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the only zen you will find here is the zen you bring.. Nevermind....

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These two say hullo. terrain to walk on today. What a landscape. at bar . Oz style. C outside.
Something I taught my 7 yo on the way to school: Don't underestimate how many people you can help. One person can h…
Retweeted by zenrainman @LifeTimeCooking Wow. Thank you for sharing this.McKenna's gold , terrain. people occupy this space since 50,000 years. A living heritage. the Kata Tjuta trail. Kata Tjuta. @huitziltzin Came for a conference, looking around now.
Sunrise , Uluru. 4 beautiful spiritual place, Uluru. 3 once again, the centre of the 3 possible centers of Australia. they need a congress grass mukt Australia too. of the day for the camel about water at your peril @AJEnglish evening light, a walkway parallel to a creek. creeks. The river at Alice Springs. is a small rock wallaby there. gum tree with cockatoo. Gum trees. Pretty much endangered. is pretty much the only resource here. The Great Artesian aquifer. Great Artesian aquifer. Here a borewell 80 meters deep pumps 196,000 litres a day. much back of beyond. Near Uluru.
Bridge along the creek , Alice Springs. geology of the great artesian basin, Alice Springs. tree be the centre point of Australia. swap of bus. the centre of Australia.
Two wells. Named after two old wells of the indigenous people at the place. North of Adelaide. the way to Alice Springs from Adelaide by bus. A 20 hour odyssey.Another view of the Australian landscape - how our native inhabitants managed the habitat (@zenrainman)
Retweeted by zenrainman @Indian_Rivers @lifeindia2016 @yamunajiye @indiawater @nvedwan 12th April 2019 story.The Wollemi pine, a living fossil. Botanical gardens. among giants up with the wonderful @LifeTimeCooking in Adelaide along with @chitrav. Twitter connects.
On the Torrens library, Adelaide. One of the best in the world. colours lovely. Adelaide. street , Adelaide. two to tango. Adelaide after a full and wonderful day of museum crawling. Coopers., museum. to Andrew Horton and @ScottRhodie for enabling our @UNSWEngineering research team to collect wastewater and…
Retweeted by zenrainmanBrilliant thread in wonder I am lost. David Unaipon.
Oz these days!
Retweeted by zenrainmanAdelaide oval in the background. Parri , Adelaide.
@adityeah The smoke was pretty thick and some trails were closed.It takes more to be kind than clever.
Retweeted by zenrainman @Lexequity For my friends in India. @victoria_racing Two of em at it.Cable car and forest fire. helicopter rushes to dump fire retardants on a forest fire. mountains national park. now in trickle. Droughts bite. Katoomba falls. Blue mountains national park. in the mountains. A dry year, drought, and forest fires in many places. Blue Mountains national park. sisters , Blue Mountains national park. A UNESCO heritage site. @aydiav YupVennder venn., Blue Mountains.
A fascinating read. Dug wells by the indigenous people of Australia and agriculture. reuse of wastewater for crop production. , Flame of the forest.
Absolutely fascinating read (n) decisions blamed for the floods in Brisbane and Ipswich 2011
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Springbrook national park. A UNESCO heritage site. A temperate rainforest and a national park. rain forest, Queensland, Australia. Biodiversity and groundwater #agc2019
@mehta_pani Some beer taste like sewage though :) @mehta_pani @pas_project @DineshMehta100 @plannerdhruv @AasimMansuri @PatelJaladhi @dasra @NFSSMalliance Had a bott… dams as storage? Why not aquifers through Managed Aquifer Recharge? Jane Coram , CSIRO #agc2019. Vader of hydrogeology:) #agc2019. Always nice to listen to Oz humour. Anthony Lane waxes eloquent… Shahbaz Khan, UNESCO delivering an excellent big picture on groundwater. #agc2019 Yogesh Jadeja of ACT presenting in the Australasian groundwater conference #ACT2019
@PakkaMumbaikar Ha ha ha ha ha. The utter chicanery hailed as Chanakya neeti came unstuck so soon. :)The surface water groundwater interphase #AGC2019 . From a poster.
All revolutions evaporate leaving behind only the slime of bureaucracy - Franz Kafka @Indian_Rivers @lifeindia2016 @yamunajiye @indiawater @nvedwan Where is the toxic chemicals rhetoric coming from ?… @meerak @kpsingh1966 @tarauk Would settle for Open deification free India.11.11 Brisbane.Groundwater dependent ecosystems . The indigenous people in Australia have been around before the last ice age and… session at Boulevard Room #agc2019
Queensland looks ahead to manage groundwater. #AGC2019 the Australasian Groundwater Conference-Groundwater in a changing world . Looking forward to the learnings #AGC19🤣🤣 Right now: How to avoid the topic of the day. Tomorrow: Are Hindus on Mars in danger from alien religions.
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