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Programmer | Dreamer | Realist | Curious | Futurist Mindset | Life Long Learner | Former bad dancer, passionate about coding | @MatricksDeCoder | Stay Positive

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@SpotifyCares @EmmaBostian AwesomeEverything’s now back in tune! If you still need help, send us a tweet.
Retweeted by #ZedZedHope never abandons you, you abandon it. George Weinberg @_CoraGray @ka11away Best wishes to you on this #coding journey @sastadoraemon @ka11away go all the way in your #coding journey all the best @Wamiori @ka11away Goodluck to you @niggah_tafa Goodluck to you from @Zed_GiveAways go all the way @Nosherw21572494 @ka11away Best of luck to you from @Zed_GiveAways @lilian__ny @Zed_Developer following @Zed_GiveAways“Act of giving something to others is an art of flowering your heart.” Vinayak
Retweeted by #ZedZedYou need to be consistent! Coding is about the consistent small wins! I would rather you code for 30 minutes a day…
Retweeted by #ZedZedWhat makes production ML hard? - Cleaning, labeling, and augmenting data - Troubleshooting training and ensuring re…
Retweeted by #ZedZedDay 1 : Started "Machine Learning with Python Certification" course at @freeCodeCamp #100daysofCode #MachineLearning
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If you can’t beat em, join em Neuralink mission statement
Retweeted by #ZedZedThe best thing that ever happened to me as a student was when a teacher told me "Let me get back to you on that. I…
Retweeted by #ZedZedDay 88 of #100DaysOfCode Devise gem worked great! In just a few steps I have a sign up and sign in functionality…
Retweeted by #ZedZedIf I had any of these shitcoins, I’d be selling.
Retweeted by #ZedZed @rantaccnily The more you learn, the more you earn. --Warren Buffett
Retweeted by #ZedZed"This is exciting, as this is humanity's first nearby super-Earth that could harbor life."
Retweeted by #ZedZedDay 45: Learned about Python decorators and generators. Tested myself with some HackerRank problems to gauge how we…
Retweeted by #ZedZedOne day the world will talk about ZelenkoThe problem with this world is you think being woke is falling for conspiracy bullshit or being smart is dismissing… we be cautious but delivered from FEAR This is a sick world!
I am of the view Vaccines are not bad. With a pandemic riddled with drama, lies, deception.. Trust the rushed Co… IN: Gold price hits $1800 for first time in nine years
Retweeted by #ZedZed @kennangle @ka11away Good luck to you, go all the way @soedmund23 All the best to you ... @UsamaAli507 @ka11away good luck to you in your #coding journey @Keshavv_17 @ka11away Best of luck to you on this journey
Chelsea have released their new away kit for 2020-21 👕 Love it or hate it? 👍👎
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Retweeted by #ZedZedHarvard just announced they’re charging the full $50k a year for 100% remote classes this coming year. Maybe kids…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @annaciao Well done on this amazing achievement @GMugiyo Well that sums it all up!!!! @andre_treas1 @News24 Oh my & cut short the SILLY SEASON with large dose of FEAR FACTOR i wonder WHO will not be im… mushrooms could be used to treat mental illnesses
Retweeted by #ZedZed @TeslaratiApp @Teslarati I bought a pair of XL
Retweeted by #ZedZed#100DaysOfCode Day66 3 hours of work and ended up with this base shape of the lady's face. Learnt a ton about the C…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @MbuyiseniNdlozi How can we take seriously people who rush to want to prepare mass graves before preparing infrast… @MbuyiseniNdlozi If the Eastern Cape is already 'overwhelmed' by less than 500 hospitalized either the ANC governme… @MbuyiseniNdlozi Shame on them! To justify global catastrophic pandemic Africa must come to the party represented…
Life has it’s difficult days, it’s always worth it.
Retweeted by #ZedZedWhen you say "I am going to be a developer" you are also saying "I am on a lifelong journey of learning!" #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Retweeted by #ZedZed @CamRo54 @TereBella @Biza4king preaching to the choir @TereBella @Biza4king You are not yet sick and tired. If you were, you would know Blue won't save America @GovJVentura I really wonder too what is so difficult about wearing a mask? @peterndoro Mwonzora anotoita Prime Minister muchingoti hana dhiri kana plan, yet maZimbo tisu tisina plan.. apath… you trust WHO think scientists are apolitical, science is a religion,smartest well meaning, rational, impartial,… @1Knight72 @TMZ I do respect Trump if he were not leader at this time US would be on its knees, I think I think th… @1Knight72 @TMZ I don't support him but many will just coz they want to appear cool I don't like Trump but Americ… West Announces 2020 Presidential Bid, Elon Musk Supports
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With the left, with the right. Mason Greenwood is clinical 🎯
Retweeted by #ZedZedFeels like it has gone under the radar that Greenwood, Rashford, Martial (54) have surpassed Salah, Mane, Firmino (…
Retweeted by #ZedZedHappy 4th Of July 🇱🇷 #100DaysOfCode #javascript #React Created a Javascript Lightning Proof-of-Concept Blockchain…
Retweeted by #ZedZedOle names an unchanged line-up for #MUFC... 👀 #MUNBOU @DHLManUtd
Retweeted by #ZedZedChelsea appointed club legend Frank Lampard as their new manager one year ago today 💙
Retweeted by #ZedZedBREAKING: Japan has secretly begun trials of its state-backed digital yen, lead by the Central Bank of Japan.
