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Z. @ZDoom8 California, USA

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@vuzhmusic Oh shit! I haven't done that side quest yetWe’re going to the west coast this week! All shows with @MirrorKissesVA aka George Clanton - Seattle, Portland, LA,…
Retweeted by Z.The kosmische mic-stand-scarf rock of @somesurprises 🎆
Retweeted by Z.It's a bit misleading to say Terry Riley turned 83 today. That's just his earth-age
People are quite attractive until you get to know them. @AlanMorseDavies Someday! @phirnis Ahhh yes mister the mouse hmm lemme investigate @Rockette_Morton I could see someone wanting to be like superman, but someone wanting to be like Mickey the mouse s… you just gotta torture yourself with a ton of friendly conversationDiscerning ears only. solid rock'n'roll. ⚡️✔️🚬 Rangers - Late Electrics x @DoomTripRecords.
Retweeted by Z.New Contact Wave mix, featuring some of my friends and people who I wish were my friends.
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Headin' to @amoebamusic y'all want anything♫ PREMIERE: @Rangers_Music drops the napalm on @DoomTripRecords via digital/reel release of Late Electrics OUT NOW…
Retweeted by Z. deposit your Crass, malevolent hate-schemes Into the sea, dude
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The debut album by Latvian noise/industrial group 1/2 h 1/2 w - now officially released via @Bandcamp!
Retweeted by Z.Just met someone who was the personification of the phrase, "Sorry not sorry."Sangam - Cogent (ft. Rhucle) @HVRTSangam @Rhucle
Retweeted by Z. @DoomTripRecords @Rangers_Music @ZDoom8 @spinal_bap @modernsqueeze @HoudiniMansions @tinymixtapes @JJStannard
Retweeted by Z.I love that @bandcamp lets people send little notes along with their purchases @tr_v_n @solo1solo @HVRTSangam @Playamaqui @AlexisUrSenpai @modernsqueeze Hell yes
@R0x4ry Write an essay in 4,000 words or less describing what I am welcome for and the committee will review it in 10-12 weeksSomething Very Special and Limited Dropping Tomorrow . Prepare Yourself
Retweeted by Z.They call this a "tape reveal"
Retweeted by Z.I walk into the office. Coworker: What's with the hat? Me: What's with the no hat you absolute g0ddamn mothafukka pos wussy @$$A very happy release day to @Rangers_Music aka Joe Knight - A talented songwriter who's been releasing next-level j… @DoomTripRecords It's comin'
@ZDoom8 @NWIRP is a great PNW organization
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Retweeted by Z. @bshoup The part about the bonds is the best news I've read in weeks @bshoup RAICES, that is; this article is new to me @bshoup Ahhh - thank you for this - I'd seen that particular one a lot on social med the past couple of daysIs there anyone on here who has a strong enough understanding of this disaster to explain whether or not there's an… @HoudiniMansions WE HAVE A CROWEZ DEFENDER IN THE MENTIONS! 🐦 ☀️
@HausuMountain Fair! @HausuMountain Lmaoooo no love for gbv? I ❤️ them both @CitrusCityy Oh yowch I hear ya on that @CitrusCityy On one hand yes. Absolutely. On the other hand, I've had a few where the production / art costs make i… @GoodWillsmith @shokuhin_maturi Ever since I started listening to his jams, when I see medicine that says "take wit… @NatKartoffel Good call - I could turn the music off and leave the fans on instead 🎧
Shout out @Rangers_Music @mattlikestapes I'm glad my brain added the sensationalist "busted" part @mattlikestapes I shoulda known it was youDntel @jimmytamborello - member of the groups The Postal Service, Headset, and Figurine - crafts a new range of tex…
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@GiornataNera Ha yes - the song is rumored to be about the actor Warren Beatty @GiornataNera Ha - It's heavily played on radio here still. It's basically talking about a person who has a big ego… @GiornataNera Hah - do you mean the real song, or this joke version here?🎵 🎶 You're so Mudvayne / You probably think this song is about you 🎶🎵Important @modernsqueeze @Tarkamt_Amoeba: What's in My Bag? Dave Edition! >James Ferraro — Far Side Virtual >Toby Fox — Undertale (Japan Edition) >T…
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@retsoor [muttered from the adjacent stall voice] don't put twinkies on your pizza @R0x4ry Fair enoughOk now they're playing sting so I'm outta here @bill_foreman Perhaps those with walls of heartache around themI don't know what to do with these powersI'm at this bar and I thought they were playing that "shootin down the walls of heartache, I am the warrior" song,… @sarnmusic "Here's your free sample.... OF PAIN"
@sourgout Z's unite @sourgout Yr name's Zac too? @caseyhardmeyer For sure - YSBIM is easily my fav on the album, but most don't compare. @waninon Soon! Less than one week. @waninon thank you for your support!!
@Rangers_Music @DoomTripRecords DESTINY @Rangers_Music @DoomTripRecords Wait is this real - that's awesomehey, guess what? @bandcamp daily turned two yesterday. happy birthday to the best team, who make it a gift to go to…
Retweeted by Z.F'real though, I play background music as much as anyone, but when you just sit and listen, you'll often find the m… now @vinylwilliams ? This dj rulesTfw yr listenin to @KXLU889 on yr lunch break and the dj comes on to say they got Mukqs comin up!!The Wire's most recent broadcast on @ResonanceFM hosted by @JJStannard w/ tracks from @deathbombarc @PAN_hq
Retweeted by Z.Your mix will sound better if you take your shoes off.
EARTHEATER — IRISIRI (PAN 86) out now! (@alexdrewchin) Vinyl/CD shipping in two weeks. ❧ Purchase / Stream ⇢…
Retweeted by Z.The latest email blast from Hausu Mtn not only informed me of a new @fire_toolz LP, it also gave me a line I'm gonn… what we listened to during the making of The Wire 413. Releases from @PAN_hq @SophiaLoizou @DoomTripRecords
Retweeted by Z.Baller Joe Knight aka @Rangers_Music has a track on @thewiremagazine's latest Office Ambience -- Along with some ab… @bill_foreman Exactly. Them, certain Cure albums, Slowdive, etc @bill_foreman Hah - I'm honestly confused. I hadn't searched the dreampop tag on bandcamp in years, and it's all ju…