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@wraithxzx wraith with the big brain theories, lmk if it works tho πŸ‘€
@_Kouf @ashIyne @CloudeyVal vouch, mf handsome af @pkrFPS Bro there was this one dude with a huge ass CO2 can running around with his smg blasting baby shark shooting everyone 😭 @sadIucas Now this is just facts Lucas.i love how every valorant team shit talks their smokes player
Retweeted by Zenos @LouVLRT_ If you're lurking to find a pick and gain info for your team to rotate, it's not baiting but if you're lu… airsofting today and killed 4 kids camping in a room, mfs were scared for their lives πŸ˜‚.@DriosVal @DriosVal @MoonKillerYT Vouch so fucking hard!! @MoonKillerYT Sadly. I'm not a real gamer!We out here getting warm n shit
Bump, still doing project roster but open to any decent trials πŸ˜€
@DriosVal @Chrom1e @FraggVAL you're actually dreaming rn @Chrom1e @FraggVAL @DriosVal yea, he doesn't actually have online class, he has online zoom dates with her @Chrom1e @FraggVAL @DriosVal drios alr has one, he just hasn't told you yet @Chrom1e @kanatouu @DriosVal vouch, he makes a mean burrito
Retweeted by Zenos @mintaims @SoarJM @nixx11_ ofc i'll be grinding elder scrolls online all night 24/7 so ill be the maid ;) @mintaims @SoarJM @nixx11_ fax come over RIGHT NOW 😏 @SoarJM @nixx11_ fax, my house is like a mansion out here in brampton bro @nixx11_ @SoarJM nah fam fawad to brampton for a smash lan and i got an extra king size bed with a/c and 24/7 maid service 😳
Had a long heartfelt conversation with @777eeiu and he told me if this post gets 1k likes and 50 rts hes gonna star…
Retweeted by Zenos😎
Retweeted by Zenosthe duality of man. @CloudeyVal i should get a chain for the promo, gang, gang, gang @rxedyn nope @rxedyn ok. @Sw1ftt__ ty @extrnal played all three of these πŸ₯²need some singleplayer games to play, give some plz πŸ₯²attempting to solo q
LF 2 for project roster with @ZenosVAL and @_Kouf -Need Sova, Smokes, or Flex players -Need an IGL -Must meet next…
Retweeted by Zenos @SoarJM Bro it's been so long and they just did it like wtf @SoarJM 😭😭😭 AIN'T NO FUCKING WAY @SoarJM what the fuck it weird that a 2.5mg melatonin gummy hits me harder then a 5mg gummy lol @whosmicheIa @KittenAimers @DriosVal
still working on a project but keeping my opportunities open. DMs are open @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral
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@wraithxzx Sorry for your loss wraith, hope you're doing okay and make sure to keep your head up β™₯️ @DriosVal no evidence! @DriosVal what's happening here? @rxedyn @xternalTV cmon man you gonna let him talk about you like this?? @rxedyn am i not right? @rxedyn just op crutch like you always do and you'll drop 30 with that pingπŸ‘½
@nixx11_ mf how am i supposed to know you can adjust the order you waste yuteong this song goated, had to re-add it to my playlist so it would appear at the top @DriosVal @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral looking for to3/to4's mainly might be open to a project. I play Sova/Smokes and can flex to other agents for th…
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@magst30 @1veloo @DriosVal @MoonKillerYT i like what i see vel, good job! @DriosVal bro i haven't been on youtube or spotify in so long and i dont follow music on twitterayo don toliver dropped a new album?? @MoonKillerYT @DriosVal πŸ˜‚
@MoonKillerYT @DriosVal is making one i heard! @VibesVAL fam im sick af today too, got the whole package 😭 @MoonKillerYT @DriosVal Drios rn @SoarJM Fr @MaanishVLRT @wraithVAL We literally watched hill house and Bly manor at the same time @MaanishVLRT Watched all of those except midnight mass and Alice borderland but will start them fs @YoloVAL_ Ooooh Michael cera is in that show, ty @Pix_VAL Watched that a couple months ago, I legit got nothing to watch 😭 @BayonetVAL Literally finished it the day it came out 😭 @abcDroid_ Bettt, I watched season 1 but got busy and forgot to keep watching, will definitely give it a watch again @CoachEnigma @COCOfps_ Bet, tyty @CoachEnigma Already watched, didn't end up enjoying it.Fuck man, after I finish rewatching squid game, I need some new shows to watch. Any suggestions πŸ‘€ @Inf4mousEnergy Not too complicated and it adds alot more stuff into the game with it being barely any harder. @Inf4mousEnergy It depends on what you wanna play, there are some extreme ones that take forever to start but this… @Inf4mousEnergy You should start a Minecraft server πŸ‘€ @rxedyn @rxedyn Wow, you are so good at this game, can you teach me how to play? @DriosVal @MoonKillerYT @DriosVal @MoonKillerYT Ayo wheres my he- 😏 @MoonKillerYT @DriosVal @DriosVal you have to be joking right @V0NNSS @Chrom1e πŸ˜‚
@MoonKillerYT @Itsburtonn sorry, got too excitedπŸ₯΄ @SoarJM @DriosVal @MoonKillerYT @_Kouf @MoonKillerYT @_Kouf @DriosVal he's crying in class rn no cap @Boom_fps bro chill that was my first game with all new settings man @MoonKillerYT @_Kouf @DriosVal AWWWW IS DRIOS MAD LOOL @MoonKillerYT @_Kouf @DriosVal assist to the assist of the ratio @DriosVal @DriosVal THEN SHUT UP BITCH! @DriosVal ok join callHad a new mouse, sens and res today and liked it way more than my last settings, G Pro Wireless came through for me.
@MoonKillerYT @DriosVal nice photoshop, obviously not real @MoonKillerYT @DriosVal he ain't my mans, stop the cap. @MoonKillerYT i wonder... @MoonKillerYT woahhhhh i am not a drios fanboy, YOU ARE @MoonKillerYT JK CONGRATS! @MoonKillerYT hmm so you're saying i should unfollow and get you to 1,399??Welcome The Next Chapter of FLu Valorant! πŸ§ͺ πŸ‘€: @VEN500 πŸ‘€: @cadet11_ πŸ‘€: @okayNoli πŸ‘€: @BlanKValorant πŸ‘€:…
Retweeted by ZenosTrying out the G Pro Wireless today, let's see if it lets me down or not!