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Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @zentreya Bus. ✉️

Rockin Red Dragon | #EnVtuber #VTuber | Art: #zentreart / #zentreNSFW | 3D: @jjinomu 2D: @Yuniiho Rig: @AlexyonLive2D #VShojo PFP: @PenguixY Ban: @KuroiEnpitsu

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SUPER COLLAB WILL BE STARTING IN JUST A LITTLE BIT! Wil go over whats happening and what the plan will be! Shoutout… finished it! @zentreya thank you for your hardwork. We appreciate everything that you do! 🐉♥️ #zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOHere's another vod for you all!
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOI told you I got the fuckin avengers together. I’m just missing an eyepatch. It’s gunna be so chaotic. #SuperCollab✨Collab Announcement✨ Get hyped for an amazing SUPER collab with @zentreya, @ironmouse, @NyanNyanners, @Veibae,…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO写真撮ってる人のフォロー祭りも楽しみましょう。 僕も巡回して好みの写真撮ってる方がいればフォローします(`・ω・´) #夏の写真クラスタフォロー祭り
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Haven’t been able to give y’all 100% lately and I’m sorry. Past weeks have been rough. Not sure what’s up with me b…'s the next @zentreya Twitch Void you nerds! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOMaid outfit? ✅ Cute Dragon? ✅ Perfect smile? Double ✅ @zentreya #zentreart #vtuber #art #VShojoArt
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @LichVtuber @yuniiho HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUNIIIIIIIII ✨🎁❤️🐉Zen with her hair down WIP #zentreart #VShojoArt #VShojo #Vtuber #fanart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @Selen_Tatsuki live, life, salad
Me: *trying fight chat over the stupidest shit* My moderators: @Selen_Tatsuki Donkey Kong Country @TheKoefficient Gecko says fuck depression feel like I’m assembling the fucking avengers right now. Big party happening this Sunday. BIG! Not spoiling anyt… @BunnyAyu Is that what I think that is. Is that taiyaki??No stream today due to important equipment that I must be ready to receive and set up! I’m sorry but will be back a… MORNIN MUTHAFUCKAS RISE AND SHINE ☀️🔥🐉 seeing these Custom Apex Overlays all on TikTok so I wanted to practice making one! I know @zentreya loves to…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOGot my pins from my #1 twitch waifu 😏 Rocking swimsuit Zen on my work hat @zentreya
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO#zentreart as it is
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOBecause of the intense heatwaves we have been having lately, I felt like wishing everyone and Zen a happy summer…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOZentreya : "Hey Froot, lets play Destiny together" Froot: #vshojo #Zentreart #Lichcraft #VShojoArt
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOI watch horror movies and podcasts all the time. My favorite genre.. I have it in the background. When I just need… @PomuRainpuff Praying for the best 🙏❤️ You got this Pomu! Wishing for a super speedy recovery!Froot in her cute swimsuit and Zencko 💀 #Lichcraft #VShojoArt
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO hacked?? My stuff flickered for a bit. We good??? @crankiereddy This is absolutely amazing and cool and cute! Gracias, GRACIAS y me encante aaaaaaaaaa! 💓🐲DRAGON!! @zentreya #Zentreart #VShojoArt
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOhehehehe big boobies
Thanks for the abs workout @zentreya from the HALO stream. This was supposed to be done after the stream but I go…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOGET THE FUCK IN HERE MEATSLABS! ITS TIME MUEHEHEHEE ( ) done! Here's some fanart for a certain red dragon. Love what you do @zentreya , keep on rocking! #Zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOShe looks charming when she makes a fierce face. Don't be stubborn!!! #Zentreart @zentreya
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOZen is tired of chat's shit #zentreart #VShojoArt
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOeat fast, go ass ✨ @EliraPendora OWOZen said she wanted an Apex overlay, so I tried my hand at making one, bonus Gecko version! #zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJORed #zentreart #Vshojo
