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dv zekei @zekeiVAL Riot ID: zekei#hts4k

18 | 🇻🇳 | Radiant | @OfficiaIDevour @plusvt F/A Pro Valorant Player For ??? For Inquiries

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t2 pro 10 mans twitch. tv/zekeival @chloowin idk u bro chill @COLBEEval @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour says u!! @miriruoo @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour IM gold rank too!!! @Slytherious @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour hai @chloowin OMGGGGGGG CHLO VIDEO!!!ILOVEUIHATEU like & rt pls :d
Retweeted by dv zekei @jeshivlrt @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour twitter blue + changing quality @chloowin @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour slay queen @AeroValorant @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour LMFAOOO @jeshivlrt @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour yessir @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour Higher Quality: Like and RT 😡 @plusVT @OfficiaIDevour @Dasnerth go play west and see how fun it is plz
@Yohn u and all ur girl friends @yuemmiie leave again @jakeeVAL grinding top 10 10 man leaderboard @kxtieoh actual weirdoOfficially partnered with @SkyPADgg 🌩️ Use code "Plus" at checkout for 10% off!🛒
Retweeted by dv zekei @chithetree @aryhnval how the fuck. @ValorCentral yes @ValorCentral 0.125 1600 HTS+ 4K Artisan Hien Soft 240hz 2070 5800x @arabcnnie Valorant @uvsector @SkyPADgg FIRE WTF @chithetree @aryhnval dude.. @COLBEEval @Joshuma_ I love never winning 🔥🔥 @COLBEEval @Joshuma_ GGWP @cindur 😭😭😭😭 @Xeetii @Joek1ngTV I think I’m the problem then @cindur WHY DOES IT HAVE A STAIN 🔥🔥🔥 @cindur fat shaming is crazy @Joek1ngTV @Xeetii how do u win @Add3rTV @amiehrt @kay1an_ LEGO set and build tgtotherworldly 6 bullet sheriff ace
Retweeted by dv zekei @playgirllashley @akdbdhwj OMG SHES BACK !!! REAL ASH @MMELlSSA @shayluiciano get this shit off my tl @KnightsGG KNIGHTS ZEKEI @ang22la 😭 @miriruoo oh no walls !!! @lem0nbb do better @Dogo_VN Yeah? @miriruoo so swag gang 🤞 @jor4c WHY R U MOVING UR MOUSE LIKE THAT ARGEGJAHAGS @miriruoo 😰😰😰 @lem0nbb 😭 @OneSnipeKO play 10s tmr @Yohn Name is aram @Joek1ngTV @exavlrt gts bro @codyjnguyen oki tmr when admins awake @jehryz @plusVT W @miriruoo IM SORRY @6syfi idk put em in my mouth @_routers @_routers sign up for district 10 @AeroValorant tbh I say fix ranked but then again I wouldn’t even know how to @AeroValorant yeah, and ur doing it amazing for t3 and low t2. WE WILL BE SEEN @awhppa real shit ranked is prob in its worse state atm due to past issues + the 10 man stuff going on @eVoL_FPS Gamesense radar, Saturn pro, gsr rougethere’s a 10 man server for every tier now, we keep this going we go big 😁 @_Od26 how did u start working out @cohburg join the 10 mans @Add3rTV stinger is literally not balenced bro. I started practicing with it and u can legit beam people so easily 😭 @jiyuval_ no ranked is just terrible10 MANS ARE SO FUNN 😊😊 @22cired @SenteroGOD im talking abt comp play, like micro coms
@khanartistval @Prainexx yeah I get too like passive in situations where I know I need to 50:50 but I wanna stick to igl plansim in 3 diff 10 man servers, which one will prevail!!!!! @Dogo_VN @ion2x_VAL man. @Torrify_ idk LOL @Torrify_ banger @clearfps GG @Dogo_VN @ion2x_VAL can i be ur water boy @CloudeyVAL like the scene is literally abt proving urself too, just prove urself 😭😭 @jackcashew Team dies, I got B 😎 @Prainexx time to learn 😈 @Prainexx I feel like I have most fundamentals for duelist, except like comming plays. I think I stick to igl plan… @jackcashew LMAO @vapenfps BIG DUBShow to get better at “playmaking” on duelist @psalm ME @Yohn .. I’m sorry. @Yohn how do u have contact with so many girls and bag none 😭😭😭 @Add3rTV can we Duo when I’m home @clearfps ur #1 in my heart @AeroValorant @itzHernando @f1ukie I vouch Hernando he ma t2 dickbuddy @Yum07__ @cecefps @MungusDGiant also most people don’t really know how to “com” if that makes sense but it’s obv mo… @AeroValorant real shit tho, gj on the server <3 @AeroValorant Put me on the counsel, I’ll deal with these guys for u 🤓 @Prainexx my math class was graded on a curve, but everyone did so normal that the grading scale was legit the same as standardguys who cares if it’s “glorified ranked” I’m happy just having 5 people trying to talk and play somewhat as a team 😭 @ZexRow @TrickAIM 0.25 u hit that shot @_Od26 :-:LFT POST Unfortunately, parted ways with MCT esports. I'll be taking a week or so break. -t2 exp -pref duelist /…
Retweeted by dv zekei @sniperiwnl omg me !! @RossyUA Ty @KOLER1337 @zekkenVAL real @CallMeChetti GSR mousepad ty @Jonaaa6_VAL @yongwoon_chris @SkimVal @vinnerwinner @nillyazVAL @Lear_VAL 😭😭😭