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Aaaaaaaand thats that! I will be off twitter until my holiday is over. I will be around on Discord, however, if y… Shooters buffed my favorite unit happy thanksgiving to me INDEEDAs my thanksgiving gift to everyone, here is a picture of the Jujutsu Kaisen's main cast drawn by Kohei Horikoshi buffs are nutsStardust Shooters just dropped some MASSIVE buffs to: - SP Red Jotaro - Jotaro and Kakyoin v2 - Kakyoin and DIO - P… @Brickfloor @Brickfloor My discord is a great place to do that :DI probably will not be around much today so happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm very thankful for every friend I've me… Sleeves are also acceptable for this peeve if they're tight against the armSo is there an aspect of character design you guys have irrational needs with? For me, I hate when characters have…'s finally here! Final issue of the year, and we start 2021 Issues with My Hero Academia on the cover with its P…
Retweeted by ZensnaxMagu-chan: God of Destruction Color Page for Issue #52 (LQ).
Retweeted by Zensnax @GGs_Matt Gonna try her w/ Blue and Sabrina and just go in @Steveygs His character art is Shonen Jump Ore Collection...if ore collection didn't die we'd have a Jump Awakened Satoru Gojo by now... @_WindowsL_ Stop its the holidays dont make me cryThat's Bakugo's Ore art and I got kinda excied for a sec think Renji resents having another man one-up him in front of his girl constantly @Rumaaki @starflash24 @Killafoe1 I mean Zaheer is so spiritual he literally has no earthly tethers once his girlfriend dies @Rumaaki @starflash24 @Killafoe1 Other than refusing to be a pacifist isn't Zaheer otherwise like a pretty staunch… for the course for anime->manga transition. Never forget that Zabua literally beheads Gato in the manga and he… @GGs_Matt All hail the king of shit mountainCant decide if I should come back to masters for the Scottish Queen or just keep living in peaceThe man will draw this but not his own damn manga Gloria RT Rally! 1. Follow us. 2. RT this tweet. Rally ends 12/2 at 9:59 p.m. PST. If the rally tweets…
Retweeted by Zensnax @Rumaaki @Killafoe1 I forget exactly but doesn't something happen with the statues and shit when the Avatar dies @Killafoe1 Maybe they were just non-benders. Or the fire nation found them later and kept hunting for them over tim… @rickhfox @ZehalZ @Oceaniz96 I much prefer that as the explanation as opposed to anything else. It's believable to… @Killafoe1 I assume there would be some survivors and they just died because 100 years passed @ZehalZ @rickhfox @Oceaniz96 That would be an intense copout because that limitation has never applied before to it lmfao @ZehalZ @rickhfox @Oceaniz96 I'm hoping its just like... "we got lucky and it happened one time but we can't get it to happen again oops"I'm gonna have faith in Horikoshi because @Oceaniz96 is a bastard and has infected me with positivity for this seri… weighing my hatred for this type of plot vs. my love for the best character in MHA @Lucifer__Vali Good for hype troubling for narrativeI JUST WANT ONE PEACEFUL FUCKING SUNDAY WITHOUT HAVING TO RANT ABOUT EITHER MHA OR JJK FOR 2 HOURS WITH @Oceaniz96 the MHA spoilers Man @MadMinotaur @GGs_Matt LISTENDope @Zenrotwo I remember you said this a while back, not every legend will be free in the future. Here we are
Retweeted by Zensnax @fitzulasgaming No its just the first legendary that is summonable unless you count Ultra BeastsFirst Galar unit and its a legendary summon? Cmon man. Can't you drop Gloria and Zacian for free and make Leon the… @MarkLeo6000 @ArchonOfZero It's not. He uses it to fight against White in the flashback I think. It's a fire Zanpakuto. @Lucariahs "Let's go..." Tosses cap, everyone masks up at the same time, immediate curb stomp battle against the Gillians SO GOODWhat a sick moment @ArchonOfZero @MarkLeo6000 I don't think he ever releases his Shikai once his powers returnI love love love Bleach but I think I'd rather see Kubo put his effort into continuing Burn the Witch than revisit… Bleach @PlayKHFM I think the beginning is really cool and legitimately scary, it feels like an actual outbreak of a world… @PlayKHFM Most of the henchman stuff could've been avoided. I think the arc was at its best in the beginning when t… @PlayKHFM I think it started off really good and ended really good and a lot of the shit in the middle could've probably just not happened. @purple_wokey True I often forget he's Afro-Latino @PlayKHFM Define "worst handled", because I don't think its a particularly bad arc but I think there are a lot of questionable decisions @PlayKHFM Nah I like HxH. I think its overrated but I enjoy it. It's probably