tour support from the governmen…
Retweeted by Z.Happy 1year Birthday to MAKE IT BE by MOOREFALKNER, finally officially released on CD/LP by Bar/None, 10 March 2017…
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@AlanMorseDavies That's the way @aynrandjuggalo1 Fettuccini Al-NoNo !The Doors were the shittiest of all 90s bands @GiornataNera We need to improve sock technologyThough I love every moment of all our releases from start to finish, tracks like Death Takes a Vacation and The Har… @MirrorKissesVA Best production I've heard in a long timeSince everyone's thinking it, I'll go ahead and say it: The fact that socks are too dirty to wear again after *one…
*producer spends 25 entire minutes working without distractions* tweet: My art is my soul, creativity is the air i…
Retweeted by Z.I didn't expect "sending a box of tapes to Alan Bishop" to be part of my 2018, but here we are.George Clanton is Back™ "Make It Forever" released officially on March 8th 2018 (today) marking the beginning of a…
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@KatuktuCo Definitely worthy of naming an entity after I just realized that I’m at the mercy of random cosmic forces that I can never begin to comprehend.
Retweeted by Z. @olsonpower @mchn_ghst Woo!! @mchn_ghst Recently had my deck serviced, sound quality improved noticeably - less snaps and clicks in the background @mchn_ghst Does it still play the correct speed?
@animalmanlives Bless. Maybe I'll retweet it in 20 years and see if it does any better review of Mukqs on Doom Trip appears in April's issue of The Wire 🎈🙌
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Retweeted by Z. @amaximus167 This is sick
We drinkin' folgers in the clubGloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is punkI missed a "you up?" text in 2007 and i havent slept 8 hours of sleep in a night since. Facts
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