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GGXRD (Ky) player with a side of UNI (Phonon) and FFXIV. I help run @tensionpulse! @Mikayla_nyan ❤

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@mofuble guilty gear xrd rev2 pink square% @mofuble i'll come over @caren_asuyuukis it's trueアナ! #バビロニア
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo金枠ランサーが3回出て3回ともアナちゃんだったのでいいんだよ…いいんだよ…という気持ちです
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo蜂蜜入りミルクを飲むアナちゃん。 #FGO #FateGO
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Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoアナ #FGO #FateGO #バビロニア
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoit's the best time of year, the time where i can throw three blankets on myself in bed and be max comfy
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @MiniMatt_ @HellaBrett that sounds like an unbelievably cursed combo
@alliepaca you're a brave bun allie @MakotoScrub it's the truth @MakotoScrub i don't like talking and i'm bad at talkingtoday, i only got counterhit by eltnum 22A once at most. i thinkfeeling a little uni progress @SQuirrel147 @AwexWane still in the dark?? @silenthooper @burgertime_fgc toxictime
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoアナちゃん #バビロニア
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo今日はここまで( ˘ω˘)スヤァ
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@jam64bit vatista be hittin different @AStupidPenguin @Sikantoo @Initial_J28 @AyoItsDave lol 8. #RevueStarlight #スタァライト
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoEpisode 7. #RevueStarlight #スタァライト
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoEpisode 4. #RevueStarlight #スタァライト
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Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @Saveus_fgc nancy's off state bridge in johns creek. i think there's a few locations in atlanta proper
pizza(?) time
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevothis is still my favorite moment of this game #Celeste #NintendoSwitch @silenthooper silent pls ;;;; #Celeste #NintendoSwitch bear?
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo最初は水着ユエルだったけど水着のデザインがわからないから結局ゼタになりましたとさ
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @VirginityTheft there might be an exception in play @GoodChoicesPls you're the exception @TimeForCrepes trashkatsu.
@TimeForCrepes especially twitter user guykatsugranblue vs is for the girls. stay away nasty boys @SQuirrel147 @FOG_E @Vevion it's his time to die @caren_asuyuukis me?? @OkaySway yeahshe's my queen i love herzeta 😭😭😭😭😭suspenders junna and dress nana!! #スタァライト #じゅんななな
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo말랑
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoIt's getting cold... maybe a warm hug will help #tendoswan
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoshes just baby
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevozeta in gbfv waiting room @silenthooper your orie hasn't lost in tournament yet 😳
You now have less than 48 hours to register for that thing we've been hyping up for the past 6 months. We'd apprec…
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo#TGQ got off work and decided to do something instead of go home and play fighting games online so i drove to go play… gender neutral pronouns is all! Instead of saying “He said” you can say “They said” or “Sonic said” “He is”…
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoメイ #ポケモン
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Touhou Small picture book "Health check day" Translator:Eddi Oda(@from92714 )
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevome #UntitledGooseGame #NintendoSwitch @baceNYC LS bears marlin pep all in a row @baceNYC texas showdown was hell
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoSpooktober 10 Death Ribbon Revolution
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @rubedoe i just played for like 3 hours right after i got off work so i'm washed @rubedoe this weekend good?forever, hopefullyuni ranked is on cooldown @Gkatsu_Stars big fan of the post-benediction superbolide
2019 @burgertime_fgc @EnginoJuushichi waiting for the fated day when ZenZen fights BurgerTime in tournament @hotashis wow
Looking for room space fri/sat/sun nights for @NightsClimax - preferred in the venue, but at this point I'll take anything. Hit me up.
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @AStupidPenguin you already knowreminder that there will be a rev2 side tournament at climax of night rerun. there is free signup online
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoI can only repeat what I said last night about the intense, immeasurable cowardice of corporations in this moment.…
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @Gkatsu_Stars @Pfhorpls guckled
😺✏ — that's my name @mikabonk pokemon chat pals 2! @silenthooper fitting for someone as tox as methis line sticker cannot be real me anything!😺✏ — you can definitely focus hard on small things but i think it's best to mix a little bit of everything if you'r… and the homies looking down at homophobia because that shit is wack
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevohmm.
bottom 13 character
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @caren_asuyuukis caren let's get pho @TimeForCrepes @caren_asuyuukis @revolvyrn we only know hamburgers pizza and doritos @Gkatsu_Stars good night, teammatethe lone fact that i'm converting random hits into full combos consistently is usually a sign in FGs that i'm getti… notable progress in my uni play. yay🍦
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo🦈🎂 #砂塚あきら生誕祭2019
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo#砂塚あきら生誕祭2019 #らまそい 誕生日おめでとう!好きだよー
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevoinktober day 6 - orie! dressed as ky!! truly spooky ... 💦💦💦
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @DaEvaBeato what if he said pizookie 😳
@DrifterDane you already knownice is comfy Peter. RT to empower your weekend with relaxing vibes.
Retweeted by Eva@Climax+ArcRevo @silenthooper @jam64bit pfhortato?