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@ghsxt What @pdotsully @bil_cipher @BakeHatesItHere this tweet has more replies than ur "why does this have 40 like" @pdotsully @bil_cipher @BakeHatesItHere Damn you even got ratiodRt if its a banger🔥🔥 @CornerPeaches Oh ok @smitsmit_ @velocity Season 10Link if you wanna support tik tok lemme know team? @CornerPeaches @CornerPeaches Oh shit I just realized this was a very bad reply so I will delete but also who tf is marvinOfficer: sir we are looking for a white male on the run, have you seen anyone suspicious? Me: no sir, but can I get… @gabyeee13 @TheCondomFish No scam here @gabyeee13 @TheCondomFish @CornerPeaches @denis69420 And that's when I retweetgood for him he got out of a relationship with a girl that checks who he follows
Retweeted by Kritical liked 457 of your tweets and also @denis69420 Banger @bil_cipher Hmmm nut cheeseI just want everyone to know that although I liked this tweet I dont support trump in any way but I'm just supporti… @TheCondomFish @matthewmccartha Tbh nofap has some credibility @IhaveAutist @CallMeJefferyMa @NotMystxc @bil_cipher @CrypticNo Notopbutok @byeteej @liImorg U can't stop watching huhThis is the funniest shit like bruh imagine talking to ur daughter like an eboy swear I always wanted to share this but I never knew how. Also when u click on the sound its goddamn hilarious ho… thing I've ever made but watch pls
@xRazorEXE Rip #razorhasnoballscanwegetanfinthrchat @xRazorEXE Cock @xRazorEXE #nationalnudesday @xRazorEXE Did I say I was speaking French? Wee wee pics, now @Moristiko Dude u spell the word "gorgeuos" like this: "fat" @xRazorEXE Wee wee @goodbeanaltalt 17Eww I sound like shit @rxdycapalot @marcusy_ Quackity @xRazorEXE Stfu porque tu es un puta @MyFavsTrash I mean like as a fashion piece its ok but this is not the time @xRazorEXE Is that a good anime? Also is anime good? @xRazorEXE I don't speak baguette noob @rxdycapalot @marcusy_ Hi Rudy how's ur quack @KeepItRealLuke @HotepWithit That reddit story💀 @xRazorEXE Ah, baguette mesiour @marcusy_ This is why I say mf. I'm a white penguin @marcusy_ Lmao like 90% of the people who tweet the n word r white af on this site @CallMeJefferyMa @NotMystxc @bil_cipher @CrypticNo Yo if he's your man why u wanting him to get some? @xRazorEXE Ah, burrito con asada seniorito @xRazorEXE K waiting @libzy_ @bil_cipher @CrypticNo Not my proudest fap... @xRazorEXE Senior* @xRazorEXE Taco seniot @Mlord7000 There was a girl who helped a guy kill himself. You sure buddy? @bil_cipher @CrypticNo Apparently not @bil_cipher @CrypticNo @earbudmadness @marcusy_ 9 daysUtilicé un traductor para escribir esto 💙😜 @bil_cipher @CrypticNo You mean trevor @marcusy_ Like a good follower, I see a funny tweet and I retweetbout to buy one of these mfs, i haven’t slept good in a while
Retweeted by Kritical liked 457 of your tweets and also @SpiIdefrMann New @ who dis @lsaiaz My mom did too its hopefully gonna be ok if she doesn't have any issues then she'll likely survive like my mom @marcusy_ First tweet of the day damn @MadBoii_ @McCommrades That period at the end is cold @Co1azo @PlaIism Yo lets all brick wall her @_jessssrn @trillwtf @FleaYT @Froste The office is on topBro?? @MordecaiFuture when @TaZeify used to make bangers? 😔 @TaZeify @FaZeMew Taze thinking about faze huh?Omg I support me let's go guys #pog @pdotsully U rn @MordecaiFuture hoo someone stole your tweets? This dudes gonna steal my whole ass name bruh @MordecaiFuture I made it this way to add some shock to some looking at their notis for the first time @MordecaiFuture Look at my name @MordecaiFuture How do I get into the park @MordecaiFuture Bro didn't u have 80 followers like a week ago how do u do it?? @MadBoii_ @Faketapwater @MarkAssBrownie @xIcyEXE ??Why can't I play arena? @Pixxel28 That was just shocking once I realized the jokeSorry guys if my tweets are bad recently Because of quarantine i can only tell inside jokes
Retweeted by Kritical liked 457 of your tweets and also @Pixxel28 Oh my God. @Pixxel28 @Pixxel28 This was the most unfunny and shitties reply I have made ever @Pixxel28 Bruh I'm joking but thx for the link (I wouldn't have put a space between no) @Pixxel28 Jk pedophilia is not funny I bet u use racist words like "karen"... you are probably a nazi #canceled @Pixxel28 N o @The_Popcorn_Man Got uScrew good morning, have a great one @officialmangoo1 @CrypticNoOne Thats not nice mango take it back or you don't get caprisun @pdotsully @CrypticNo I'm not a white hoe I'm a penguin quack quack bruh @pdotsully @CrypticNo Rookie number imo @ahmedanimations Lmao I don't mean an actual gang ofc its more like "gm gang" but since I got a penguin pfp the words go well together @TheCondomFish2 Bro ur actually pretty funny and probably have more qualities than you realize. Just ask us friends… when I think about it FBI Agents in Islam (and also all Abrahamic religions possibly) are our guardian angels e… @ahmedanimations Omg is that my #ganguin??What the hell it was my first birthday ever and NO ONE bothered to bring cake?? bro why did this doctor slightly cut my head (my mom said it wasn't bad at all) and then fucking put a band aid on it bruhJust saw picks of my PP literally minutes after I was born why did my aunt keep filming wtfBro what the hell if you play a football game with your friends there ain't no skill based match making when its fo…