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Illustrator and Art Director at Bear Hug Entertainment @bearhuggames. A bit of a geek.

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@ZestyDoesThings SO CUTE
Retweeted by 2B or not Toby @carriecopadraws We stan!👀😊😑😳 a bit gloomy today so I drew some animals, because they heal all 💚(I promise I did not exaggerate the cuteness o… I missed your call, I did it on purpose
Retweeted by 2B or not TobyHalf-genie Harmony from Shantae and the Seven Sirens! ❤️ <- SHOP! ❤️…
Retweeted by 2B or not Toby @GoldenFelidae THANKS FOR TELLING ME TO DRAW HIM AND MAKE THE MOST OF MY RANDO INSPO!A quick sketch of the lovely @GoldenFelidae 's tiefling boyo, Thyskias! Be sure to have a peek at the design on her…
@FabooGu emotionally blackmail my friends😳😏 love’s good to get back into the creature design space with this month’s #creature_feature theme of Lung Dragon! Goin…
@HamletteNick HE IS PRECIOUS <3 @Tsukimagi <3 <3 <3Hello. I am watching She-Ra and Sea Hawk is my husband. Thank you for coming to my TED talk @gustavism I need that pirate stuff in NH!That there tree branc he climbing? That be Yggdrasil (or at least ygg-adjacent) and 2012 comparison! The original was made in my final year of uni and surprisingly I still love it, but am ex… scene from my self authored children’s book “Jack and the Winter King”, that I’m remaking very slowly. I think th… magic tree day #3 @Trublujew Eheheheheeh @Trublujew WELL IM NO LONGER BREATHING! Phew, thanks for the heads up! @AnnaLandin Might as well live deliciously, while we still can!This just in, people who breathe are likely to die someday. Shocking news.
@NicolasDrawings YAASSSSSTomorrow is July and it marks two years of #creature_feature !! Heres a fun new theme for you all. Draw some long b…
My new life goal is to become someone’s Volcano Man ❤️Wipiddy wip AM DOING THE THING CALLED ART @FabooGu I will fite you! ❤️❤️❤️ @adamsketches Bumble ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@VoxTheDevil I love a banner!!!Happy Pride everyone! Pan, Trumpet and Poot want to share their love and support, and remind you that you’re wonder… @ZestyDoesThings We died a death most tragic. Don't forget though, the thing that killed me after I survived the gh…
Retweeted by 2B or not TobySea of Thieves is great man, but have you ever been attacked by the Kraken, Megalodon (ancient terror) and a ghost…
@OldKingChump @EpicNameSis 💙💙
@Trublujew Yeah, I havent looked at any story or such so my reading is only of some non-scripted combat scenes but… @BeardedGardner Oh yeah I can imagine! @RandyMarrGames Yeah, ripping demons apart in Doom and such is exhilarating but I think just the high-realisim of t… @Thalanthalas1 Thank yoou! Its no where near being playable right now, moslty just lore!Sketchin’ Astra stuffs 😏 @RedPandaViking THE BEST! Its true!! Thank you for being such a bit part of the family <3 @gustavism YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE THROUGHOUT HELPS MAKE IT WHAT IT IS <3 @Wolfofthenyght @JoCat105 Thank yoooou <3I know the story is intense and the violence is part of that but watching gameplay of Ellie stabbing a person over… no stranger to fantasy and over the top violence in video games and it doesn't really effect me but I think the… 130 or so of the Zestyfriends from my tcg game project, Astra! As most of you know by now, these are all inspir…
Slowly putting all of the zestyfriends for Astra, together on one sheet. This is probs just under 2/3 of the total… @marmewa'd like to formally introduce you all to my OC Rosie.🔍 She's THRILLED to meet you! 👀👀👀
Retweeted by 2B or not TobyReal me vs animated me
GEORGIE BOYE!!!! Thank you Goldeeeeen 💙 @Hydroxate I wasn’t expecting LoLmon! But I’m hype! @Tsukimagi TSUKI <3 THANK YOU <3 <3Uh-oh... Pokemon Cafe Mix is GOOD
Here's the sketches I've been noodling on, did a bunch of new ones on stream which was fun 💖
Retweeted by 2B or not Toby @Cittabun Fortnite be WILD @Cittabun Im not even online!?!?!? ahhaah
@SirTwill OH SHIt, YEAH!I really am holding out for a bald Bayonetta in 3. In the teaser she is getting really beat up and considering her…
@RandyMarrGames Give me ALL the time and I’ll make it! Ahaah @WillSnatch Thank you! Yeah, a wip card game project, that I work on here and there! @RedPandaViking I’LL MAKE A PROMISE HERE TO MAKE AN ART BOOK! HOLD ME TO IT! @Adri_Rin Ah thank yooou!
Put together some more Astra lore pages, with various pieces of art from the 2 years of working on this project. Th… @Dry_Chlorine YOU CAN DANCE ON THE SHARK!!!?!??! OMGGGGGG @Alcedine They keep switching it up so much and I LOVE it!Say whatever you will about Fortnite but name another game in which you can water ski behind a shark as a catman
@JakeIllustrates Thank you Jake! Had a lot of fun with it! ✨It's strangely appropriate that the only thing I can draw during art block... is an Art Block Monster.…
Retweeted by 2B or not TobyLil avatar for @ZestyDoesThings <3 he´s a great artist and definitly worth taking a look on his Artworks!…
Retweeted by 2B or not TobyIts my wonderful friend and colleague's birthday today, so I drew him as Peter Pan! Best magical boi for the best c…
@Tsukimagi BAT LADAAAYFortnite with @faboogu #PS4share 2 hardworking ladies, doing their thing ✨🥬
OKAY, WHO WORKED ON CAFE MIX!? The art is SO familiar!!!! I adore it! @SoulKiba A FRIEND 😍
@Squirribbles I appreciate it all the same and now I know you stream.... SO YAY!!!!! :D @Squirribbles @ThisIsHaden @re_reech @bexomondo @gunmens Oh its lovely squirbs! Thanks again for the raid 💙Thank you to @ThisIsHaden @re_reech @bexomondo and @gunmens for your help in getting my stream working more smooth…
Retweeted by 2B or not TobyGoing to be putting together some lore pages for Astra soon, and posting them on Patreon. I’ll post the occasional… a little strim of Astra related things not have a generation war, there are other more important things to focus your energies on 🙄 @CaptainChants Happy burday guuuurl!!! ✨
@musiclass242 @hankgreen 💙My deightful friend made this, in relation to a conversation on stream. Perfect
@Mathieu2Nice OH I AM HERE FOR THIS ASS-THETIC dunno, I felt like playing some Bloodborne today
@SomePunkArtist I've been on the most expensive subscription plan which is ~£/$6 a month and extremely worth it! Th…'ve been using Clip Studio Paint on the iPad for about a year now and use it full time, for both studio and person… @DHD_Art @EvanEGibbs Thanks Evan! @Behenoct @IsaSlashLaps_Sp yeeesss! The sisters of fate! Have always adored their disney interpretation <3Oh! Did you want more? The elemental beasties of Darkness, Spirit and Light UNITE!! 🌑💀🌞 Do you know what myth inspi… @violetspectrum @Phandy_Porter OH YES, LOVELY!