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I heard you wanted the original version of this emote, so I made a Gecko one! @zentreya #zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOGET THE FUCK IN HERE MEATSLABS! ITS TIME MUEHEHEHEE ( ) my way home from a trip then starting up stream! I just want to say.. Aaa.. After a lot of work and patience, I… Hair #zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @zentreya was trying to draw a big ol' band picture with me, Mohjii, and you but I didn't have the inspiration on…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @zentreya and @LichVtuber in terminator 2, got the idea after the zentreminator piece for terminator movie week…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOI do in fact Have a fat ass And a thick tailAfter playing Donkey Kong Country… I need to ask my younger self how the fuck I played those type of games and beat them, because holy shit. @hoshinochar Best gouf @hoshinochar There better be a Gouf in there or I’m fighting you @EliraPendora @Selen_Tatsuki I won’t tell if you don’t @EliraPendora @Selen_Tatsuki Eat the sun
@Rosemi_Lovelock This is the way @Rosemi_Lovelock Scream Scream real loud. @PomuRainpuff and Cactus f-friends? 👉🏻👈🏻 #zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @lauwibauwi Can you eat cactus @Vtuber_Moe Flinstone vitamins @Selen_Tatsuki for the late upload everyone, Youtube is currently giving me some issues uploading. Hope you all are having a…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @Kon_zetsu Happy birthday bonehead 🎃🥳 @haruka_karibu want to be my pogchamp? Did you win a game of Apex today? @MoistCr1TiKaL sure if #zentreart or #zentreNSFW , but Zen and Gecko Zen but in one OwO. Pencil on paper drawing~
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO.@zentreya #Zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJORockin' red dragon Zentreya #zentreart #zentreNSFW #VSHOJOART
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Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @tabakko Happy BIRTHDAY 🎁🥳"Pizza time, Meatslabs!" 🔥🍕 Dude, a friend told me about @zentreya and now I'm IN LOVE 💕 I just couldn't resist to…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOit's terminator movie week with @zentreya , made this for the occasion #zentreya_art #VShojoArt
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOAlmost the spooky month hehehe 🎃 I DONT CARE IF ITS 2 MONTHS AWAY ALMOST SPOOKY MONTH @haruka_karibu Eat @TheKoefficient Hey your friends close And your food closer. @LichVtuber The best part of Destiny. @Azura_Cecillia Hap birth
My Apex break is over, I’M FREE HAHAHAHHHA I CAN STREAM APEX AGAIN AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME slab applications opening soon.. Who's applying?🥩💓🐲 eggplant @zentreya being toxic to chat as usual. Dumb sketch, was bored and haven't drawn ZenZen in a bit lm…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOBeen waiting 15 MINUTES AFTER THEY SPAMMED ME AND TOLD ME WE WERE PLAYING IM SO FUCKING DONE LMAO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…’t even choose DESTINY IM FUCKING DOOOONNEEEE @LichVtuber fucking swear- have a sleeping ritual I do before I fall asleep. - Toss and turn for an hour or two -Fidget and move like 50 tim… my beach outfit. 😌 SOMEONE BRING THE DAMN SUN LOTION YO And maybe the beer.'s my favorite dragon/gecko and I want her to know that I love her content and streams. <3 #Zentreart @zentreya
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOFinally finished my #Vshojo art project, sorry I couldn't get the first quarter of the vid in, twitter won't let me…
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Loved the stream, tough to watch, but amusing nonetheless! Inspired me to make this. #zentreart
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJO @Selen_Tatsuki I still want to eat your ears.I never did my before and after so here it goes :D @zentreya . . . #Zentreart #digitalart #beforeandafter
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOAlright so who’s on the menu. 🥩 NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM @haruka_karibu your hair taste like a chia pet NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM…
Retweeted by Zentreya 🐲 VSHOJOYou'll get 'em next time gecko mom, proud of you! @zentreya
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