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zerona @zeronaVAL California, USA

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@favhellokittygf who hurt you
I love the gym.
Retweeted by zeronaloving life 😎 @yungcalc i just need to make top 49 and my life will@change @andybrahh ur right @andybrahh yea i’ve fucked up 3 days in a row200k 🥳 LFGG I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!
Retweeted by zeronaOfficially joined @100Thieves
Retweeted by zeronahow i aggro op on valorant.
Retweeted by zeronai’m back 😈😈
Retweeted by zeronaEverybody wants to be successful, but nobody ever wants to put the work in…
Retweeted by zerona @LeeRfps 1. her that’s it @SonOfSnipes same but still gym3 day break from gym, i feel like a bitch ngl @sash4s 😎Need my boys shoulders to rest my feet on @sash4s if this happens imma move to where you livelose me .mp4
Retweeted by zeronaSuper hungry to play again after Knights today - LFT
Retweeted by zerona🏋️‍♀️💪(me since working out)
Retweeted by zeronavalorant seven gameplay live
Retweeted by zeronai got 3 jobs now and i gotta quit one LOL OOPS I SET HIGH EXPECTATIONS AND GOT THEM ON ACCIDNETWHATEVER IVE DONE!!!!!! I DID IT FOR LOVE!!!!!! I DID IT FOR FUN!!!!!!! COULDNT GET ENOUGH!!!! I DID IT FOR FAME!!!!! @thedineromia @coast3245 ur mine @imboopie 2 jobs at 17 working 40 hours a week while in school and body building i think imma godWE SEXURED THE 2nd JOB THO 😈😈😈i got hired but i have another interview today at another job -_- @twinvalo 🧎🧎🧎
@Saulsrevenge @vootmoot ^ @TNAVegod no, not at all @zeldrisval @_Od26 ^ we need to know @Saulsrevenge @OfficiaIDevour ow2 is mine. @bambrewVAL sayless @LeeRfps yes i am baby @Nighty10k 🧎 @kotunara 🧎req @zerojay14 if friends @LeeRfps 🧎 @andybrahh 🧎need goth girlsomeone confess and i’ll be on my knees for you @Fixitfe11xx sexyi am gonna be the first collegiate valorant player to join @YukiAim just watch.
Retweeted by zerona @presidentdove wtf?you can’t gain anything without losing something firstthis is the most illegal valorant ace
Retweeted by zeronastandards - likes me - can handle not talking cuz i’m busy @divorcexo @coast3245 we need to bring back our videos we have competition now @hyunnybb just the cart?need some goth titties to clear my insanity
Retweeted by zeronaneed movie buddy dm me disc @ShadyyVAL @presidentdove yes i know @ShadyyVAL @presidentdove … bryan <\3 @presidentdove dms @222GenTle i’m mexican. @christlii_ i hope u fall @222GenTle no clue i looked up “mexican child”glow up was real (i’m not the baby) @bambrewVAL thanks brotha @andybrahh look emobro overthinking will be the death of me
Retweeted by zeronadaimyo.
Retweeted by zerona @florscnt @Saulsrevenge onghair looked sick asf rn @909ARKER i was sitting down and she laid like across not on top across @divorcexo nah i do it too @jenchiiii_ @sevvn @1flyuh that’s facts he also a upcoming greek god @jenchiiii_ @sevvn @1flyuh seven looks like a fucking chadthis girl laid across me today and crushed my balls for a solid hour with her kneethe character development i’ve gone / am going through these past 1-2 years are gonna make me a god in the
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feeling like my name is daimrifle
Retweeted by zerona @TrippyN2L i’ll take that pc offer check dms @TrippyN2L i gotxhu with this offer @lumbogg @Saulsrevenge realVAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSS new video
Retweeted by zerona @TrippyN2L @TownFPS @ahad @valyngod I love our community @sash4s converse, blazers, vans, (any flatfoot shoe) @sash4s goodjobinterview time 😈the day a girl asks me to watch a horror movie on its release date in theaters is the day i’m willing to kill for her.hey come join https://www.twitch .tv/misuqt
Retweeted by zerona @christlii_ real question is who he @‘d @IsaacNudetonVal glsd you didn’t @badgerqq @symetrical thank you @badgerqq @symetrical dawg i don’t go outside i live in a 20 miles radius from my houseglow up went kinda crazy ngl
Retweeted by zeronaguys wish me luck at my interview today, PLEASE MANIFEST I GRT THIS JOB ITLL MAKE ME FEEL SO MUCH CALMER @ahad bro woke up next to nadeshot… lucky @symetrical rip @symetrical is that socal? @LeeRfps 0/3i miss my boys more than i miss her and that says something. @ravful 😩 @twinvalo i don’t know