Retweeted by #ZedZedDay 35 of #100DaysOfCode never used the Khan Academy computer science resources so going to try those out today
Retweeted by #ZedZedBe a champion in your own life Slay the dragon's in your life. Take the first prize in a competition with no competitionDay9️⃣0️⃣ #100DaysOfCode [unity] ✅ Created another cat. His name is Kage. He was raised by a ninja. I tried to…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @MSkieller What a cover up but not for long after the educated ones are exposed for being dumb zombies and parrots @MSkieller The educated ones i guessThe acceleration at which lies & agendas are exposed. Yet you still get people not polishing their bullshit detec… big studies this past week in support of HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: HCQ/AZ/Zn, 99.3% outpatient survival rate (Zele…
Retweeted by #ZedZedOf dilemnas, shadows,masks, lies and color's of the rainbow Get this It's mostly the nice ones who fool you wi… a time to be alive. More big studies coming. The media parrots the views of the controlling media and the media is a liarMoney & Zombie Games Cheap-> masks,Vitamin C,Vitamin K, hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, dexamethasone etc; they pre… told you for months that hydroxychloroquine was effective against COVID-19. Dr. Fauci and the CDC said that it w…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @tdouglass1969 @CNN @realDonaldTrump @nytimes @washingtonpost #FactsOnlyZombies everywhere 3eme @ te l’offre
Retweeted by #ZedZed @PhiriTofara Chitima chinoendepi nyika isina dhiziri. #ZanupfMustGo @bosswala NHAI @bosswala your country is in tatters are you only going to start saying #ZanupfMustGo when it become… @Nompha5 @MashigoDaisy @starbomb_ #ZanupfMustGo #ZanupfMustGo #ZanupfMustGo
Often times when good things happen we speculate on when “the other shoe will drop”. Being prepared is more than ok…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @renesa_sas @ka11away Good luck to you, go all the way @533_CRUI53 @ka11away All the best to youDon't worry about getting perfect, just keep getting better. This is a lifelong journey and we will keep chasing "…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @ilovekiwiii @ka11away Wishing you the best of luck,go all the way @IMChrisOvrebo @pybites @TalkPython Good luck to you on this #coding journey @Wash_Cryptic @ka11away All the best to you @hightower_erika Sending you love, power and healing @hightower_erika Wishing you strength, healing and recoveryDo not overthink it! Just start and try to improve little by little every time.
Retweeted by #ZedZedThere’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.
Retweeted by #ZedZedIF YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING TO LEARN PYTHON @freeCodeCamp and @ossia has your back! They released the entire Python t…
Retweeted by #ZedZedHilarious Bitcoin vulnerability: because it has on-chain bandwidth roughly equivalent to a 14.4kbps modem, it sees…
Retweeted by #ZedZed @nelsonchamisa The tide is to ride. God Bless ZimbabweWhen you start to Excel, people start to spreadsheet!
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@TeslaOwnersEBay @WholeMarsBlog @romanhistory1 @HardcoreHistory A lot of functionality will happen all at once when…
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Spoke to a room full of PHENOMENAL aspiring developers, I invested in them & I DEMAND to be reimbursed! How can yo…
Retweeted by #ZedZedDefeatED and GoodbyED hoping for the bestLots of tweets that are repulsed by Will consenting to August and Jada's sexual and romantic relationship because h…
Retweeted by #ZedZed 36: Went through a couple challenges and learned more about .map() today on @freeCodeCamp. I also started wor…
Retweeted by #ZedZed#WorldWars- WHO locked down China early but allowed international travel -WHO said there is no reason to interrupt internati… day we will talk about WHO failed the world - WHO said no clear evidence human to human transmission when it wa… no one is interested in - what China is doing right on #Covid19 - why not much has been done to find origin vir…
The power was within us it didn't just nudge us now, indigenous people knew it and wouldn't be breathing in now.