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the only zen you will find here is the zen you bring.. Nevermind....

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Steps to a calmness. @adtpatil Why ? @desi_alpha AlgaeCoracle trip to global fame. beet washers and aquifer . Indias lifeline. informative. Storage capacity is high in alluvial aquifers but will reduce with overpumping and consolidation. @TamhiniGhat @VSAorg @punarbharan Very interesting. The idea of Do , Share ...real time is the way to go."Either in conflict with others or in harmony with them, we go through life like a runaway horse unable to stop." — Zhuangzi
Retweeted by zenrainman @praddy06 Are these the IMD weather stations ?“No more worries for the farmers!” Farmers have been suffering due to the locust attack since LAST year. Only.
Retweeted by zenrainman @vikrams39608904 @sarmanripendra Everybody knows that. Just talking about a farmers perception on why he was using bullocks for ploughing. @vikrams39608904 @sarmanripendra Grow up. This is a farmer talking whose grandfather too was a farmer. Nobody makes… @sarmanripendra They put their money where their mouth is and have skin in the game . Just saying. @aydiav Truly bizarre. Always escapes me this idea of centralizing and pushing to a kaput grid such inherently decentralized solutions. @DobieIndica @zegirish These are moral and ethical questions which are profound. The very beginning of agriculture… @AuBear21 This is the perception of a farmer . No scientific study. The bullocks have to be booked about a week in… @sarmanripendra This is the perception of a farmer , He believes that the bullock plough furrow is deeper . The bul…
Register now for this webinar on #RainwaterHarvesting, the trending topic. Event address for attendees:…
Retweeted by zenrainman @rajat_ghai83 Hullikar , I think.You rent a pair of bullocks, plough and ploughsman for Rs 1500 a day. This ploughing is far better than a tractors… @JamwalNidhi @DurgeshAgrahari Dei you overachiever ,,,go to sleep now . :)Monsoon: Red alert warning issued for next two days in Kodagu.
Retweeted by zenrainmanCome off @ravikeerthi22 Great news for KRS.Water of life .
Ridge line. Arkavathy and Dakshina Pinakini #Bengaluru @nivedita_Him The real rains here in Bengaluru are from August to October. @IndHydrogeology They get silted up ( the wind seems to bring in a lot of leaves and dust) , there is the developm… old open well gets cleaned. eucalyptus oil making still. surface water and groundwater are two sides of the same coin.
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@Indian_Rivers @joydeepgupta Byasi hun mein mujhe byasi rehnedo..... @Liffey2 @KalaRavi16 @Shalz75 Most welcome. Do let me know how it works out. @Liffey2 @KalaRavi16 @Shalz75 Some sugar and some starch will help .Bani rahe sultanat teri Bani rahe aashiqui meri..... A well in its settings. A catchment , a lake and the well wit… man , one dam , one fish.
@thrishul If I wanted to report to police I would do so myself. Kindly refrain from sending my tweets to police.Miners of river sand . Shimsha. @tokyo_0 Google :)11.11 Tippy Tap."The intensity of rainfall is high, while the duration is short. The ability of the earth to absorb the water is lo…
Retweeted by zenrainmanChennakesava temple, Minijenahalli.
@kgsblr Beautiful. Old well I presume.My bad @KarnatakaSNDMC . Here is the Reservoir data as of 02.07.2020 . Inflows in the Kaveri basin just picking uph… @aydiav Thanks
11.11Why are you @KarnatakaSNDMC not updating Reservoir level details since 27.06.2020 ? Curious @aydiavToo lazy to be ambitious, I let the world take care of itself. Ten days' worth of rice in my bag; a bundle of twigs… @purpultat @zenrainman Padmalatha Ravi got it right years ago:
Retweeted by zenrainman @yomegh within and withoutAfter my project where will the knowledge, power and money be ? Good questions to ask in interventions. @meerak @purpultat FerpectLocal Governments for Sustainable Development -Good Practices from Kerala National Webinar Series every Saturday f…
Retweeted by zenrainman @yomegh Count 5 of them as good friends. My good luck. @zenrainman So, as usual, women cleaning up other people’s mess. 😬🤭
Retweeted by zenrainman @ZafIndian Glad you like em. :)Ha ha ha ha @purpultat Touche .Six women-led organisations tackling India's garbage crisis with impactful solutions old well gets cleaned. #Bengaluru #groundwater of wastewater hasn't rained much in #Pune save 1-2 brisk pours. Yet this bldg excavation's brimming. Part runoff accumulatio…
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@desiTraveler No summer in Bengaluru :) @prats_39 @moonsez ...and 3 chush ?Sarson-da-saag with Bajra ki roti. The saag from the terrace garden . There is plenty of other stuff that goes into… @pluday This is rainfall upto May , right ?To attend, for more information, visit @ihedelft @WUR
Retweeted by zenrainmanThe Complicated Legacy of Stewart Brand’s “Whole Earth Catalog” | The New Yorker thing of it is that all your thoughts have already been written down by someone...usually in a Hindi film song.Forests...Nature at your service. Irony is a steel.
@aydiav Never trust the IAS :) :) @aydiav So far..:) @aydiav Still continuing. Extension. Yup looking for new director since precovid times. @praveenkalikeri @thebetterindia @LogicalIndians @watermanofindia Many state governments are doing much work. More… @praveenkalikeri @thebetterindia @LogicalIndians @watermanofindia Fabulous @kgsblr Make your own is the cheapest. Else Lawrence and Mayo BIS standard costs Rs 8875 /-In the era before the internet there was Stewart Brand and this. What a life transforming book of ideas. #WholeEarth space wastewater using MBR technology. This is drinking water quality. 11 year old plant at Cubbon Park… @Watervagabond @muktigami @kshitiz @BihariTweets @yamunajiye @Indian_Rivers @IndiaRiverForum @indiawater @Watervagabond @muktigami @kshitiz @BihariTweets @yamunajiye @Indian_Rivers @IndiaRiverForum @indiawater We Know Better? Reflections for Development (Podcast) - Sanitation Learning HubSanitation Learning Hub… to Robert Chambers is such a pleasure
Do read perceive water differently...and in handwash times, what happens? #Aftermath #Gender #Women #Water
Retweeted by zenrainmanJupiter? Or a sizzling dosa?
Retweeted by zenrainman @prats_39 Two boxes in the fridge :)The well and a landscape. The oldest furrow is traced to Rakhigarhi. About 3000 BCE. ready @yamunajiye Before the construction of dams Harangi, Hemavathy and KRS it has also been completely submerged at lea…