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@empatheticcain @drawin_casscain Oh yeah they're both good for her for sure~ I personally j ust enjoy the "inheret… @drawin_casscain yep. Both really work in perceptions. Cass is great @elgoonishshive I mean she did re ally grind some exp for a while. Even if she didn't want to. @drawin_casscain Also I think its one of the cooler outfits! This is an adorable comic @drawin_casscain I will forever prefer her as Orphan over Batgirl or Batwoman, etc. I loved that it was a title sh… Hunter's Zinogre (ジンオウガ) , Lord of the Fireflies.
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You are what you eat. Feast on the new trailer for #Venom: Let There Be #Carnage, exclusively in movie theaters thi…
Retweeted by Zachary MorrisRHYTHM EMOTION/TWO-MIX 「新機動戦記ガンダムW」OP2(1995/04/07~1996/03/29、テレビ朝日)
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@Wikimon_news I haven't seen them yet... name wise jellymon is adorable soundingGT isn't bad, but I would have loved it if it was Goten Trunks and Pan and they'd left goku's plot out entirely. T… @animesongbot_2 I actually think GT isn't bad. But I would have loved it if it was Goten Trunks and Pan and they'd… @animesongbot_2 I never noticed Satan in a space suit there.... Also Chi Chi finally got her license! @RPGSite I love me .hack games @damnyouwillis Weird but enjoyableLina Inverse!
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@SEGAForever You know what would be f antasic? Shining Force 3, with all 3 scenarios released with the same old ae…'m opening commissions again and will let it open for months! Thank you 🥰
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @RPGSite I played this a lot too~Phantasy Star Portable first released on this day in 2008. It offered four-player co-op play on the go, and a story…
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @PowerRangers @therussellcurry @HunterDeno_ @Moyalawn @chanceperez 90s always. though i like 21's red ranger jacket… @erikaishii Hold up. Sword Shop? You owned a sword shop? @Dotemu Yes legit fantastic @SailorMoonOoC That was a hella slapp, flipped them @SailorMoonOoC Why is that so funny
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @SarahHUANG2 Yay. adorable @SquareEnix Yep. I tend to value more the older stuff but i'm a SE fan. Of note.. without context this sounds lik… @UnaliqNanuq @oxcoxa That samus one is real nice @animesongbot_2 Ah.. Beserk pretty great. incredibly dark though. and sadly forever unfinished.Curtains up on our shiny new logo for The Muppets Studio! Keep an eye out for it on new projects like Muppets Haunt…
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Retweeted by Zachary Morris @Alien_Theory @BartleSquartle Eh. Bad or not, the key is to enjoy it~ just gotta find folks who aren't butts about it) @AliensFireteamE @Alien_Theory Are those like BOT teammates for when no one else is p laying?🖤 outfits Stockings 🖤
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Retweeted by Zachary Morrisあっぱれ #がんばれゴエモン35th
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @erikaishii @TheCameronRice Need one of t hose Dragonflame rods. So cool. @eastasiasoft @rainbite @katcat_katty🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 This week, we’re offering 1 physical LE (PS5 or Switch) and 5 codes for Trigger Witch! To Ente…
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @erikaishii Such a good movie.
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @roadtothemax @randomsakuga yup. that they are. Doesn't mean I don't think it has some 9tail influence in the art.… @randomsakuga i always loved how her chi fists kind of looked like 9tails.Key Animation: Tokuyuki Matsutake (松竹 徳幸) Anime: Naruto Shippuden (ナルト 疾風伝) (2010)
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @CertifiedIdi0t Yeah, but not enough roll~ @shamaIama @BATTLE_ATHLETE neat lookin @animesongbot_2 90s animation is just the besty'know/プリス・アサギリ the same 須藤あきら 「バブルガムクライシス TOKYO 2040」OP(1998/10/07~1999/03/31、テレビ東京)
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@HarxMLeth Gravity rush? @tombrivia I should indeed find it at some point. Comic shops are ..far... i need to look into that digital service~ @nade_gata nice touch on the fangy teethI drew them both. #Batgirl
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @tombrivia Is that a sharktapus in the second pic she's fighting? also cool armour designs.
Good morning! ☀️ (via #GundamWing)
Retweeted by Zachary MorrisI drew the purple one
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @drawin_casscain I will always love the p urple on black aesthetic @LilFormers Fraggin fantastic. also.. extremely hard for Montoya to explain to the PD. I forget how they swung it @Alesz01 Ok this is awesome... and now I wanna know what pokemon~ I dunno most of the ones outside of classicWanted to draw my favorite Pokemon!
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @SailorMoonOoC I will always prefer Uranus in a suit~
@pvl_pxl Such pretty purple @LilFormers A couple.. but so f ar less common as far as I can tell. Exception to rules. though that said I don'…
Key Animation: Shuu Sugita (杉田 柊) Short: Pokemon Special Music Video: Gotcha! (BUMP OF CHICKEN - Acacia) (2020) F…
Retweeted by Zachary MorrisQuick colored sketch of X ,unleashing a hyperbeam. Haven't drawn him in a while,so this was fun. #CAPCOM #MegamanX
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Retweeted by Zachary Morris @80sHorrorDoc i love it giid bad monster movie @JesseCox @SquareEnix @FF_XIV_EN @Wikimon_news AKA Blasted a baddy into nothingness and gave it a restart
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @Dewndeym Super nifty @RealMickFoley Accurate. @arakisbasement_ @dark_tetra @katcat_katty Feel like y ou'd find this relavant.Kamen Rider Kiva (2008) Episode 28
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @minmin_157 Starmie and Psyduck are adorable. I miss Misty.Grimm Eclipse - metroid Edition
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @norafawn @Kermittend kind of adorable. I lack all context though, @Nagrolaz I'm a fan of the snarky aesthetic there @Sagicmanioka @jlist Thanks @jlist No clue what this is from. Uses violence as part of the st ory? I think Cowboy bebop and Outlaw star use it… @TheSphereHunter Kind of look like a jrpg protag rather than comfy.
メタルスラッグとフィオちゃん #MetalSlug
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @Mangaminx I'm hping that'll happen with Swat Kats someday @JPSWITCHMANIA @Konami💣 SUPER SWITCH GIVEAWAY 💣 Let’s make this a super weekend by giving away a copy of Super Bomberman R from @Konami
Retweeted by Zachary MorrisClassic Greymon vs Parrotmon Hosoda chose Bolero because the way the orchestra intensifies as the underlying tune…
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @Touyarokii I'm more into the older stuff. Late 90s early 2000s? Slayers, Yuyu hakusho, sailor moon, Outlaw Star, L… old anime that was pretty good but I never finished. Weirdest name ever.. but also pretty fun. Also one of my…'t no party like a summoning party. Which summons are you most excited to unleash on foes for the first time in…
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @tokugifs Oh man. I fee old @jlist Toonami yoThe look today is, a little goth gamer, a little final fantasy.
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @TheSphereHunter I love it.
@ColorWare @LogitechG yes yes it does @HarxMLeth healthy to do
@Quasimodox Dynamic
Retweeted by Zachary Morris @click_burgundy I will forever love those gauntlets @ThatKevinSmith I weirdly want that unmade script to be animated now.