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If I'm breathing, I'm probably doing something nerdy (he/him).

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@julsrich Looking forward to hearing what you think of Mrs. Miniver! @julsrich I love that! My grandma (88) saw one movie during her childhood, and it was a screening of SNOW WHITE wh… @julsrich Working my way through the Best Picture winners, I expected Mrs. Miniver to be a drag, but it’s really touching and lovely.Million Dollar Baby has the cleanest three-act structure I’ve ever seen. Act One: Clint Eastwood growls “I don’t t… @frogperspects @decoyrobot Oh man, I *wish* he’d directed that @pbyrne I’m so excited to watch thatOh my gosh, you guys, her mom is just Margo Martindale. Love to see Margo, of course, but ugh, she’s just a regular-sized person. @pbyrne Oh, plus Mandalorian I’ve seen! Roz got me a rad Baby Yoda tote bag for Christmas @pbyrne But your larger point stands, that I should absolutely watch good TV instead of bad TV. @pbyrne Discovery I’ve seen the first season, Orphan Black Roz and I watched four episodes and both didn’t like at… @talcotts I have also seen 11 episodes of Enterprise, because my original plan was to alternate seasons (2 VOY, 1 E… @talcotts I’ve thought about it, but if I’m going to watch Voyager, it should be to see all of Star Trek. There’s n… @talcotts I like the idea of liking Neelix. I love Watto and Sebulba and Boss Nass and Richard Pryor in Superman II… @talcotts (Also I just remembered that Harry exists) @talcotts I think that’s the biggest problem for me. On TOS/TNG/DS9, I like spending time with all the characters e… @talcotts To be sure, I like Janeway, Torres, The Doctor. But everyone else, ugh. Chakotay is nothing, Tom Paris i… @talcotts That’s what I’ve heard. Every few months, I get a hankering for that old spinoff-era Trek feeling, so I… 2008-2013, I watched all of TOS/TNG/DS9/TAS and all 12 movies. I’ve been working on VOYAGER for longer than all of them combined.It’s been six years since I watched the STAR TREK: VOYAGER pilot, and I’m almost done with season 3! One half-seaso… @VK_HM (Who is it and what are these movies called?)
@asunflowerpose Analog fur technology. I live for it. @cinemaxwell Yeah, it's really terrible so far! (I watched the beginning before work this morning and will probably… @Srirachachau Yeah, I get the impressions that his fans think of as "a comedian" and only his haters think of him a… @evilgenius815 Yeah, it's kind of shocking how ill-conceived that character is. @evilgenius815 I think that's right. Also bad: Jay Baruchel as Comedy Simpleton, Michael Pena as Comedy Latino, an…, Hilary Swank's character says "My daddy's dead, and my mama weighs 312 pounds" as if being dead and being fat are the same thing. @evilgenius815 I mean, I know how it ends of course. But I kind of expected it to be a fun inspirational sports mov…, Eastwood's performance is surprisingly terrible. This is the first time where the growly thing has really seemed like an act to me.I'm 36 minutes in to MILLION DOLLAR BABY, and I do not care for it one bit. @davo_arid I don't know anything about either of those directors. Someday I'll make a real go at European cinema, b… @decoyrobot Yeah, that is a tough one to determine. I feel like it should be Other Side because he's the credited d… @decoyrobot Also David Byrne @decoyrobot Ha, of course! Also Charles Laughton @ZeppoMarxist If you're willing to ignore his early TV work, then I might go with Sidney Lumet.
