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dv zekei @zekeiVAL twitch: zekeival

18 | 🇻🇳 | Radiant | @kanatouu ♡ | cc: @OfficiaIDevour F/A

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@aleksandarosa happy bday goat @fishszns ?????? @kanatouu @Dryft_val @rasi1x I’m 6 ft @premeski_ @alessiavivar @divorcexo @OfficiaIDevour @hrtstopperfan call me daddy @rasi1x @kanatouu @bangzerra ong @yoridere lolololol
@notrxchel it was my fucking mouse fuck that mouseis it possible for a mouse to cause pc problems such as disconnection and freezing?what is wrong with my computer bro. CONSISTENTLY my mouse, keyboard, headset, and mic all freeze, disconnect, then… @OfficiaIDevour middle @suhniiee @ctrrlz @cocoimao @kanatouu ARRGGEUSIDFISNWE @ctrrlz @cocoimao @suhniiee @kanatouu shush go away now I feel weird for commenting that @ctrrlz @cocoimao @suhniiee @kanatouu bro 💀 @suhniiee 99% of the time it’s flirting @suhniiee if the guy friend isn’t close to u like bestie shit, then it’s not platonic @Devyees bring me along 🥲if I win I’m happy for 5 mins and q again, when I lose I am thinking abt it the whole day and night wondering if I’… play league on my acc please i cannot mentally take this game for these missions @OfficiallyComb no @Fixitfe11xx what’s dnii play the best valorant ive ever played in the past 2 days and then today i just cant shoot a person
@reddi1_ im on .24 800 , doesnt really accel until i need to flick or turn to a corner outside of like a 90 degree turn @illyval777 i dont rlly like that low of a sens LOL the micro adjustments feel horrible for me @jellyfish_val im using sarah's settings rn, on my current sens of .24 800 and i kinda like it. like it only accels… yeji simp some pro or a cheater @kanatouu i got good commslive on twitch, radiant bound twitch. tv/zekeival @alvarxz @wilshire VOUCH @itsaerrae OMGGGG @kanatouu @cocoimao @1hruki @tiffanyhpham hi hey hello I’m ur biggest fan @derekvalorant not worth it, they get dirty rlly quick and worn out quick @kanatouu @tiffanyhpham YUS @catgirlna LOL @catgirlna bro what who is sending u nut vidsANYONE WANNA PLAY TFT @TrippyN2L i Wonder how much More u can do for my pc tbh @TrippyN2L Juice me daddyI GOT JUICED TO 8K SO NOW IT’S TIME TO JUICE SOME OF YALLS PC’S FOR FREE. I’m picking two people for a top to bot…
Retweeted by dv zekei @LBuddyWasTaken yeah, im just basing it on his playstyle now @kayvalorant ur so good @BearZ_VAL is that a plat 2 @mynamelimm @jussmonster he hasnt touched pro play in a year, hasnt scrimed in a year, and runs it down forcing every round in ranked. @LBuddyWasTaken i didnt say he was shit before, im talking abt now
@ctrrlz people think rawkus is a worse option compared to zombs and sinatraa and its just a joke to think that rn :D @kanatouu mommy @vinniehacker talent swallowing magician @kanatouu YUS I JUST LIKE THE SONG @karraof @unshtable @kayvalorant @ignovercook VOUCH! @kayvalorant UR COLD ASF I DIDNT MEAN IT IN A DEMEANING WAY 😇 @kayvalorant kay aim training arc @juleevalo @jakeeVAL LMAOOOOOO @Devyees show the whole match history bro @soojais hbd @rosieyay i yoru diffed whoframedme twice hehehehehehehe i had no idea what i was doing+130 on stream, didnt tilt :D
im live til i tilt
Retweeted by dv zekei live til i tilt @kxtieoh @MisfitsGG OMG THIS IS SO CRAZY @TrippyN2L how do u even juice ramanyone know how to fix zoning out when aiming, like i just stop focusing random mid gunfight @kxtieoh OMGOMG @adorbse ??? @suhniiee if it feels too slow up it, but if it’s fine just keep playing wit it and improving
@bohfps @uvsect v @OfficiaIDevour @EchoVisuals_ @seshiriaa_ NOOOOOOO @Benzival i feel like it’s only good for dodging flashes @STYLESY999 atleast for dasnerth there was a mutual thing 💀 @cecesoo_ WWWWraw accel looks tempting but I’m already so fast on .24 800 @suhniiee .12 @cocoimao idk I thought u would have to take the gen Ed classes first @cocoimao u can take only nursing and psych 1??!?? @threeFPS bro… LOLOLOL @kayvalorant @for some reason i got all the icons for free
@catgirlna don’t 5 man rush short lol @catgirlna the smokes legit just depend on what u want the do that round, fight back site or just fight front siteanyone else get all the team ace cards for free?me when tbagging becomes bannable
Retweeted by dv zekei @cloudyerin_ OKAYYY @cloudyerin_ hbdddd @MatchewVal mbs r so expensive 👽 @frostyZK u r literally not allowed to shoot in that game @frostyZK that game is so hard @kanatouu come over >.< @shawno i need this type of hype for my clipsI’m all for having fun in the game but losing is not fun
it’s not a valorant day @suhniiee @devourfuture wwww NOW GONNA HIT RAD TODAY MAYBE TWITCH. TV/ZEKEIVAL @AbramIWNL @Dryft_val yes @Dryft_val @AbramIWNL I would wipe u with the floor (in game) we know how irl is gonna go. @Ban_Val @KnightsGG GL JIT ILL TAKE 2% @AbramIWNL or i mean knights is in 2 hours @sagemommy_69 @jettdaddy69 same >.<