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Joined Twitter 3/15/15 a couple more hours, but stream delayJust gunna drop my job to focus full time cs putting in 200% effort to not have a place to live in. Sure if tier 2…
pugs in a few @vanitycsgo im just glad u dont have 500 tabs openthese 2 guys are not in fl0ms chat watching the grand finals yay
Retweeted by zNf @fl0mtv i donated some noobs some tonight again. @fl0mtv i sleep but when i wake up ill remember this in pugs... @fl0mtv dogshit players like this think enemy players are stream sniping yet die peeking mid 3x times to someone just…
2020 takes 5-10 minutes out of a week for you to call your family and talk with them. Stop being lazy, pickup your ph…
2020 yeahI go to sleep before @fl0mtv, i am now considered old.
2020 pugs with bearded homeless guy [what was his name?]FPL
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kz into pugs shortly @Maticussy when i banned him yeahbanned a guy for saying laugh bitch summary of how my night wentand people wonder why i dont like playing cs anymoreas if i didnt fucking wait 32 minutes for that queue then wait the 5 minute warmup food for thought instead of letting 5 stacks consistently not join games, how about punishing their entire…
a little bit of cs @nurfed25 @Nohte :) ! @nurfed25 @Nohte nobody is cheating if u dont trust not my problem)) @KP_fps @fygure1 @WichitaWolvesgg the best theyll ever try to do is just fake that they clear something but theyll… @KP_fps @fygure1 @WichitaWolvesgg From my exp in cs, terrible cheaters NEVER clear every possible angle or have crosshair placement at all. @MnmzzzCS u dont speak turkey in my pug? @nate_rett58 hope u are fine mens) adv 2nd rounders talking shit in pugs in the only game of their career they have to still lose ;/
@floppyCSGO @OGesportsCSGO gl big flipper @JinOSRS Guy casually walks in behind to see me murder that man in cold blood. Cant even vent away cheat the enemies from eating csgo time @JinOSRS me in my chair
osrs RED FUEL CUP #12 w @Sachburger
Retweeted by zNfosrs then pugging in a few prob @freehitboy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I just hope youve learned and improve for the future, not as a player but as a person. will only apologize when it's bad for them publicly, but will refuse to do it prior to the situation, they will never learn.
maybe a stream sometime this weekend, not during weekdays though, been a long and rough week.Hmu if your team needs +1 😇 Can fill any role!
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can i get a kek w up people 🤠
Retweeted by zNfIn NA FPL queue, Rocket league in the meantime
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prob forgot to mention i was up until 2am last night to change sleep schedule a little since work sched was changin… just got home form work, sleep then work in 6 hours, gg fuck life
Live! :)
Retweeted by zNf @hazedCS I using ur pic to talk shit to others nowin my countyin a week covid cases went up by 50% [1600] jesus man, what a time to be alive
no cs today and no cam, literally relax only @AddyFitness was ur stomach gg
2020 shooting back today many headshooter didnt say shooting back though @cwu_17 hopefully everything is well for me smileyfacewebcam stream tomorrow ;ogetting consistent streams in now :o
@boqcasts nice tyler1 cosplaylittle weird and i dont know how but hit 3k followersAlso prob not streaming for a week, i cant be asked to do anything with people since all they do is piss me offguy in c+ wanted to play 2 dedi inner on train, not worth playing after thatreminder why i uninstalled esea: 2x c+ and 1 dude in placements whove never touched the game only a few hours, sry no streams last few days not feeling it since tired a lotPlaying FPL for a while
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@nate_rett58 @iiPolen i poured water into my shirt today because i forgot to drinkFPL'N tonight
Retweeted by zNf @_BrianCS u would think but try saying ok after they make a questionable play @nate_rett58 ok @_BrianCS okfriendly reminder that saying "ok" breaks the mental state of csgo playersme
oNe ease past Secret Club, Depth eliminate RBG in MDL Season 35 playoffs
Retweeted by zNf @tweissCS :-) !gt4 seems reasonable for price, might happen in the next couple years @fl0mtv @RampageeCS vpn / work with ESEA on submitting traceroutes to see where the packet loss is occuring.esea servers @fras6r big boomer manThanks to Mythic for rescheduling but its kinda crazy how shit these servers. First server most of us have packet l…
Retweeted by zNfsry no stream today, took forever to wax my turtle, little guy just doesnt wanna stop hidingnvm guess its more than rampage having loss, wasn't here since i was coaching my eyes to not stare at the ground when confrontedAs @MythicRebornGG coach, we are rescheduling our MDL playoff match vs @whalersgg, we are up 1-0 and have nuke as o… @cwu_17 Im making like 20 of them lmfao @cwu_17 A butcherBurrito makin @cwu_17 ??? you just havent had good bacon..... @cwu_17 1x lb of bac00n @cwu_17 food cookin, baconConvinced people who like skinny bacon instead of thick cut dont actually love bacon
@cwu_17 DOWNboutta do onlyfans so i can afford a gt2rs sometime in the future @fl0mtv ofc he did, the znf special