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zekken @zekkenVAL New Jersey

16 year old IGL for @NobleGG #StayNoble

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300 likes and we leak zekkens face
Retweeted by zekken @jusgetclxpped maybe tonightsike y'all never seein me lmfaooooo @HitBox_Hiros @MLGAnakin @L4st_v1 @SoaRGaming @TealSeam nahcasting winners semis with @L4st_v1, they're making me use my webcam so face reveal lol @fgbVAL this is also true @mythicaaaa maybe i just got lucky with the stuff i got thendon't get why people care about peripherals so much, up until a month ago i've been playing on the same razer produ… @zekkenVAL
Retweeted by zekken @crunchyyworld i played that 100% correctly wdym @FrostyValorant wed farm unlucky @FrostyValorant still in school unluk @FrostyValorant when is it @crunchyyworld soon hopefully our double duelist doesnt loseneed someone to carry me through life the way @crunchyyworld carries me through ranked @lmaoitsadam ye ill get back onfirst stream in a lil bit @CommunityGaming Semi-Finals Casting Pairs for Tomorrow πŸ‘€ --- @FlippyBitsGG @etohKP @L4st_v1 @zekkenVAL ---…
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@NlBBLER @bountyesportsgg @MLGAnakin @CommunityGaming @plat1numOG @Schovee @ctrrlz @fletcherrVAL @TeddyTran_ @_Bewd i wish πŸ˜” @bountyesportsgg @MLGAnakin @CommunityGaming @plat1numOG @Schovee @ctrrlz @fletcherrVAL @NlBBLER @TeddyTran_ @_Bewd… @fireballops @TheeTonyV @Agr0fps @ShiftyVAL @CarbynVAL @chiwymiwy #2 and #2 πŸ˜” @Karizmahkv @ItzBoltzy ego πŸ˜” @RealStrongLegs @Vanityxz gonna play ranked time to turn my brain offi wanna drop 50 on everyones head its just something i need to do @mythicaaaa thats the most heartwarming shit im so happy for yall πŸ˜”
2-0d @Shanks_TTV in rock paper scissors im next up πŸ™πŸ’― @harmfoo keep it goin brother @chloe_hime7 vouchgotta be faster than that old man @frostyZK this man bouta farm the whole scene
@JasonPalafox @theKingFPS_ king noob @nurfed25 WELCOME TO THE CLUB BABY
Retweeted by zekkenNotice anyone... Out of place? πŸ‘€ @etohKP @FlippyBitsGG @L4st_v1 @zekkenVAL @CommunityGaming Premier Series #2 wi…
Retweeted by zekken @GoldfishSlimestalemate @frostyZK @frostyZK right as im bouta sleep ill deal wit this score tomorrow LOL @frostyZK a lil friendly competition never hurt anybody >:) @frostyZK its your turn again big homie @rizajpg rihzuh clean @ventureYNB me. you know this @crunchyyworld sova is the only acceptable one trick at this point, gotta have some variety in ur gameplay imo @ItzBoltzy we like to pretend u dont exist @ItzBoltzy im an only child mf @rizajpg last weekend @lmaoitsadam @uwugangpat pat i made a new tweet @SISHENNN halfFACE REVEAL BEFORE NOBLE MAKES ME DO IT
@ItzBoltzy im just lettin em rip rntheres definitely a person out there whos matching profile pictures with himself on an alt account going "got the gf buff watch out πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“" @TrickVAL @Apex177 loved having you on the team man best of luck in future VCSes πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @theKingFPS_ i know this is you because you never get more than 20 kills im so proud @_madisonVAL πŸ™πŸ™ @ItzBoltzy wdym this my best one yetpee my pants so im always drippin πŸ—£οΈπŸ’―πŸ˜³my headset died and resurrected call it Jesus @LeviathanAG galleria phantomTo celebrate hitting 1,000 followers I will be doing a $100 GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is follow, retweet and com…
Retweeted by zekken @soojais @frostyZK didnt 1 tap the last kill smh
@rizajpg @NobleGG @PrecisionVal LOLDon't listen to what the others tell you, join us and @PrecisionVal on the Dark Side. #MayThe4thBeWithYou…
Retweeted by zekken @menace_val @ScrewFaceVAL @NobleGG vouch swagner @Governor_Val @NotLuckieVAL @LeviathanAG whyd u violate the man like that LOL @chaseVALORANT happy birthday πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ @Moechillasama ill only blur your name in the first clip @chloe_hime7 the bag comes first πŸ™ @vinnerwinner young vincentmade a montage with some clips from the past month :) @ItzBoltzy @KOLER1337 no. @bangiwnl i was therecant wait for the school year to end i want to get a lot better
SERIOUS CAREER UPDATE: @Apex177 has beaten @LeviathanAG in a Clash Royale 1 vs 1. @janglerr i love you
@ItzBoltzy @Korsonix 🀷🀷🀷 @SapphireR6S cap @povdub only rumble from now on πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™… @SapphireR6S @p0isonedyt ur a distraction for one reason and one reason only @vinnerwinner when the school years over we'll seeone of these days ima cut out all the distractions and outwork everyone @leaf_cs @version1gg demon @Vanityxz @Cloud9 YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THE VIDEO GAME @mintaims @pnasty @seangares bro?
@Tilloo_ LETS GOOOget in here fellas @sevvn same
@SammayTV oooo hit a dougie oooo hit a dougie @ChoboMe happy bday πŸŽ‰ @kyvrex shhhthe stanky leg
@crunchyyworld drop da routine?short stream chillin @InstigativeFPS all good dwi just wanna help my mom im not here for the extra shit
@Governor_Val @MWGFitness give him the opportunity to compete, i want tempo on ez5 @Governor_Val @MWGFitness this is simply not truedodge tempo#awp @Governor_Val @MWGFitness can vouch @theKingFPS_ please leave the instalocking raze on split to me @Karizmahkv @HitBox_Hiros VOUCH @vinnerwinner @SeekerValorant vouch hes handsome