not top 10 for me but its firmly in the "like" category. @Darkenvader5 I laughed but without context its 100% edgelord @PlayKHFM I... don't think I disagree with that? I hold Part 1 Naruto in incredibly high regard but I think Shippud… @PlayKHFM My fault, I've had that dude spinning conspiracy theories about how me saying Itachi is stupid is a trick… @PlayKHFM Oh, I read "my position has justification" as "you're running away because I'm so powerfully right that you cannot speak" @PlayKHFM No there's no point in discussing it because "Everything that Itachi is wrong about is fake" even when th… @PlayKHFM Ok then there's 0 point in even discussing this so lets agree to disagree @PlayKHFM Uh yeah, because he already had the eyes by then. That doesn't absolve Itachi of literally telling him to do it. @PlayKHFM So everything that points to Itachi making a wrong choice is a lie and everything that points to Itachi m… @PlayKHFM When its the crux of your entire bad plan, yes it does. He literally told Sasuke to get Mangekyo before he learns the truth. @PlayKHFM If Itachi got his way, he would have. He literally told him to kill his best friend. @PlayKHFM Yeah he knows his little brother so well that he literally admits later he was totally flawed in understa… @PlayKHFM Ah sorry, I confused your uchiha statement to mean Danzo not Itachi SO how then would Konaha react to hi… @PlayKHFM Also Itachi encouraged Sasuke to kill Naruto which... ya know Would've been a black mark on his record @PlayKHFM Hiruzen has a lifetime of medals my man. And one of the people you're saying he'd be praised for killing... was Danzo. @PlayKHFM Yes... ONLY because Tsunade intervened on Naruto's request. Something Itachi LITERALLY could not have pos… @PlayKHFM How in the world could a worldwide hero not get away with killing a Danzo but Sasuke can get away with br… @PlayKHFM This is literally an exact quote from the series before we EVER see Sasuke one time in Shippuden: "Sasuk… @PlayKHFM Far before Sasuke ever kills a single person or plots to kill Konoha, the official order in Konoha is to kill him. @PlayKHFM Terrorists kill each other all the time. That is definitely not gonna cut it. Becoming a Rogue Shinobi… @PlayKHFM He joined Orochimaru before Tobi/Obito existed in the lore. @Darkenvader5 FOR REAL THO @PlayKHFM Yeah I'm very sure that Konoha would be THRILLED to take back someone who was a known Orochimaru collabor… dude easily. Kyoka Suigetsu is fucking unreal. It's the Sharingan on crack. It's a one time use and it works FOR… @PlayKHFM So Itachi's goal was for Sasuke to defect from Konoha and join a terrorist who hates Konoha? @PlayKHFM No his goal was to make Sasuke into a hero who would protect Konoha, being strong was just a prequisite o… will never understand the grudge Aizen had against Momo man. That poor girl. @PlayKHFM If your core philosophy causes you to make a constant string of incorrect strategic decisions that nearly… @PlayKHFM Traumatizing Sasuke was absolutely not a smart decision. He literally says it was not in hindsight. Sas… @RibHowz No he's Goku @PlayKHFM Not my fault Itachi is a big dumb idiot on repeat for like 15 years and then goes "Welp, I guess I was a… @rickhfox "You don't decide what the author means, he does" "DON'T BS ME, THIS IS REALLY WHAT YOU MEAN! YOU LIED TO ME" @LucatoYYH She wasn't even fun then IMO. She just went from stealth only to... stealth only but w/ a takedown. @PlayKHFM Holy shit this dude in my mentions is having a literal fucking breakdown. This dude is losing it. @mannyfresh203 It's his justification for not watching it and thinking it doesn't make him look racist @SheerColdTakes Oh thank god Get yourself 8 hours my guy, you need it bad @rickhfox Man said "don't BS me you really mean Kishimoto" dawg what LITERALLY ALL I SAID WAS ITACHI IS NOT SMART @RibHowz To an extent, he's both and acknowledges himself as both. He owns both aspects of his heritage and both of… the fuck is this tweet. Dawg go to bed. @RibHowz Superman maybe tooIf anything, Noir is Black Peter know his argument was "Spider-Man is white" but nah bitch Spider-Man is a costume not a person @SheerColdTakes @rickhfox Yes, painted as a chessmaster. Never said who was painting him (hint: the fans) Also I n… did I ever tell you guys about the time that my dad argued with me about Miles Morales existing and he said "Ju… @acejennadiah Something something something "the exaggerated swagger of a black teen"I wanna replay Spider-Man but the fact that I will have to replay the damn Miles and MJ "scuttle forward and don't… @Killafoe1 I mean... I think drugs should be decriminalized but ALSO dislike drug crime. He's not talking about the… @_Kreatton Oh