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Evangeline @zenzen_eva she/her, ATL

Chaotic goofball who plays fighting games. I help run @tensionpulse! @Mikayla_nyan ❤🐱 | pfp used with permission from @TEEN629

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Retweeted by Evangelineaglio e olio at 2am goes wild @QelaionP u and me
@EstroJenn_ do it @Sikantoo i respect it🤔💦 #GUILTYGEAR
Retweeted by Evangeline @Mikayla_nyan rain has this lady drearyau revoir @archetypeakari @airco_ki sending myself to losers bracket so i can play cheap characters and get to grand finals to cheap out t… for the grid seems like something i would enjoy lol @Bunch1335 no pics 😔 @hotashis time to do itchipotle with scrambled eggs is a game-changerキュアブロッサム
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@QelaionP she good[brace yourself.]
Retweeted by Evangeline @caren_asuyuukis only a decade? weak
@forcefembird mamma miasmol yuu for ur soul
Retweeted by Evangeline#絵かゆ
Retweeted by Evangelinemaybe one day i'll be able to play f-vakiha and do all the pit loops i see in cmvs 😔 @mofuble you should've made more sheep noises from that point on @mofuble oh no @OkaySway they're mad wholesome @zenzen_eva Word right? Furries are dope. They just do their own thing and have a good time.
Retweeted by Evangelineキュアムーンライト
Retweeted by Evangeline @LaziestNameEver i would be the one destroying people's families in that case,i don't understand how people on the internet act like furries destroyed their familiesweird stagger hitstop thing context his ass to the shadow realm
2020 @silenthooper goofy piece of chicken for goofy people @silenthooper yall hear sumn?..finished up the last dance tonight, it was pretty great. makes me really wanna watch more basketball lol @LaziestNameEver @iThatguy_ don't play with my heart like this... @CureAhegaoAxis she's just a beast let her rockOur own @GrunkleBarlowe is hosting a charity event for Doctors without Borders, do tune in if you wanna see some si…
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it's coco's house!! @OkaySway i love how you had this picture stashed lmao @OkaySway next year 🙏🙏🙏 @OkaySway missing tournaments with the sway homie tbhWhy is Ky allowed again?
Retweeted by Evangelineit's meatball friday @Havoc_Noah @SQuirrel147 that's what you ALWAYS say @Havoc_Noah @SQuirrel147 bro just buy her a cookie cake or smth @Havoc_Noah @SQuirrel147 i think interest adds up#CBRetrospective you won the set 25-5 but they tell everyone you went even
Retweeted by Evangeline THIS DOG
Retweeted by Evangeline @Havoc_Noah tftimaya in boxes! dm me, hina, for deets!
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Retweeted by Evangeline @jamtsukaware @ScrawtV そこで
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Retweeted by Evangelinei felt like i was making a ton of progress with the game, but my only option being bad netplay means i'm going to d… really wish i had a reason to play UNI, but not having offline has utterly destroyed the motivation that i had
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Retweeted by Evangeline熟れたてパッション
Retweeted by Evangeline#みなさんデジタル絵描くときレイヤー数どのくらいになりますか この絵で58枚でした。背景やエフェクトにこだわると調子に乗って100超えます( ˙꒳˙ )
Retweeted by Evangeline @chuchurafi always nice to meet a fan @AMurderOfBears 🥴
@GGINOBOYZ hovering over raven did a lot of good for the world @PepperySplash 😔 @KeyFramesOfVic i'm really excited to go through it! me and mikayla played through DL3 a while back so it's nice to… is unfortunate that i enjoy playing raven LOLi don't think i could actually do it though :(need to do the iron to challenger stream for gg except it's light blue to pink playing random select onlyキュアサンシャイン
Retweeted by Evangelinefreed up whispy @Rio_Brando_ when's the miner leveling roulette @Gkatsu_Stars @yukinogatari @ReisengRath you doCat and Dog #pixelart #ドット絵 #絵かゆ #できたてころね
Retweeted by Evangeline @QelaionP 🤔... @QelaionP it'd also be on brand for us to find his vtuber fan account @QelaionP white people acting brand new during quarantine @beautifulhair92 thank you!!あつまれ やが君の森
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Fishing in the forest~🦋 #ACNH #animalcrossing
Retweeted by Evangelinea redraw i can get behind
Retweeted by Evangeline snack @mofuble hell yea that'd own @mofuble it'd be more epic if it was "Mega Man "8"" @mofuble "Mega Man 8" @kohquette @Vevion second this, but i've never listened to the new dub. regardless, the original cast is amazing @Havoc_Noah we shall never be parted again