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Inside Out with @wiffygriffy is OUT NOW!!!

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@lophiile People are sleeping on cubase. It’s soooo advanced. Soooo many features that are game changers imo. But u… @lophiile Cubase >>>>>>> @Censor Beast 💪
My cheat meal this weekend is def gonna be a McRibGiving away some signed versions of my favorite apparel pieces from the Inside Out collection. Check out how to wi…
@WARDELL416 ggs my dawg! @McDonalds Come to me. Now.
Do you have what it takes to solve @Zedd's @Minecraft scavenger hunt? @DoodleChaos
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@McDonalds @KevinOGarrett Rib me up, fam.Ayo take a minute and vibe with Russ real quick 😂 @russwest44
Retweeted by Zedd @KevinOGarrett I’m in! @KevinOGarrett I’m so ready. Preparing already.
30% off all items TODAY only!!!! Use code: POP OFF at check out here: @cloudninedavid yessiralmost
If you don’t like South Park, we deadass can’t be friends
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@StudioMDHR ♥️PS: we made a system where I get to listen to them all without knowing who made each remix to make it as unbiased a… @MARRIEDtoZEDD TRULYwe have exactly 666 remix submissions 👹
@Kabajisan Abahahahah
Oops @MeganWellsbury ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.@logitechg gear to be specific*BIG THANKS to @doodlechaos for putting this together!!!!!!!THE INSIDE OUT MINECRAFT SCAVENGER HUNT is LIVE! 10 puzzles, each with a special prize provided by @logitech @OhSnapItsSierra ... after playing Fall guys I’m no longer sure I can identify fruits anymore
@shuu35 @gjg1107 @Xbox on it ☺️We’re verifying to make sure this isn’t a fake account and that the identify in her tweet below is real. If not,…, @gjg1107 you are the winner of the signed NEW @XBOX controller and 6 month Ultimate Xbox Game Pass!!!! @felixcartal can I mix it for u
@EMUHLEET In n out is never not a good idea @slice @Yoroomie That is correct. I do still write me down, I’m just not limited by them ;) @Methodz Jon & Vinny’s is an S-TIER suggestion! @timthetatman Ok - putting tacos in potential winners here. I still have time. We’re talking dinner. @AndyGruhin I might pass on that one, chief @mahomie_ele Carbonara 😍😍😍😍 @slice @Yoroomie Fam do u have any caloric information on your pizzas?Cheat meal today!!!! What should I have???? @bryanaholly Really all you hear in the car is third eye blind
Submission for the INSIDE OUT remix contest is now officially closed! I can finally announce that EACH of the 3 wi…
Making progress 💪
I'M HERE ANSWERING QUESTIONS RIGHT NOWWWW! @reddit is doing his first Reddit AMA today!
Retweeted by Zedd @wowie_allie @forexposure_txt is literally a cash prize @nappyisCRACKED ♥️ @nappyisCRACKED I already mentioned that to my team. I literally don’t even own the rights to my music since I’m s… @nappyisCRACKED I apologize for getting heated. And I apologize for the language in there being so misleading. I’m… @MACKYdubzz @nappyisCRACKED 100% agree it’s super misleading. I have no clue why it is written as is- this is what… @nappyisCRACKED @MACKYdubzz 1) I don’t own the rights to the remixes- interscope does as they own all rights to my… @MACKYdubzz @nappyisCRACKED YES there is! @MACKYdubzz @nappyisCRACKED CAN YOU NOT READ? I’m literally stating that the legal language is there to protect all… @nappyisCRACKED if u’re just trying to get clout and your Twitter coins: congratulations. If u’re actually interes… @nappyisCRACKED For it to be an international contest the cash amount CANNOT be disclosed… @nappyisCRACKED No it’s not. @AstonGryffynn @forexposure_txt I definitely agree the wording could have been done way clearer. But I’m not a lawy… @HeyyyImTy @forexposure_txt @thatonememe21 @forexposure_txt ownership is gonna be interscope, as they 1) gonna release the remixes and 2) own t… @Heroz101z @forexposure_txt Your mind will be BLOWN when u find out what the winners actually get. U can read up on… @MartianMoonCA I agree with you 100%. It saddens me a lot when people talk shit about discord or myself while they… @MartianMoonCA Discord legal didn’t allow us to announce the winner cash prizing for an INTERNATIONAL contest cuz i… @seansontoast @forexposure_txt Because I wanted this to be accessible for ALL countries and not just the US. I don’… @forexposure_txt in other words - discord IS providing an HUGE price for the 3 winners. I don’t understand the lega… @forexposure_txt Discord legal notified us that we could not announce cash prizing because outside of the US you ha…
DOING MY FIRST @reddit AMA TOMORROW! 12pm PST! r/music
That's almost 14,000 miles in a day 😳 @Zedd
Retweeted by ZeddI’m gonna select 1 PERSON who RETWEETS and replies why I should choose YOU to win this signed NEW @Xbox controller… @KevinOlvera22 I’m not scared of clowns 🤡
@realDonaldTrump this is you in a few weeks
@jaredkim Honestly - I’ve been those 4 things all of 2020 @TSM_Myth SPICY tweet my friend. Very spicy.
psa: zedd is looking for remixes of his latest single for a chance at a spot on his official remix pack join his s…
Retweeted by Zedd @xQc Happy bday my dude @tiesto BROTHER. I’m SO HAPPY for you!!!! AHHHH 😍😍😍😍!!! Congrats and enjoy this new chapter!!! ♥️Calling all music producers: @Zedd and @wiffygriffy have announced a remix contest for their @Interscope single "In…
Retweeted by ZeddThree producers have a shot at releasing an official @Zedd remix as he launches a contest for "Inside Out" with…
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ANNOUNCING: The "Inside Out" REMIX CONTEST!!! 3 winners will be chosen for their remixes to be released on…
Retweeted by Zedd @aarongreenberg @PlayStation @yosp That’s the spirit ♥️ @XboxP3 Congrats fam. Amazing work. @shaileebendavid You were also today years old when u found out u can have two different numbers / phone providers on 1 iPhone. @discord @Interscope @wiffygriffy see u fam 💙
To everyone arguing over whether the new Xbox or PS5 is better: THEY’RE BOTH AMAZING!!! You DON’T have to pick a… just came ... #PS5 @PlayStation @Seroton12 @Interscope @discord @wiffygriffy Yessir!! That’s where you’ll post your submission anyway. :) More deta… @PlayVALORANT SOOOOO SICKANNOUNCING: The "Inside Out" REMIX CONTEST!!! 3 winners will be chosen for their remixes to be released on… MORNIIIING @SamitoFPS She made me so mad I stopped playing OW and started playing valorant and my anger issues went away 🤣
@TonyAtamanuik @PresidentShow Omg you’re brilliant ahahah!! My mom sent me this video. Absolutely love it. You legend. @geoffkeighley @XboxGamePass bro... STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC 😍 @ValentinoKhan Let’s game dawg.Where we all want to be rn
Retweeted by Zedd @jakenbakeLIVE @TSM_Myth Boys let me know next time. I’m down for a hike @Jauzofficial @Xbox @Microsoft I will share it with you 😊
@Jauzofficial @Xbox @Microsoft I LOVE youTHANK YOUUUUU SOOOO MUCH @Xbox @Microsoft FOR #GIFTING ME THE NEW XBOX!!!!! AHHHHHH 😍😍😍!!!! AND it has my name on…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Zedd @Rawkus @Corey_OW What are ur sens?? I’m 800dpi, 0.285. ... but I play inverted 😋