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Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)もう意味わかんないとか言う次元超えたよw
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)burned my brain out staring at the sun
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Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)[falling through the Singularity]: I can feel it, every white woman at once, they're flowing through me. Every Be…
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Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @RacismFactory @timato_juice A good tweet and a bad tweet contain the same number of characters. Structurally, there's no discerni…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)reading a website or just bookmarking it, it still contains the same number of particles. Structurally, there's no discernible difference.while my trolls are busy "moving the goal posts" im afraid i am simply moving the "good posts"
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)virgin vs chad @elbirdilara king shit
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @m_heartdamage oof well that fucking suckswhen I'll be playing doom eternal I will never kill the female demon, because I value the female form too much @Red81635322 @MercyKnifed @LargeBee @Ramen_102 @RudyBlackman1 @LonelyGoomba @GoNintendoTweet sounds like you can't readhow people become right wingers: 📍starts as an enlightened centrist 🍞 watches a breadtube video and immediately bec…
your post sucked so much shit so bad it just turned me from ESFP to INTJ in 2 seconds flat. your spinning my bitch wheel 99mph
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)follow and ill show you immortality in motion
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)GPT2-modeling your account activity to compile an estimate of your personality that continues tweeting for you once…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @MercyKnifed @LargeBee @Red81635322 @Ramen_102 @RudyBlackman1 @LonelyGoomba @GoNintendoTweet I don't use any cos th… @LargeBee @Red81635322 @MercyKnifed @Ramen_102 @RudyBlackman1 @LonelyGoomba @GoNintendoTweet also smart TVs are the… @LargeBee little women @cuniiform afaik Yang is the only one with a half decent proposal and even his sucksWomen on twitter only want one thing and frankly it’s disgusting
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C++20 is done. The ISO C++ reddit trip report from Prague is out! #cppprg
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @SuspendedSunset can't believe you're just sharing god tier material like this for free
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @MarcieInSpace @gaywithyourdad cousin fuckin is not gonna lie?
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)the coolest thing the police ever did was invent their own flag thats just a desecrated version of the american flag
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)Is it safe to use ice as a dildo? Like, I wanna freeze my piss into the shape of a dick and shove it inside my vagi…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)Fetish porn idea: it's 915 pm and you and your boyfriend are all ready for bed. You make quiet, sweet love with eac…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)tfw no authoritarian gf
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only me, and maybe a few others, understand the true power of the internet. in fact, im not a real person
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)go get really pissed off on the computer and then go online and post angry rants about how computers are bad
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Three philosophers imagine a house of mirrors into existence.
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @LargeBee @cuniiform or do u believe in intelligent design? @LargeBee @cuniiform is it not dumb and random? @ShitpostBot5000 actually this makes a lot of sense to me大根用強化外骨格を描いた
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @queer_queenie idk all celebrities are rich assholes, it was a funny clip
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)B🤬RNIE @omajestic hope you have a good piss @AddyPottle what? I misspell everythinglet’s also not forget the fact that PARASITE had the best posters of any film last year
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @BBW_BFF @OrganizingPower HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)joker's tip
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @dadcum same @eevee is that true tho? some of the people I talk with who don't mentally visualise images still do so in dreams.…, I watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. Sometimes we would have had time to scream.
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)Hate to see box office discourse around every movie that doesn’t break $100 million in a single weekend, as if we a…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)ahh to be a single sheet of blank printer paper floating delicately between the world and a manila folder
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @mitchysuch a lot more protectionist policies tbh1917 (2020)what is to be done with thse female bernie bros who are harassing me with nude images of themself and calling me "pee pee bitch" @CNN @MSNBC
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Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)And god said thou shall die on the day thou misses, and thus thou shall never die
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)擲つ闇の道標にして
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @jerdbertly I actually think a lot of them get it, but just think that's just how it is. lots of people think about… sequel: me listening to beach house again, alone in my room on a saturday night
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)me listening to loveless again, alone in my room on a friday night
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)Channeling the godhead in my cubicle. Soon, I will be beyond the coffee in a styrofoam cup. I will be beyond the mo…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @emmafieldz4ever wow I loved this so much so cute『其丈』 か #ぽいずんがーる
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internet peaked with 0x40 hues @Drommels_YTわᓓ̸ㄜ₹゛?ᑐっƒ ̵̲ ꒭
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @SomeStingray when people first started talking about parasite half a year ago, I legit thought they were talking a…
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Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @saimotaa @BananaStill can't it be both tho#RTで私を有名にしてください 💀👻💀
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)bojack horseman is my favorite show on tv, so in honor of it ending i made bojack-themed posters for this year’s Os…
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@_robotlolita hmm what do you do when you want to describe someone an apple? do you just remember certain qualifiers and then repeat them? @screenrant she is gorgeous... i'm in love, fuck
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)sure sanders is a shitlib and the way american politics are structured he's probably not going to get a lot passed,… I don't really follow chapo at all and sure there probably is too much focus on sanders himself, but generally…'t believe it was only today that I learned the greatest Japanese-English expression ever: トップレス会議 (topless meet…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)this says a lot about society
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)2020 CANDIDATE PROFILES
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)if you love power fantasies, isekai, and sexy ladies, you should play silent hill 2 it’s filled with those stuff!!!…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake) @yurifucker @ERIS_RLT lots of masturbation @13th_Muse @trans_coding huh I've heard from several people that they don't think visually, but do dream visually.…
@trans_coding yeah same though when I imagine stuff I can only see detail on stuff i focus, everything around it is… twitter :( i’m sure some of you have seen my tweets and i just wanted to say that i have decided to deacti…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)okay lmao as soon as windows finds one file that has too long a path name or any unicode character apparently it do…, but I will never respect any comedian who tells true anecdotes, no matter how much the audience around me ro…
Retweeted by @zeratax (fake)omg lmao windows backup is the absolute worst, i can't get it to work, there are no error messages and if i look in… do some normal ass shit like leaving a text I don’t want to respond to on read for four weeks, becoming harde…
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