Retweeted by Anthony Strand @MovieManifesto I've heard good things about Before the Devil. I should watch it. And yeah, 12 Angry Men absolutel… director's first movie and last movie are the best overall? My pick is John Huston. @MovieManifesto Yeah, that's the one I should make time for. Also Buddy Buddy, because there's always something f… @evilgenius815 That's the one of those that generally has a good reputation, I'd say. I'm such a clown - I owned t… any of those worth watching?Just realized I've seen all of Billy Wilder's movies except for exactly one from every decade 1934: Mauvaise Grain… Baruchel?! HICCUP AS A SOUTHERNER?! started MILLION DOLLAR BABY and oh no, Hilary Swank does a Southern accent in this? @pbyrne I’ve never seen any Aronofsky movies. Roz loved Requiem for a Dream when she was younger, that’s the closest. @pbyrne Hellboy II and Pan’s Labyrinth are the two I really love. Hellboy is fine, Pacific Rim is whatever, and that’s all I’ve seen
@pbyrne I’m hopeful about it because I love some other Del Toros, but we’ll see. @TrotterHistory Awwww, no! You were a popular young man probably @Doubting_Tom “The sole black character – who, mind you, is a scientist – speaks in racial cliches. His dialogue co… @TrotterHistory Your carefree youth! @TheWomenOfWho Would love to see just the Doctor/Yaz as a duo for a while @mousterpiece I think stuff like this is the reason Disney+ has a "Kids" setting. @osutein I really gotta watch this one again. I remember leaving the theater feeling it was so-so, but I've thought… @DayOldDonuts @osutein The Doctor's name is FrankenCushing, yes, but digital Count Dooku would be FrankenLee's Monster @10straightdrive @Srirachachau He still loves me anyway @10straightdrive @Srirachachau My dad is a high school math teacher, but yeah, he does love to go for those laughs. @rockmarooned @BradWestness @mattsinger @kphipps3000 Can't believe you left out the third member of the trinity, Boss Nass. @rockmarooned @BillBrasky2620 Ben Mendelsohn was having a blast in that thing. All of his scenes are super fun to watch. @KevKoeser Have you seen Nights and Weekends? I haven't, but I probably should. @KevKoeser So that's Frances Ha/Mistress America/Lady Bird/Little Women? @Srirachachau It's one thing when he's trying really hard to impress you with his crazy stunts. That's fun. I enjoy… @Srirachachau He's SO BAD! He seems like a desperate high school principal doing a "funny voice" in an assembly. @davo_arid It's not one of Lubitsch's all-time best, but it's kind of startling how quickly he figured out how to make sound movies. @davo_arid It's baffling to me that this beat The Love Parade, a movie that's more confident and engaging in every way. @davo_arid Ha, thanks. This is also the reason I never left my dorm room or socialized with anyone during college,… @davo_arid I'm very much looking forward to two of themI saw 99 of them by the deadline, with Midnight Cowboy as the only exception. 16.5 years later, I still haven't see… I was a sophomore in high school, I decided I wanted to see all of the AFI's 100 Greatest Movies (the original… fifth is Midnight Cowboy, which I've always been saving for last.I have five Best Picture winners left to see, and four of them are from the 21st century (Million Dollar Baby, 12 Y… watched Broadway Melody, and it's clunky but fun. Some good songs, solid jokes, Bessie Love and Anita Page are… Picture winners of the 1920s ranked: 2) The Broadway Melody 1) WingsLove to see AMC spotlight struggling indies @rockmarooned Oh man, Revolver is so bad. I remember my then-roommate excitedly rented it because SNATCH and LOCK S… @davo_arid Every time I rewatch a superhero movie on streaming, it's like "Oh, this is where I fell asleep" @rockmarooned @mattsinger @kphipps3000 Richard Pryor's Giant Foam Cowboy Hat is beyond judgment, beyond criticism,… @davo_arid My version of this list would be: Almost every movie I've seen in a theater since I became a parent."Attack of the Cyberman" Part One aired when I was six days old, so that's what I deserve. @mattsinger Excited to see the relatively high placement for SUPERMAN III! @biscuitkitten The Awful Truth Bringing Up Baby Holiday Monkey Business Charade @zhandlen Ah, that makes more sense! Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to the show and your reviews! @zhandlen Are you hoping to dislike it? @VK_HM @jsdtweets @LanceStLaurent The one from that song that always gets me is “I was called upon in the third grade class/I gave my… has almost all of the major Python projects, and one of the most fun things is “Monty Python’s Personal Bes… @VK_HM Cazale is beyond time
Fargo, ND Two Sheds @purplerockmatt I identified with Marty so hard when I was younger. @barefootjim Yeah, it's ridiculous. That movie rules. Also, Spike Lee last year after the Oscars said "Every time… @barefootjim Aww, that's a shame. That would be great to see.(My sincere apologies to @KevKoeser for the placement of #3, a movie I adored in high school and haven't revisited in many years.)Best Picture winners of the 1980s ranked: 10) Out of Africa 9) Driving Miss Daisy 8) The Last Emperor 7) Gandhi 6… watched Chariots of Fire, and it's so much more engaging than I was expecting. It took a half-hour or so, but the… @dcairns @HellOnFriscoBay Sure, I get that. It's a silly movie that treats WWI Germans as being exactly the same as… @dcairns @HellOnFriscoBay @selfstyledsiren WWI movies were so common in Charles Schulz's youth that they permanently imprinted on him, giving…, Ripping Yarns is on BritBox, so I guess I'm gonna watch Ripping Yarns finally.Terry Jones and Michael Palin were always my favorite Pythons. They both seemed so genuine, in a way none of the other did.Anna May Wong on the Google Doodle. You love to see it. way he says “Ram’s bladder cup.” Incomparable.