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17 | 🇻🇳 | Radiant | Peaked #57 or 746 rr F/A ign: ZEKEI#ttv disc : zekei#2109 @deeznutsgroup @11aimers

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10 mans into ranked | Top 200 | !sens !crosshair !cock !newvid !rank @wahoooopunch motha @andrwval @wahoooopunch MB @hyunonearth yuh @zoasxo :Ddude i only hit clips on cypher and in scrims LOLi can only frag on cypher dude. @user029810479 eden W
@sundownswrld i hit plat like my first season in then i fell off @sundownswrld games hard asf tho @sundownswrld i miss my r6 days @wahoooopunch OMG MOMMY @FeliIsCool k @yuta_val log off bro. @J2SIE LMAOOOOO GO U @J2SIE oh. @J2SIE down horrend @ttvalanaat np 🙈 @reddi1_ reddi a god @ttvalanaat just don’t 🕺 @PWlNCESSA yeah @11aimers meow @emmuhlol nah @aft6r @AspireUnit gonna bark. @angeIfps LMFAOOOOOOO @linnibu real @Christellehjj don’t fall bro ! @Veyumii no lol xd @NEOGANG_VII Ty @censorablee AY W @skeww_ idk anymore LMAO @censorablee LOL @turtlewurdle goodmorning just sleep lol @kayvalorant stfu @st5ls ikr @snacszn_ range for like 5 click click, then 2-3 dms of just like Bursts / 1 taps yaknow @snacszn_ I look at head and go pew pew 🦦 @cloudyerin_ I tweeted first ur fake to ur fans 🥱 @sadIucas oh @sadIucas 🤨 @sadIucas luwucus @bbalenci_ good morn @cloudyerin_ hit deez nuts in ur mouththx for 800 🦦🕺 @skeww_ all good. @wahoooopunch totally Megan LOL @kayvalorant “I miss Val” @st5ls my time and effort just for nothing to change man @BlanketsVAL I regret it sm but parts of me don’tcan I really say I regret putting my time and effort in, even tho there was some times where I was my the happiest. @derek_val man @ameialuv noti sheesh @swish_val i aint scrimming no plat @urgfkass @ba6 @spencerr_ho @aloeson @loughtv wheres my stream mf @ctrrlz LOL dw im not a scrim menace. @soojais u werent in coach slot :( @ctrrlz mb bro. wanted to aggress A since they always left it open. @1HUNNYU hey @plooful noti @guyogus no no <3 @cloudyerin_ NOTI"ima rush down a" - me the result: @st5ls CLIP @angdownbad :D! @urlocalpiscesgf ellie a W latelyascent b main is my angle. deagle pt2
@FeliIsCool uwu @kayvalorant noti @slonkies XD @urlocalpiscesgf LMFAOOOOO @cuhrisVAL @ashIyne a moment of weakness ignore it. @Saulsrevenge @ashIyne sorry. @ashIyne arf @lolarashix @florscnt @tarik XD @stellariwnl it don’t feel the same mannn @kayvalorant fast ass mf hows hawaiijs thinking abt how I changed my mouse when I felt like I was playing at my prime, now I suck. LOL @D9imyo hi @stellariwnl both @stellariwnl idk just feel like I’m always losing at smtcant compete @wahoooopunch mb
why are the qs on valorant for radiant or any elo ig so bad on sundays @vootmoot oh LMFAORADIANT RANKED GRIND | Top 200 | !sens !crosshair !cock !newvid !rank @yunisdumb LMAOOO.@yunisdumb thanks bro made my morning @NotReduxx wtf u can flash from that far with right click @vootmoot what the fuck 80-90% hsI made myself sad all good 👍🦦 @kayvalorant gn @Veyumii ya say that when u whiff constantly 🙄 @leyyakfps if ur val in in admin, make ur streamlabs in admin too, or try making streamlabs admin in generalXD
grinding alt 4 fun | !sens !cock !newvid @florscnt will be the next tenzPosted my first yt vid ♻️&❤️ appreciated <3 thx @stellariwnl
Retweeted by zekeiZEKEI DEGEN HOURS RANKEDDDD | !sens !cock !newvid
Retweeted by zekeiZEKEI DEGEN HOURS RANKEDDDD | !sens !cock !newvid @holyFPS @stellariwnl <3